How To Make A Pre Shot Routine

If you flip on the golf channel you’ll notice one thing before each and every pro takes the shot they’ll take a moment to walk through their pre-shot routine. This isn’t a coincidence, please pre-shot routine’s or a great tool you can add your golf game to get yourself in a consistent state of mind before you approach each shot.

What your pre-shot routine should do

When creating your pre-shot routine there are several things you should have in mind. First off you should be sure to sum up your swing thoughts. When I asked you in professionals the vast majority stated they do not have sweet thoughts as they go throughout the shot all these ideas floating in your head as you prepare for your shot after time end up hampering your swing more than helping it.

Buy something up here soon thoughts into a few short words you will find that they are much more efficient at you finding the proper movement in your swing.

It is also important that your pre-shot routine simplifies your game. Similar to our last one there are so many mechanical and technical things you can think about as you approach a shot. By simplifying your game and just talking focussing on a few key metrics you will find it will yield much better results in your pre-shot routine.

Finally a pre-shot routine should give you a consistent train of thought. Having this consistent genocide welcome your nerves and your stress levels were out on the course. Approaching a shot with the same thoughts going through your mind will keep your swing more consistent whic will ultimately improve your score.

When to use your pre-shot routine

The whole idea behind appreciate routine is that you use it each and every time you take a shower. That being said there are specific times where this pre-shot routine will be more helpful than normal. One meantime to make sure you’re using your pre-shot routine is when you’re playing poorly. Once playing poorly it’s easy for you to get frustrated and change your train of thought when your process of all this after times increases your poor play and finishes with you having a very tough round.

Another important time to use your pre-shot routine is when you’re playing very well. Often times while playing well you can get excited and energetic at the idea of shooting a great score. By making sure to follow up with your routine you’ll be sure to keep that swing that he’s got you this far consistent this one sure that the excitement of this great round you’re having fun not affect the rest of your play.

Things to have in your pre-shot routine

There are several things you should be sure to include in your pre shot routine.

what important factor to have a new pre-shot routine is that a complement to your learning style. You have to remember that these pre-shot routine’s are built just for you everyone’s not gonna be the same and different ones are gonna work for different golfers.

By choosing a routine to complement your learning style you’ll find it has the best results. Another important factor to have in your pre-shot routine is the narrowing of focus.

Making sure your pre shot routine focusses on a small number of specific items is much more beneficial than abroad detailed routine.

Finally you’re gonna wanna make sure that your pre-shot routine has a calming and positive affect. A major factor in your pre-shot routine is the middle aspect so ensuring that this routine comes in mentally should be a large focus point.

How To Build A Pre Shot Routine Example

Now we’re going to show you exactly how to build a pre-shot routine through example. Your routine should not look the same as this but rather use this example for inspiration to find the perfect pre-shot routine for you.

Step one choose target well behind the bar. Look down at the target online and choose a spot just in front of the ball for you to focus on. Align your club so that the ball should travel through the spot. This step ensures that you were setting up in line with your target and your club alignment is correct.

Step two what’s your clubs in place online your body with the clock. Club alignment is the only way you should be worried about making sure your bra body is properly set up an aim towards the target is of equal importance. Disturb use certain cues such as where the balls in your stand where your shoulders are pointing to make sure that your body is properly lined up to your target line.

Step three step back and take a practice swing. In your practice swing toward the target in treated like a real shot. This part appreciate routine should make sure that you know exactly how hard you’re going to swing and are able to practice the exact swing about before just before you do.

Step for step back towards the bar and address it take a look at the target focus on the front of the ball take your call back and strike through the ball with whichever preferred cough that you have. For me I like to think of the saying “nice and easy” to make sure that I don’t get to excited, you thought should be personal to you and your swing.

Why to use a golf pre-shot routine

There are a few simple reasons in which you explain why you should use a pre-shot routine though they could be simply described that’s common. The main word killer usually describe why do use a pre-shot routine distention, and Zaidi, and overthinking. All these issues the many golfers face and of course to be simply wiped away with a consistent pre shot routine that gives you a calming affect.

Conclusion How To Build a Pre Shot Routine

We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to build a pre-shop routine. If you have any questions regarding how to build a pre-pre-shot routine or any other aspects of this article be sure to reach out the comments below. If you didn’t joy this article you should check out some of her other articles such as our guide on how to cover the golf ball.

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