Golf Marshals – A Beginner Golfers Guide

If you’ve played a round of golf on an 18 hole course you’ve likely seen and talked to golf marshals. Though this may have left you wondering what exactly they do, or what you can do to become one. This guide is going to answer every question you may have about golf marshals.

What Is A Golf Marshal?

A golf marshal is an employee or volunteer of the golf course that helps to improve the experience of the players on the course. Their job is to ensure that the flow of the players going through the golf course runs smoothly.

On a regular golf course, you will find marshalls driving throughout, typically asking players how they are doing. During these days they will often ask your tee time to ensure that you are playing your round at a proper pace.

They will also help to answer any questions you may have or assist you with miscellaneous issues such as a flat tire on a golf cart.

Though, if there is a professional tournament Marshals have a whole new set of tasks. If you watch a PGA event you will notice marshals are the people holding signs to quiet the crowd, assisting with finding balls and helping spectators with any issues they have.

How Do I Become A Golf Marshal?

Becoming a golf marshal is a fairly straightforward process. In order to get this job you must first find a course that is hiring. You will likely find that each year some of the courses around you will be hiring marshals at the start of the golf season.

To get this job you simply put in an application as you would for any other part-time job. The biggest factors that will help you achieve this job is experience with golf.

Though it is not mandatory knowing the game is going to give you a large advantage. Especially if you know the course you are applying to well.

You may also get a job as a golf marshal by volunteering at tournaments. Most golf tournaments look for volunteer marshals to help run their tournaments. This gives you an opportunity to get a little experience as a marshal.

This sort of experience will make it a lot easier for you to get a permanent role as a marshal at your local course.

What is the difference between a Golf Marshal Versus Starter?

Golf Marshals and starters both have the same goal of customer service towards golfers on the course. The main difference being the “starter” stays at the first hole and assists golfers as they start their round. While a marshal typically drives throughout the course helping golfers throughout their round.

The starters main job is to keep up with the tee sheet, making sure all golfers start on time. While the marshal has the responsibility of keeping up the pace of play throughout the round.

How Much Do Marshals Get Paid?

Marshals when paid are given an average of $16/hour USD. This of course varies from course to course depending on the quality.

It is also very common for Marshals to not be paid at all. In these cases golf marshals are often given a free course membership or greatly discoutned rates on the course they Marshal.

This is often done by retirees who are looking for a more inexpensive way to play golf.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope this article has answered all the questions you had about being a golf course marshal. If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to reach out.

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