Understanding golf Hats

We get it, between all the different types of golf equipment, clothing and clubs it can be difficult to keep track. Not to mention the term “golf hat” can mean many different things depending on what time period or location you are talking about. Luckily this article is on hand to breakdown everything you need to know about golf hats.

What Are Retro Golf Hats Called

If you’re trying to figure out the name of classic Irish or British style golf hats that you may see in movies then you are looking for the name “Flat Cap“.

A Flat Cap which is also sometimes referred to as a scally cap was an extremely popular golf hat for many years. Though some golfers still wear these flat caps you will find the majority of golfers will wear baseball caps onto the course these days.

What Are The different styles of golf hats?

In the game of golf, there are several different styles of hats that are quite popular among golfers today. These hats are typically choosen based on sun protection, comfort, and style.

Traditional Baseball Caps

This is the most common style of hat worn on the golf course. The hats feature the standard baseball cap build you see every day though they are typically fitted with golf company logos and emblems.

These hats offer solid sun protection for your face and are easy to store in your golf bag due to their relatively compact nature.

This style of golf hat is sold at virtually every golf course with the courses logo typically stitched on the front.

Wide Brim Golf Hats

Wide brim golf hats are another very common hat style amongst golfers. These sorts of hats come in several different shapes and sizes. Wide brim golf hats include what people often refer to as “cowboy hats” as well as larger soft brim straw hats.

These hats are typically used in order to give you maximum sun protection. If you’re wearing a large brim hat you should receive sun protection on your neck and face.


Golf visors are popular but not quite as common as the previous two models in our list. These hats look the same as a baseball cap except the do not have a top which allows you hair to come out the top of the hat.

Visors are typically worn because they offer the golfer more breathability that they would get with a standard golf hat. Visors are often worn in hot climates where golfers are doing anything they can to stay cool.

What are golf hat clips for?

Golf hat clips offer two uses depending on which kind you have. One style of golf hat clip is a ball marker. A ball marker is used to mark the spot on the green where your ball is located. It also gives you an opportunity to clean it and align it.

These ball markers are often attached to your hat clip. Which gives you easy access to the ball marker at all times. This saves you the hassle of having to run back to your bag if you happen to forget your ball marker.

If you want to learn more about golf ball markers you can check out our guide to them here.

The other use you may have from your golf hat clip is divot repairs. Often times golf hat clips double as divot repair tools. Divot repair tools are used to fix the markings you make on the green when your ball lands.

Much like a ball marker, this is a piece of golf equipment that you always want to have on you. That’s why this tool is so often used in golf hats clips.

Can you wash golf hats in the washer?

No, you cannot put a golf hat in the washer. This will damage the structure of the hat and likely ruin it altogether.

How to wash a golf hat

The easiest way to wash a golf hat is as follows.

  1. Fill your sink with luke warm water
  2. Add a small amount of laundry detergent
  3. Use a clean toothbrush dipped in the water to spot clean the stains
  4. Place the hat in the water and let it soak for an hour
  5. Remove the hat and lightly rinse it to remove soap or debris
  6. Let the hat air dry for a few hours

This is what we found to be the most effective way of cleaning your golf hat. Though in our opinion any time your hat comes into this much contact with water it will always change the structure of your cap at least a little bit.

Conclusion understanding Golf Hats

We hope you enjoyed our guide to understanding golf hats. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this article we hope you reach out in the comments below.

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