Masters Hole In One History How Many Aces Made

A hole in one is the most iconic score in golf and scoring one at the legendary Agusta National Golf Club is about as good as it gets. In this article we are going to breakdown on the golfers that have scored a hole in one at the masters as well as some other interesting masters hole in one facts.

The total number of hole in ones made during the masters is 31. These 31 one hole in ones have occurred since the tournament started in 1934. Each year at the masters players scored and average of 0.36 hole in ones.

What Holes Have Players Scored Aces At The Masters?

There are only four holes which golfers have managed to score a hole in one at Augusta National. The aced holes include #4, #6, #12, and #16. All of which of are par threes.

Of all these holes only #4 has received only single hole in one it’s history. Here are the total hole in ones that have been scored on each hole.

Hole #4: 1

Hole #6: 5

Hole #12: 3

Hole #16: 22

This clearly shows that hole sixteen is far and away your best chance of scoring an ace when playing at Augusta.

Who Is The Latest Player To Score A Hole In One At The Masters?

The latest player to complete this feat was Justin Thomas in 2019. Thomas scored his ace on the 16th hole from 179 yards out using an 8-iron.

He went on to place twelfth in the tournament with a total score of -8 under par.

Who Scored the Longest Hole In One At The Masters?

The longest hole in one ever scored at the masters was 213 yards. This was scored by Jeff Sluman in 1992. This ace was scored using a four iron and is still the only hole in one recored on the fourth hole of Augusta National during the masters.

Has An Amateur Ever Hit An Ace At The Masters?

Yes, in fact there have been five separate amateurs that have hit a hole in one at the masters. Though it is worth mentioning all these hole in ones occurred between 1934-1959. This was when playing as an amateur was more common.

The five amateurs to score an ace at the masters were:

Ross Somerville, 1934

Ray Billows, 1940

John Dawson, 1949

Billy Joe Patton, 1954

William Hyndman, 1959

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