How Long Does It Take To Play A Round Of Golf

If you are reading this article you are likely wondering how long does it take to play a round of golf. The answer to this question depends on a few factors including carts, and number of players in your group.

If you are playing golf with a foursome the proper pace should have a full round of golf completed in about four hours. This is typically how long a course will expect you to take when you book a tee time.

Though you should know that the typical amount of time the complete a round of golf varies depending on the business of the course.

On a weekend afternoon at a busy course you will likely find that your round will take closer to four and half hours. You may also find playing less busy times like weekday nights can have you finish your round in as quick as three and a half hours.

Does It Take Longer To Walk The Course Than Take A Cart

Yes, you will find that walking the course will take longer than driving a cart. This is simply due to the fact that carts can travel faster making it easier to get to your ball in a shorter amount of time.

That being said you can still walk the course and easily finish within a four hour period. One aspect about walking that is faster than a cart. Is that you do not have to walk to the location of your cartmates ball.

You can simply hit your shot and begin walking towards your ball. So long as you are not in the way of anyone elses next shot.

How Long Should It Take To Walk The Golf Course

Even though walking the course is slower than taking a cart. You should still walk the course in roughly four hours. Any longer and you will begin to start holding other groups up.

It can be helpful to check your pace of play at the turn. Or after a few holes just to make that you are moving at an appropriate pace.

What time of day are golf rounds the fastest

Every golfers loves a quick round of golf. Leaving many to wonder what tee times they should book in order to avoid slow golf.

The best times to book if you are looking for a quick round of golf is either the first few tee times in the morning or weekday nights.

Booking early morning rounds typically means you are playing with the regulars. These golfers typically play the same tee times each week and are experienced golfers.

These groups will usually move quick fast as they typically have no one or very few people in front of them. This means these groups spend next to no time waiting and can get their round finished quick.

How long does a round of golf take for 2 players?

Playing with fewer players is always going to be faster so you can expect playing a round with two players to be noticeably shorter than a foursome.

The unfortunate aspect is you can only play as fast as the group in front of you. For example’s sake lets say you have no one in front of you and there are only two players.

If this is the case you will likely be able to finish your round in 3-3.5 hours. Though don’t expect this to be the average. As you need a fairly empty course to finish a round at this speed.

How long does a round take in the PGA?

In the PGA you’ll find that your typical round is slower than on a regular course. The typical PGA round take between 4.5-5 hours.

This is due to several reasons, firstly the course is always full. Unless you are one of the first groupings the course is going to be packed for the day.

The slow pace can also be attributed to the care the PGA players take into each shot. The pre-shot routines and reading putts adds up over the day and ultimately result in a slow round.

How Long Does It Take To Play Nine Holes?

Playing nine holes should be almost exactly half the time it takes to play a full round. You will find the average golfer should take about 2 hours to complete nine holes of golf.

You will likely find that when playing golf there shouldn’t be too much of a difference in speed between the first nine holes and the last nine. For this reason playing nine holes of golf will be almost exactly half the time of playing a full eighteen holes.

Conclusion How Long Does It Take To Play A Round Of Golf

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