How To Get A Golf Sponsorship – Your Go To Guide

If you’re like most golfers you spend plenty of time dreaming about playing with the latest and best equipment on the market. Unfortunately, to achieve this dream you’ll have two options. Number one shell out a ton of money. Or number two work your way to golf sponsorship.

Before we get started in this guide on how to get a golf sponsorship we want to state that this is quite a difficult task. The vast majority of golfers never get a sponsorship, but that does not mean it is impossible.

In this article we are going to highlight two different ways you can work to earn yourself a golf sponsorship.

Perform Well In Quality Tournaments

The most common way golfers have earned sponsorships over the years is through playing great golf. If you are golfing at a high enough level you will be able to earn a sponsorship just through your play.

First off, you’re going to need to practice enough so that you’ve gained the skills to compete in these tournaments. These can be amateur tournaments but should be at a high enough level that golf agents will take notice of the top players.

If you are able to play well enough in a tournament you may get scouted by an agent. A golf agent works to represent golfers professionally. To find these professionals they often reach out while they are still amateurs in order to build a relationship.

If you have been approached by an agent you can choose to have them represent you as a golfer. At this point the agent works with golf companies to get you that sponsorship. Agents have tons of contacts at these companies so working through them makes the process much easier.

Though to be clear you must be playing some great golf to find an agent that wants to represent you. Focus your efforts on honing your golf skills as you may need to be a scratch golfer if you’re going to go this route to a sponsorship.

Get A Following On Social Media

Though this option may seem a little daunting it actually gives you a better shot at a sponsorship than tournament play. At the end of the day, few tournament golfers are going to place well enough to land themselves a sponsorship.

While social media on the other hand offers any golfer a chance at a sponsorship. This is a relatively new phenomenon as golf brands have moved to social to find young golfers that can advertise their brand.

Whether it’s tik tok, instagram, or even snapchat a golf focused audience is very valuable to these golf companies. This means that golfers that establish a following can come to an agreement with golf brands.

If you have 50 thousand followers on a media platform golf companies will be happy to give you some free gear so long as you post about it.

This is a different sort of golf sponsorship than you were probably imagining. But it results in the same reward, free golf gear.

Building a social media page is easier than it looks. If you put in some time and effort you could potentially turn that work into a free set of clubs.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope this guide to getting a golf sponsorship taught you everything you needed to know. If you have any more questions feel free to reach out.

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