Best Face Balanced Putters Reviewed 2021

It’s no secret that putting is one of golfs hardest aspects. A slight twitch of your hands or a few degrees off in your alignment and you’ll find that your putt is not going anywhere near the hole. Luckily, golf technology has advanced making it easier than ever to drain those tough putts. That’s why we put together this list of the best face balanced putters of 2021. So you can find the perfect club to step up your game.

What Are The Best Face Balanced Putters?

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Best Face Balanced Putter 2021

If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.
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The number one selection on our list of the best face-balanced putters of 2021 is this Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter. This incredibly high-quality putter is one of the top-selling face balance putters on the market.

If you’re looking for quality in your face balanced putter then this versa putter from odyssey may just be your best bet.

  • Multi-material Stroke Lab Shaft for Innovative Weight Distribution
  • Slightly Stiffer Shaft and Lower Torque for Increased Control
  • Sole Weights and Grip Weight for a Smooth and Accurate Stroke
  • White Hot Microhinge Face Insert for a Great Feel and Smooth Roll
  • Multiple Grip Options
  • Three Length Options

One of the great features of this stroke lab putter is their innovative weight distribution. The engineers at odyssey were able to create a shaft that saved them about 40 g in weight. They were then able to use this extra 40 g and distribute it amongst the putter.

Slightly Stiffer Shaft and Lower Torque

Another one of the great features of this face balance putter is its slightly stiffer shaft and lower torque. With a face-balanced putter, the typical stroke you want to go for is a straight back and forth. In this stroke, you tend to not open or close the clubface but rather swing the club like a pendulum.

A slightly stiffer shaft and a putter head that is heavier than most creates an easy ability for the golfer to swing this club in the pendulum motion. This increase control will allow you to hit your putts on line at a much higher rate.

Sole Weights and Grip Weight

The next feature we’re going to covers another weight distribution feature on this putter. The engineers at Odyssey were able to place increased weights in the soul of the putter as well as the grip. These two weights sit at the top in the bottom of the club.

What this does is make it much easier to create that straight back-and-forth putting stroke. This ensures you can use the pendulum style put with ease. This is important with a face-balanced putter as that is the pendulum style stroke is what these putters are meant for.

If you can’t tell from the picture above this face balance putter from Odyssey has a face insert. The white-hot micro hinge face insert gives a smooth consistent roll of the ball.

The putter inserts from Odyssey are incredibly high quality and are one of the main selling points of their brand.

This putter also features a few customization options. You are able to choose from two grip options, those being pistol grip and oversized grip. This putter also comes in 33 inch, 34 inch, and 35 inch sizes.

Cost And Value

With a price tag sitting around $200 this model sits in the mid-range price on our list. When it comes to incredibly high-quality and great performance we found this club to be a fantastic value buy. Are you looking for the highest quality and best performance from the face balance putter? Then look no farther than this odyssey versa putter.

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Next in our list of the best face-balanced putters of 2021 is this model from Scotty Cameron. Scotty Cameron is known for their incredibly high-quality putters. As they are one of the most used putting brands on the tour. This Futura 6 M face balance putter is just another great model that lives up to the Scotty Cameron brand.

  • Multi-Material Technology
  • Vibration Dampening System
  • Advanced Stability Weighting
  • Enhanced Alignment Options

This Scotty Cameron putter uses multi-material technology to take advantage of weight distribution on the putter. By using aircraft-grade lightweight aluminium the title is engineers were able to cut some weight. This allowed them to relocate the weight to the back and perimeter of the putter head.

This reallocation of the weight allows for the putter to increase its MOI. With an increased MOI you’ll find this putter has more forgiveness. This means it will still roll true even if you hit slightly off centre.

Vibration Dampening System

The vibration dampening system feature is built in order to improve the feel of this putter. This feature works by giving the golfers for a soft but solid feel.

Though this may not seem important, having good feel with your putter will give you Confidence when approaching your putts. It will also allow you to get a better feel of the weight of your putts as they come off your club.

Advanced Stability Weighting

The advanced stability weighting involves two removable weights that can be placed on the head of the putter. These weights sit at the back of the putter and offer you quite a few benefits.

As we mentioned earlier increasing the weight to putter head is helpful for face balance putters. This is because they tend to use the pendulum style swing.

This increased weight on the putter head makes it easier to complete this straight back-and-forth swing motion. Due to the weight of the putter, you’ll find it will keep the putter head straight.

These weights are also perfectly balanced with the shaft light and the putter head. This means that even when these weights are applied the putter it will still remain face balanced.

Enhanced Alignment Options

The enhanced alignment features refer to the top lines on the putter. These are meant to help you with alignment as you set up for your putt. This alignment feature should give you increased confidence as you set up for your ball. And should help to ensure that the alignment of your putt is proper upon address.

Cost and Value

Sitting at a price tag right around $200 this face balance putter is in the mid-range on our list. Due to the high-quality brand name of Scotty Cameron and the incredible features it offers we found this face balance putter to be a great buy.

If you’re looking for high-quality face-balanced putter from a brand name you can trust then this is a great choice.

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The next addition on our list of the best face-balanced putters is this Taylor made TP Ardmore model. This face-balanced mallet putter is another great option for golfers looking to find a club from a trusted golf brand.

  • Adjustable sole weights for optimal head weight
  • Pure Roll insert for optimal forward roll
  • Single top/double cavity sightline

Just like some of the previous putters our list, this Taylor made model offers adjustable sole weights for optimal headway. What this means that you can adjust the soul weights on the putter itself.

This will allow you to create the optimal head weight for your stroke. By doing this you can adjust the weight in order to find which one best suits your stroke.

