Best Fourteen Way Golf Bags Reviewed

For the golfers that want to keep things organized a fourteen-way golf bags can be a lifesaver. Throughout this list we’re going to break down all the best fourteen way golf bags on the market. This will cover both cart bags as well as carry/stand bags.

Best 14 Way Cart Bag 2020

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Best Budget 14 Way Golf Bag

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Best Fourteen Way Carry / Stand Bags

We realize that there are many golfers out there that want to use a fourteen-way bag but don’t want that bulky tour style that is a nightmare to lug around the course. That’s why we put together this section of our list which analyzes the best fourteen-way carry and stand bags on the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions – 14 Way Divider Golf bags

What are the different styles of golf bags?

Carry Bags: This style of bag is typically built to be easy to transport and the lightest of all golf bag styles. These of our course traditionally used to carry when walking the course. Often times carry bags will have double shoulder straps making them even easier to carry.

Tour bags: Tour bags are the larger of the bag styles are typically used with golf carts. These bags are heavy and are loaded with pockets for all your golf accessories. Walking the course with a tour bag is not ideal and would be quite a tiring round of golf.

Tour bags are given there name do their intended purpose which is being used on the tour. If you want an idea of what tour bags look like. Just check out the golf channel as tour bags are what the pros use during their rounds.

Stand bags: Standbags are somewhat of a hybrid between carrying and tour bags. They fit in between the two models in terms of weight and storage. They can be used on the back of or cart or be carried throughout the round. Newer models of stand bags will typically come with two straps making them easy to carry. Though they are typically large enough to carry everything you will need for a day out on the course.

Why Should I Use A Fourteen Way Divided Golf Bag?

There can be a multitude of reason as to why golfers may choose to use a fourteen way divided golf bag. Though they tend to usually focus on just a few factors.

Those factors being organization, convenience, and club protection. Organization is often the first thing golfers think about when they see a fourteen-way golf bag.

Golfers will no longer have to sort through their clubs. Or worry that they forgot their wedge on the last hole. These large golf bags are comfortably able to fit each club in a separate divided section.

Convenience is an easily understood factor that comes into play when choosing to purchase one of these golf bags. Golfers no longer have to worry about the struggle of removing clubs out of there bags.

Often times bags that do not feature full-length dividers result in all the grips of the club being stuck together at the bottom of the bag. This makes the process of removing clubs much more of a hassle than it has to be.

Club protection is another major factor that leads golfers towards these large divider golf bags. Since each club is separated they are much less likely to come into contact with one another through your round.

This prevents damage from being done to the clubs. As well as preventing paint chips which could affect future resale value.

Are there any bags that offer more than 14 Divided CLubs Sections?

Yes, in fact there are many models of golf bags that feature fifteen or more divided areas at the top of the club.

Since this is the case you may be wondering why exactly why these14 divider bags are more popular. The answer is quite simple, golfers are only allowed to carry fourteen golf clubs in their bag during a round.

These fourteen-way golf bags are specifically meant to allow golfers to fit one club in each divider. Now you may be wondering why it is that golfers still purchase bags with even more dividers.

Golfers then tend to buy bags with fifteen dividers are using these extra dividers to carry extra equipment. A great example of this is with ball retrievers. Often times golfers that carry ball retrievers can only fit them in the club slot of their bag.

Since a fourteen-way bag only has one slot for each club. It makes it difficult to store your club and a retriever in the same slot. This is why many golfers choose bags with even more than fourteen dividers.

Where Can I Buy A 14 Way Carry Golf Bag

14-way golf bags aren’t exactly the most popular build so it makes shopping for them a little more difficult. If you head over to your local golf shop or sports retailer you may be able to find one there.

But, in our opinion, your best opportunity to find the right 14-way golf bag for you is to shop online. Shopping online for this style of golf bag is going to give you way more variety than shopping in person.

This will allows you to find the golf bag that fits your need and your price range.

Best Fourteen Way Golf Bags Conclusion

We hope that throughout our guide you were able to find all the information you needed on the best fourteen-way golf bags on the market.

Whether it’s for carrying or riding we believe that all the products on our list we leave you satisfied.

If you have any questions regarding our guide please be sure to leave a comment. We will get back to you.

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