Balata Golf Balls – All Your Questions Answered

Balata golf balls used to be the cream of the crop for low handicap golfers. These balls have covers made from the sap of a Balata tree. This cover allowed for great workability and high spin rates on your shots. But now only a few decades later these golf balls are nowhere to be found.

Are balata golf balls still made?

It seems that after years of being the top ball in golf Balata golf balls are now officially a thing of the past. Throughout all our research we were unable to find anywhere that still manufactures Balata golf balls.

This is due to the fact that new golf balls simply have superior performance than a Balata golf ball. A great example of this technological change came in the 2001 masters. In the year 2000 59 of the 95 golfers in the tournament used a wound golf ball.

While in 2001 all of the golfers in the tournament except for four used a solid core golf ball. This goes to show you how quickly golf technology can change the game. And unfortunately for this style of ball, it seems its time has come and gone.

Are balata golf balls legal?

Yes, Balata golf balls are in fact legal. Though the word you are looking for is conforming. In order for a ball to be used in tournament play, it must conform to the USGA standards set for it.

These Balata golf balls still pass these standards, though the USGA is not what is going to stop you from using these balls. The reason these balls aren’t around is that they are no longer manufactured and are incredibly hard to track down.

What does balata mean in golf?

When using the term Balata in golf most golfers are referring to a style of golf ball. This golf ball received its name from the Balata tree which is found in South America and the Caribbean. The sap that comes from these trees hardens into a rubber-like substance.

It is this substance that is used in the construction of Balata golf balls.

Are Balata Golf Balls Good?

These golf balls were the top option for low handicap golfers for years. But do they still hold up?

A recent study compared the distance between hitting a Balata golf ball versus todays golf ball. It found that across all skill levels Balata golf balls offer significantly less distance than balls used today.

The distance differences ranged from 20-30 yards depending on your swing speed. In other words today’s golf balls go significantly further.

But there is more to a golf ball than distance. Many users of Balata balls appreciated their use around the green. These balls were known to generate a lot of spin which would allow you more control in your short game.

Some players swear that they still play better with these balls to this day. Though all test have shown that today’s golf balls are superior.

Where Can I Buy A Box?

As we stated earlier these balls are no longer being manufactured making this task a little tricky. The best way to find a set of these balls is to search ebay. Scond hand sellers are your best bet for finding these balls so you want to go where they hang out.

The best two places to find these balls are Ebay and facebook marketplace. Now, it still may be hard to track these balls down there but with enough time you should be able to find a box or two.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope this guide answered all the questions you had about these golf balls. If you are looking to learn more about this topic you can always reach out to us directly. You can do this in the comments below or through our contact page.

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