Understanding Bunkers In Golf

There is a lot to know about golf before you head out for your first round. One of those important aspects is bunkers. These tricky hazards can make the game a whole lot harder. So it can be helpful to know what you are getting into before you find yourself knee-deep in sand! That’s why this article is on hand to breakdown everything you need to know about bunkers in golf.

What Is A Bunker In Golf

A bunker in golf is a pit of sand which typically sits near the green or alongside the fairway. Bunkers are considered one of golfs hazards that are used to make the game more difficult.

Bunkers also come with the own set of rules and courtesies you should follow when you encounter them in a round of golf.

What Are The Rules To Follow In A Golf Bunker

One rule you need to remember to follow when you hit your ball into a bunker is that you are not allowed to ground your club in order to change the lie of your ball.

This means you can not put your club in the bunker and alter the sand before your shot. If you do this you will receive a stroke penalty.

What is the difference between Fairway Bunkers And Greenside Bunkers In Golf?

The main differences between greenside bunkers and fairway bunkers is the sand within them. As well as their typical shape and depth.

Greenside bunkers are the most common bunkers and the type of bunkers you are going to find yourself in most often. These bunkers typically feature softer sand and a greater depth than fairway bunkers.

These bunkers are placed all around the greens making it easy to accidentally end up in one if your shot at the green goes awry.

A fairway bunker sits alongside the fairway of the hole and are less common to end up in. These bunkers are typically filled with harder sand and do not have as much depth as greenside bunkers.

This allows you to easily hit the ball much further from these fairway bunkers. This is by design as the fairway bunkers are typically much further from the green.

Conclusion Understanding Bunkers In Golf

We hope you enjoyed our guide to understanding bunkers in golf. If you have any questions regarding this articel please be sure to reach out to us in the comments below.

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