What Does E Mean In Golf?

The term E in golf refers to a golfer having a score of even par. If you see the designation E on a scoreboard that means that at this point in the tournament the golfer is no shots higher or lower than par.

If you are not familiar with the game of golf then here is a short explanation on the scoring.

Each hole is assigned as a par 3, par 4, or par 5, based on it’s distance. If it is a par three then an expert golfer is expected to score your ball into the cup in three shots. By doing this you will receive a score of par.

If it takes you one more shot than the par on the hole then you will receive a bogey. This counts as +1 to your score. An example of a bogey would be taking five shots on a par 4.

If you happen to shoot under par such as scoring in two shots on a par three then you will be awarded a “birdie”. This counts as -1 to your score.

Throughout the round, if you have a cumulative score that results in zero. This means you went “E” for even on the round.

An example of a score of “E” would be a golfer that played 18 holes and scored 9 bogeys and 9 birdies. This would cumulatively add to 0 giving you a score of “even par” or “E”.

Conclusion What Does E Mean In Golf

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