Understand Tournament Status In Golf

As we all know golf is already a pretty complex sport, with tons of terminology, equipment and lingo it can be difficult to keep up. Looking at a tournament leaderboard can leave you even more confused as there are several different acronyms used in order to designate golfers. In this article, we are going to explain them all so you can easily understand tournament status in golf.

Active: The golfer is active in the tournament.

This status simply means your golfer is playing in the tournament at that given time

DQ: Disqualified

When a golfer breaks certain rules they can be disqualified from the tournament. At this time all their previous scores will be erased and will not be used for the tournament.

MDF: Made cut did not finish

This rather confusing acronym refers to making the first cut of the tournament but then not making the second cut and therefore not finishing. This tournament status only occurs in tournaments which there are multiple cut days.

MC: Missed Cut

This means the golfer has not made the first or only cut of the tournament. This occurs when a golfers score is not low enough to have the included into the group of players that will continue on with the tournament.

NS: No Show

This simply means the player did not show up for the round or the tournament.

NC: No Card

This means a player has either forgotten or decided not to hand in their score card. This designation is given when the tournament does not have any scores to enter.

WD: Withdrawn

This tournament status occurs when a player decides to take himself out of the tournament part way through. This most often occurs when a player develops an injury during the round.

Conclusion Tournament Status In Golf

We hope you enjoyed our guide on understanding tournament status. If you have any questions regarding this guide or any of the information included on it please be sure to reach out in the comments below.

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