Best Winter Golf Vests Reviewed

As the cold weather comes golfers like me tend to look to the internet to find the best gear keep the season alive. With cold winds and wet conditions, it can be tough to keep warm throughout your round. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best winter golf vests. So we can find the perfect match for you and your golf game.

Columbia Men’s Steens Mountain Full Zip Soft Fleece Vest

best winter golf vests

The number one selection on our list of the best winter golf vest is this awesome option from Columbia. This trusted name brand is a great option for golfers looking to stay warm during the winter season.

  • 100 % Polyester
  • Two Front Pockets
  • Collared Neck
  • Colour Options
  • Pattern options

100 % Polyester

This winter vest is made of 100% polyester. This should ensure that you stay warm during those cold winter golf rounds.

Vests are especially helpful for winter golf because they can keep your body warm without reducing your ability to move your arms. This is handy because it won’t hamper your swing like you will find from other longsleeve cold-weather gear.

Two Front Pockets

The two double zipper pockets in this vest can be used to secure belongings like tees throughout your round. These two pockets can be used to keep your valuables safe without having them out near the rainy wet weather.

Another great feature of this vest is that it has a collared neck. The full-length zipper will allow you to zip this vest to your chin. This offers you a lot more warmth when compared to the vests that do not feature a collar.

This golf vest is also offered in many colour options. For golfers that take care into their look on the course, these options allows them to match more of the golf gear towards their vest.

The colour options included on this vest are black, gray, beige, and blue. You can check them all out by clicking the link here.

Pattern options

On top of the colour options, there are also several design patterns which can be featured on this vest. Golfers will notice that you are able to choose from several designs which you may prefer to match with your current golf gear.

The sizing of this vest is also another handy feature. You will find that the sizes come all the way from small to six times XL as well as options for taller golfers.

Cost And Value

Coming in at a current price tag of just under $25 we found this vest to be a great value by. With a great brand-name like Columbia, golfers can be sure that the quality of this vest is something they can trust.

Though there may be cheaper versions on the market, if you are looking for quality and a vest that will keep you warm throughout those chilly rounds look no farther than this fantastic vest from Columbia.

PROSmart Heated Vest Polar Fleece

heated golf vest

Next on our list is this high-tech vest from pro smart. As you can probably tell by the picture this vest works by having built-in heating pads. These pads will keep you warm throughout the day. If you’re looking for the ultimate warmth out on the course this is your best bet.

  • Multiple Built-In Heating Pads
  • Three Temperature Settings
  • Lightweight And Washable
  • 10-Hour Battery Life

Multiple Built-In Heating Pads

The first feature we’re going to cover on this vest is the built-in heating pads. These built-in pads work by heating up select spots on your vest that will ensure you stay warm during cold weather.

Depending on which model you choose your vest can have up to four separate heated areas. These heated areas are placed around your chest, upper back, and neck.

With only a couple seconds heat-up time, you’ll be able to use this vest and stay warm even in the coldest of weather.

Three Temperature Settings

The heating settings in this vest offer you three separate temperature settings. These temperature settings are set at low medium and high. This heat settings all sit in between 40°C and 60°C.

This ability to change your heat settings allows you to wear this vest and use the heating feature in a wide range of temperatures.

The heating ability of this winter vest can last up to 10 hours. And with It’s USB charging capabilities it should be quite easy to charge. Simply plugging this vest in once overnight should leave it with enough charge for several rounds.

Lightweight And Washable

This vest is also lightweight and washable. Despite the built-in heating features you are still able to place this vest in a washing machine after it has been worn. And despite what you may think this model is actually surprisingly lightweight.

Cost And Value

At just over $100 this is the highest cost model we have on our list. Though we found this price to be well worth it when it comes to value.

If you’re a golfer looking for the warmest possible cold-weather vest and there is no better option. Though the price today is high there are no other products that offer the level of heat that you will receive with this heated golf vest.

Amazon Essentials Men’s Lightweight Water-Resistant Packable Puffer Vest

best winter golf vest

Next on our list of the best winter golf vests is this puffer style jacket from Amazon essentials. This lightweight easily storable jacket is a great option for golfers that are looking to pack away some cold-weather gear in their bag. Due to its small size and lightweight, this vest is a great option for many golfers.

  • Water-Resistant
  • 100% Nylon Shell
  • Storage Pouch
  • Multiple Colour Options


One great feature about this Amazon essentials winter golf fest is that it’s water-resistant. This means that on those wet and rainy days you’ll still be able to stay warm with this vest on.

