Callaway X Hot Driver Review – Is It The Club For You?

Hitting the ball long is the ultimate aim for any golfer, especially recreational golfers that are looking to maximise their yardages off the tee. The aptly named Callaway X Hot Driver does exactly what you’d expect it to do with a name like that – increase ball speeds which in turn, increases distances. This review will assess all of the features the Callaway X Hot Driver offers and will help you determine if it is the right club for you.

Callaway X Hot Driver Features

Variable Face Thickness Technology

Few brands are as innovative as Callaway when it comes to looking for fine margins and small percentage increases in the clubs they manufacture. Part of their operational standards for drivers over the past few years has been Variable Face Thickness (VFT) Technology. The Callaway X Hot Driver is the latest big-hitting club to possess the cutting-edge feature and the results are proven across a wide range of players on the golfing spectrum.

Variable Face Thickness Technology allows for variable face thickness across the large sweet spot on the face of the driver meaning the club has increased forgiveness in the weaker areas of the club face and more performance across the enlarged sweet spot, giving players ultimate value for shots with the Callaway X Hot Driver.

Few golfing brands can lay a glove on Callaway’s continual innovation and the Callaway X Hot Driver is just the latest example of their golf club manufacturing foresight.

Project X Velocity Shaft

Whilst the Callaway X Hot driver certainly isn’t their most expensive driver on the market, the quality of the shaft used on the driver stands up well against the rest of the market.

All Callaway driver shafts are lightweight, and the Project X Velocity Shaft is in-keeping with the trend and style Callaway adopt.

The principle aim of the Callaway X Hot driver is to add speed and distance to your swing and the Project X Velocity Shaft allows all levels of player to hit the ball longer.

Adjustable Hosel

Being able to tailor your needs around the course you are playing is a golfer’s dream and the Callaway X Hot Driver has an adjustable hosel, to help you play the right shot at the right time.

When addressing the ball, the lie on the club face can be changed from an open to a closed position – depending on what shot you are hoping to hit.

Whilst the center of gravity on the Callaway X Hot Driver is not adjustable, plenty research has been done to analyse the average golf players’ swing and create an easy to hit driver.

Consumer Analysis

When perusing the market for a new driver, there are many considerations to factor in to such a significant purchase. The Callaway X Hot is no different in that regard and customers should look to assess all of the options available to them before parting with their hard-earned cash.


  • Increased Length off the Tee
  • Pricing
  • Lightweight Shaft


  • Sound when hitting

Gripping it and ripping it is the absolute dream for most golfers and the Callaway X Hot Driver is perfect for players looking to go big off the tee. Perhaps the USP of the Callaway X Hot Driver is the forgiveness the VFT Technology gives players, which can give a golfer maximum peace of mind when addressing the ball.

Callaway very much dine at the top table of golfing manufacturers and every product they produce is met with a real sense of anticipation. The Callaway X Hot Driver is no different in that regard and whilst it isn’t at the top of their driver range, it is a very useable club for recreational golfers.


In addition, the Callaway X Hot is priced within a range that will entice a wider range of customers, giving it kudos with fair-weather and advanced golfers alike.

When it comes to performance, the Callaway X Hot Driver is rarely beaten within its price range and increased forgiveness, ball speed, distance and control are hugely beneficial – regardless of what level of golfer you are.

Factor in the adjustability and lightweight nature of the Callaway X Hot Driver, it is pretty much the perfect driver for any club golfer, looking to improve their all-round game from the tee.

Cost and Value

Next on our Callaway X Hot driver review is our cost and value evaluation.

Whilst Callaway tend to produce notoriously expensive clubs, the Callaway X Hot Driver very much bucks the trend.

As detailed by Callaway themselves, the X Hot Driver is not at the absolute top of their driver specification range and as a result carries an RRP of £249.

Within its price range and performance class, the Callaway X Hot Driver looks to be streets ahead of some of its direct competitors on the market.

It has been a few years since the Callaway X Hot Driver was first released onto the market and they now retail at around £189 – making them an absolute steal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Callaway X Hot Driver come with a Headcover?

Yes, the Callaway X Hot Driver comes with a headcover allowing you to keep the club safe and clean at all times.

What is the weight of the Callaway X Hot Driver?

Depending on your specific needs, the shaft weight of the Callaway X Hot Driver ranges between 53 and 58 grams.

Can I adjust my Callaway X Hot driver?

Yes, features such as hosel placement, shaft, weight, launch angle and grip size can all be changed on the Callaway X Hot Driver.

What is the length of the Callaway X Hot Driver?

Whilst of course it can be adjusted to fit your specific game style, the Callaway X Hot driver is 46 inches long as standard.

What is the club head volume of the Callaway X Hot Driver?

Coming in at 460 cubic centimeters, the Callaway X Hot driver is one of biggest drivers within its price category and range.

Most major manufacturers are making clubhead sizes 460 centimeters (which is the maximum allowed currently) and the Callaway X Hot Driver is in keeping with the current trends.

Conclusion Callaway X Hot Driver Review

Few golfing manufacturers can compete with Callaway for overall range of golf club production and the Callaway X Hot Driver is the perfect club for recreational golfers looking to tackle and improve their driving distances.

With its lightweight shaft allowing maximum swing speed, innovative Variable Face Thickness technology allowing for increased length and forgiveness and an adjustable club that can be tailored to your specific needs, there really is something for everyone with the Callaway X Hot Driver.

It is not the top of the range offering from Callaway, nor is it meant to be and as a result the Callaway X Hot driver isn’t perhaps as aesthetically pleasing as some offerings within the Callaway marketplace. In addition, the sound made when hitting the ball isn’t as emphatic as some of the other offerings on the driver market.

But for improving distance, control and confidence off the tee, the Callaway X Hot Driver cannot be beaten within its price range.

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