Pure Roll insert for optimal forward roll

The Pure Roll insert is another great feature of this tailor-made model. Taylormade uses this Pure Roll insert in a large selection of their putters.

In fact, this insert is used by many pros on the PGA tour. This insert aids your putts by giving the ball an optimal forward roll.

A consistent roll is an important factor in your putt. This is because you do not want your ball to be hopping or bouncing as it comes off the clubface. This can affect the line that your ball will take as well as the weight.

Single top/double cavity sightline

This club also features a single top as well as a double cavity sideline. Alignment lines are what golfers use to make sure that their putts are aligned properly. The single top site line sits right on the top of the putter head near the club face. The double cavity site lines set up at the cabin the back end of the putter head. And give you two more site lines that you can visualize as a putting gate.

Cost And Value

With a price takes of just over $200 this tailor-made face-balanced putter sits right around the average on our list. With a high-quality build and great features used by some of the PGA’s best pros this putter from Taylor-made is a great choice. If you’re looking for some great value in a high-quality club you can trust in this Taylor-made on your one putter is one of your best options.

Top Flite Gamer Tour Mallet 4 Putter

budget face balanced putters

This model from top-flight is our number one selection for budget option on our list of the best face balanced putters. If you’re looking for a face balance putter that isn’t gonna break the bank this model from top-flight is a great option to check out.

  • Perimeter weight placement
  • Proprietary cross-shaped alignment
  • Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU) face insert
  • Double bend offset shaft

The first feature we’re going to cover for this top-flight putter is its perimeter weight placement. What this perimeter weight placement does is increase the MOI of the club as well as increases the forgiveness. This means that if you miss those putts a bit off-centre on your club you’ll find that the ball still travels quite accurately on your line.

Proprietary cross-shaped alignment

This putter also features propriety cross-shaped alignment. This top-flight alignment feature is a handy tool in ensuring that your parts are lined up properly.

Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU) face insert

This top-flight face balance putter also features a face insert. This insert produces a soft and solid feel when impact is made with the ball. This offers you a confident feeling with the clubs in your hands.

The double band shaft offset feature in this club increases your ability to get a solid line of sight. This shaft then allows you to get a better view of the path of the ball towards the hole. This will increase your confidence upon addressing the ball.

Cost And Value

With a price tag sitting under $40 we found this top-flight face balance putter to be an incredible value buy. If you’re looking for a solid face balance putter that’s not gonna break the bank then this model for top-flight is going to be your best bet.

You can check out this putter by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Face Balanced Putters

What Does Face Balanced Putter Mean?

The simplest explanation of a face balanced putter is a putter that has the weight spread evenly throughout the face of the club. This means if you were to allow this club to hang in your hands parallel to the ground you would find that the clubface would be pointing straight up.

Often times putters have a larger portion of the weight sitting on the toe of the putter face. If you were to turn your club parallel to the ground and hold that you would find the toe swings down leaving the face of the club open. You will notice this on the majority centre shafted putters.

Who Should Use A Face Balanced Putter?

The golfers that should utilize a face balanced putters are those that use a traditional straight back-and-forth putting stroke. What this means is that you when bringing the club back for your putting stroke it comes back in a straight line and follows through in a straight line.

Many golfers tend to have more of a sway in there putting stroke that opens and closes the face throughout the motion.

If you were a golfer that utilizes straight back-and-forth stroke or the pendulum stroke it is worth your time to try out using a face-balanced putter.

What Pros Use Face Balanced Putters?

Zach Johnson, Ernie Els, and Russell Knox are just a few pros on the tour that are currently using face-balanced putters. This goes to show you that depending on your putting stroke a face-balanced putter can be the best putter for your game.

How To Swing A Face-Balanced Putter?

Swinging a face balance putter is an incredibly easy putting stroke. To do this stroke just imagine that your putter is a pendulum. Be sure to take your putter back straight on the line you intend to hit it. Then as you follow through the ball continue to keep the putter on that same line.

Let the weight of the putter head guide you through the stroke and treat it as if it is a pendulum swinging in your hands. By doing this style of putting stroke you’ll find that the alignment of your putter does not change as the face does not open or close. But keeping the face aligned with your target throughout your entire stroke it minimizes the number of mistakes you can make during your putt.

Where Can I Buy A Face Balanced Putter?

If you head over to your local golf store or sports equipment shop you may be able to track down a face-balanced putter but due to the rarity of these putters, it may be tough to find one.

That is why we suggest shopping online when looking for a face-balanced putter. Searching online is going to make it much easier to find the face balanced that fits your game and your budget.

What Other Putting Switches May Be Helpful If A Facebalanced Putter Doesn’t Work?

If you found that you have made the switch to a face-balanced golf putter and it hasn’t given you the improvement you wanted there are still many other putting fixes you can make.

One thing you can try is a different putter build, the most common putter builds are blade and mallet putters. Both of these putters offer a significantly different feel to the golfer that uses them.

By trying a different style of putter build you may find that you perform better with one build over the other.

Another great option for golfers looking to improve on their putting skils is to try a different grip. The great part about putting is that it is quite easy to try out a different putter grip without harming your typical putting stroke.

Making changes to your driver grip or full swing can certainly throw things for a loop but this isn’t the case with a putter. You should be able to play around with alternative putter grips like the reverse grip or the claw in order to determine which grips are best for you.

This will allow you to quickly see which grip best fits your putting style and will potentially take a few strokes off your round.

Conclusion best face balance putters 2021

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best face balanced putters. If you have any questions regarding our guide or any of the putters on our guy be sure to reach out in the comments below.

If you did enjoy this list and would like to check out some of our others be sure to check out our guide to a heel shafted putter.

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