Though water-resistant does not mean waterproof so make sure you wear a waterproof outside layer on top of this vest if you’re going to come in direct contact with rain or snow.

100% Nylon Shell

The one hundred percent nylon shell of this vest is great for golfers looking for some warmth and protection during those winter months.

Storage Pouch

On top of the jacket itself, this model also comes with a small storage pouch. This is used when the jacket is packed up and folded away it can be placed into the small pouch in order to be transported easily.

This works great if you’re trying to place this vest either in your golf bag or somewhere where you do not have a lot of storage capacity.

This vest is also offered in multiple colour options. These colour options include black, charcoal, navy, gray, and olive.

Cost And Value

With a price tag of just under $27 this Amazon essentials vest is a great option for golfers. You will not find many vests of better quality at a price point this low.

When you can find a quality product from a reputable name brand like Amazon it’s always a good sign, and this product is no different.

If you’re looking for a small compactible jacket that gets the job done look no further than this awesome winter golf vest.

Nike Men’s Synthetic-Fill Golf Vest

winter golf vests

The final addition to our list of the best winter golf vests is this awesome Nike Synthetic golf vest. This durable cold-weather gear is perfect for golfers looking for a less bulky option to wear out on the course.

  • 100% Polyester
  • Reversible
  • Two Front Side Pockets
  • Several Colour Options

100% Polyester

The build of the golf vest is 100% polyester which means it will keep you warm during those cold fall rounds.


On top of being warm, this vest is also reversible. This means the golfers can flip the vest inside out giving it a new look. This allows you to have more options when it comes to matching this vest with your other golf clothes.

Two Front Side Pockets

As you can see in the picture above this vest is also equipped with two front pockets. Placing valuables in these pockets can be handy during a round as you’ll be able to avoid putting items in the pockets of your pants or attempting finding extra room in your golf bag.

On top of these features that this vest also comes in several colour options. Included in these colours are black, grey, blue, and green. These colour options paired with the ability to reverse this model gives you plenty of options when choosing your favourite style of golf vest.

Cost And Value

With a price tag of around $80 this is one of the more expensive items on our list. Compared to all the items except for the heated this Nike model has the highest price tag. Though with the high price tag comes a lot of quality.

Nike is known for making quality cold-weather gear and this vest is no different. If you are looking for a high-quality winter golf vest this model is a great option.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Winter Golf Vests?

Why should I wear a vest as opposed to a coat?

The main reason the golfers tend to wear vests over the longer sleeve winter gear is due to the freedom it gives your arms to swing. As you begin to add more and more layers on to your arms if you will find it more and more difficult to get that same flexibility you should have in your swing.

By choosing a vest you’ll find that you will have much more flexibility with your swing as all that extra material will not get in the way.

Another great reason to wear golf vest is that it ensures the heat is maintained around the most vital part of your body. If you’re looking to wear his little gear as possible it’s most important that you focus your gear around the parts of your body that needs to remain warm.

Should I wear a golf vest is my outer layer?

At the end of the day the answer of this question comes down to personal preference. Some golfers may prefer to wear a jacket where others will prefer to wear a vest there is no correct answer to this question though you may need to keep in mind the best option when there is inclement weather.

Due to the fact that most vests are not waterproof, you will find that it does not always make sense to wear a vest during those cold or rainy days. If you happen to play a round when it is raining or snowing it is in your best interest to wear an outer layer that is entirely waterproof. This ensures that you don’t get wet in there for chilly throughout your round.

Choosing between a golf puffer jacket or a fleece golf vest?

The choice between these two styles best comes down to what exactly you need from your cold-weather gear.

For golfers who are looking for a warm under layer in their golf clothing, the fleece vest is going to be their best of option. This style of vest fits snugly underneath a jacket or a sweater and can be worn as an interior layer.

The puffer style jackets work best as an outer layer and are also incredibly convenient for packing or transporting. If you’re looking for a smaller vest that can easily be stored in your golf bag. The puffer jacket will be your best bet.

Conclusion Best Winter Golf Vests Reviewed

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best winter golf vests. Hopefully, somewhere on your list, you were able to find the perfect vest for you.

If you have any questions regarding this list or any of the products on our list. Be sure to leave a comment and will be happy to get back to you.

If you did enjoy this buying guide be sure to check out one of our others.

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