3 Wood vs 3 Hybrid – Which To Use And When

We get it, golf can be a complex sport and between all the slang, rules, and equipment it can be tough to keep up. That’s why we’ve created this article to breakdown the major differences between the 3 wood vs 3 hybrid. Let’s get into it.

3 Wood Vs Hybrid – Main Differences

Before we can break down which of these clubs is best for you we need to determine what exactly are the differences between them. In the section of the article we are going to summarize the key factors the differentiate a three wood and hybrid golf club.


If you are wondering if a three wood goes further than a hybrid then the answer is yes. And it is not particularly close. A highly skilled golfer should expect to hit a hybrid in the 180-210 yard range, roughly the same distance as a 3- iron.

A highly skilled golfer hitting a 3-wood should expect to hit a distance of 230-250 yards. As you can see this is a sizeable difference. This difference between these clubs in terms of distance is something you should evaluate before deciding which club you want to add to your bag.


It is difficult to breakdown the differences in shafts between these two clubs as they come in many different options. Both of these clubs have options for both steel and graphite shafts. They are also offered in many different flexes.

The main difference that will always be present between these two clubs is the shaft length. Though the difference may change from club to club you will find that a 3-wood will always have a longer shaft than a 3 hybrid.

This longer shaft may make it slightly more difficult to hit. Though it contributes to the increased distance you receive from a 3 wood.

Ease Of Use/ Forgiveness

Between these two clubs the 3 hybrid is certainly the easier option to hit. Hybrids offer a more forgiving club face than 3 woods. This means if you happen to hit a ball off centre it will likely perform better with a hybrid than it would with a 3 wood.

For this reason beginners and high handicap golfers tend to be big advocates for hybrids.


The loft is another area where these two clubs largely differ. The 3 hybrid is meant to be a 3-iron that is easier to hit. Due to this, you’ll find that the loft of a hybrid will match it’s corresponding iron. This means a 3 hyrbid has the loft of a three iron.

A three wood on the other hand has a considerably lower loft. A typical 3 wood would have a loft in the range of 15-18 degrees. While a typical 3 hybrid would have a loft of 22-24 degrees.

Should I Buy A Three Wood Or A Hybrid?

Now that we’ve broken down the major difference between these two clubs its time to determine which one is best for your golf game. To do this we need to figure out how you plan on using these clubs. As well as which club fits your skill level better.

How will you use this club?

Before determining which club you were going to buy you want to understand exactly how you’re going to use the club. If you’re looking for something to hit off the tee then the three wood is likely going to be the better option. Despite this club being a little harder to hit it creates significantly more distance. Which is quite important off the tee.

If you’re looking for a long-distance club to hit out of the rough then you’re gonna have much more success with a hybrid as opposed to a three wood.

In order to determine which club to buy read through all the differences between the two. Then determine which ones are going to factor into how you intend to use the club.

What is your skill level?

Another important factor to look into when choosing between these clubs is your own skill level. As we stated earlier the hybrid is an easier club to hit and comes with a higher level of forgiveness.

If you are a beginner then you may find the hybrid to be a club that suits your skill level.

What is your history with these clubs?

It is also important to understand your history with these clubs prior to your purchase. If you’ve attempted to use a three wood before but have never been able to hit them consistently then you may want to opt for a hybrid.

Or if you’re high handicap golfer that seems to excel with a three wood you may want to say screw forgiveness I know what club works for me.

At the end of the day, a lot of choosing your golf equipment comes down to preference. So if you have a history excelling with one of these club styles and not the other. Then you should be taking that into account.

When To Use A Hybrid Vs A Three Wood?

If you do plan on purchasing one of these two clubs it is important you understand their intended purposes.

Best times to use a three woood

  • Off the tee On Par 4’s and 5’s ( If driver can’t be trusted)
  • From the fairway at long distance
  • From short rough at long distance

Best Times To Use 3 Hybrid

  • Off The Tee on long Par 3’s, Short Par 4’s
  • When In Thick Rough
  • Off fairway at medium distance
  • Out of fairway bunkers

As you can see both of these clubs serve specific purposes that are similar but not quite the same. To sum it up the three hybrid is better suited for shorter range situations as well as tougher lies. While the 3 wood is best for long range shots on good lies.

Conclusion 3 Hybrid Vs 3 Wood

We hope you enjoyed our article and were able to figure out everything you needed to know about the 3 wood vs 3 hybrid. If you have any questions about these clubs or the article itself please reach out. You cna do this through our contact page or in the comments below.

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