5 Ways To Remove Stickers Off Of Golf Clubs

Nothing ruins the look of a brand new club like a gluey sticky residue covering the shaft. And if you are like most golfers this issue comes up just about every time you buy new clubs. Luckily this article is going to breakdown five ways to remove stickers off of golf clubs.

Goo Gone

Goo gone is the number one option when removing stickers from golf clubs. The purpose of this product is to remove goo and adhesives from unwanted places.

If you have goo gone on you, you will be able to remove these stickers in only a few minutes. If you want to order some goo gone you can purchase it from their website.

Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oil or any sort of cooking oil is another great way to remove sticker residue from your clubs. Take whatever cooking oil you have and pour it onto a paper towel. Rest the damp towel ontop of the sticker residue you wish to remove.

Wait a few minutes and wipe the area with a new paper towel. You should find the sticker completely removed.

Grip Solvent

Grip solvent is another great option for those looking to remove stickers from their golf shaft. This option is handy because many golfers may have this solvent lying around.

Grip solvent is used to de-activate the adhesive on grip tape so that you may place on your golf grips.

In this case, you are going to put the grip solvent onto the area you wish to clean. This should deactivate the adhesive of what’s left of the sticker. Allowing you to wipe it off of the club shaft with ease.

Hair Dryer/ Heat Gun

Another option for cleaning stickers off your golf clubs is to apply heat. Take a hairdryer and use low heat on the area you wish to clean. After it has warmed you can use a cloth to scrub it clean. A heat gun typically works best when accompanied by one of the other options on our list.

Peanut Butter

I’ll be honest I haven’t tried this one myself but a few golfers over in the Golf WRX forums have said that this is their go to option.

The oil within the peanut butter is likely what is causing the sticker to lose it’s adhesive. But hey if it works, it works.

Closing Thoughts

We hope one of the strategies above worked and you were able to remove the stickers off of your golf club. If you enjoyed reading this article we would love for you to check out some of our others such as our guide to understanding yellow stakes in golf.

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