What Changes Come With Dimples On A golf Ball?

If you’ve golfed before you’ve likely wondered why golf balls are covered in small indentations. If so you’re in the right place as this article is going to breakdown everything you need to know about dimples on a golf ball.

The largest change that comes with dimples on a golf ball is their aerodynamics. These small dimples on golf balls are largely responsible for how far they travel.

The dimples work by creating a thin turbulent boundary of air around the golf balls exterior. The dimples cause turbulence in the air around the ball and allow air to cling to the ball tightly.

What this does is increase the lift of the golf ball as well as minimize drag. If a golf ball without dimples was struck it the air would not cling to it and would instead fly around the ball. This creates a sort of air pocket behind the ball which creates a vacuum sucking the ball back.

For this reason a ball without dimples would only travel roughly half the distance of a golf ball with dimples.

How Many Dimples Does A Golf Ball Have

An average golf ball has anywhere between 300-500 dimples. The number of dimples on your ball will vary depending on which brand of golf ball you buy.

How Big Are The Dimples On An Average Golf Ball

Dimples on a golf ball have an average depth of 0.01 inches.

How Did They Start Putting These Markings On Golf Balls

The origin story of dimples on golf balls starts in the 1800’s. Back then golf balls were referred to as “gutties” these were a form of golf ball made from tree sap invented by a man named Robert Adams Patterson.

As golfers played with these balls they began to notice the balls with markings and abrasions tended to fly better. To test this, balls with markings on the exterior were made. The first patent of a dimpled golf ball came in 1905 when an Englishman named William Taylor registered a patent.


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