Left Center Right ( LCR ) Golf Game – How To Play

Are you looking to learn how to play the left center right golf format? If so you are in the right place. This guide is going to breakdown all the rules and strategies you can use to win this three-person golf game.

How To Play Left Center Right

This three-player golf game works by awarding 2 points to golfers on each hole. To start the players tee off as they typically would.

After the tee shot you will determine who is left, right, and center. The center, of course, being the ball that is in the middle between the two. And the left being the left most ball while the right is the right most ball.

At this point the left and right golfers play on a team against the center golfer. The players count the strokes and whichever team has the individual golfer with the lowest number of strokes on the hole wins.

If the solo golfer wins he is awarded two points. While the left, and right are each awarded one point if they win.

If two players tie a hole then it is a scratch. Meaning that no one is awarded any points.

Strategies To Win Left Center Right

If you are like most golfers you can get competitive. And there is nothing a competitor loves more than winning. Here are a few strategies you can use out on the course to help you win your next round of left center right.

Keep An Eye On The Scorecard

If you are looking to win this game you are going to want to keep a close eye on the scoreboard. As we stated earlier you are awarded 2 points for a solo win and one point for a team win.

This means you may need to stay on top of the scores in order to play effectively. What we mean by this is you should dictate your drives based on the scores you need.

Say you are down by four points you are going with only 2 holes left your only chance is to win both holes solo. This means you are going to have to focus on being the center. This may mean using a hybrid or three wood to play it safe.

These sorts of decisions based on looking at the scoreboard can give you an advantage srtategically.

Know Your Holes

If you are playing on your home course it is likely you know which holes you love and which you hate. Now it is time to use that knowledge to your advantage.

If there is a hole you struggle with often you likely don’t want to play solo. Therefore you should avoid being the center. Otherwise, it is likely both of your opponents will receive one point.

The opposite should be true for the holes you excel on. Therefore make an extra effort to drive straight and be the center on these holes as you will be more likely to score two points.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the Left Center Right golf game. If you have any questions regarding this golf game please let us know in the comments or through our contact page.

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