Understanding Mud Balls In Golf

Nearly every golfer has faced a mud ball in their golfing career. And if your anything like most golfers you aren’t really sure how to deal with it. Luckily this review is on hand to help you get a better understanding of mud balls in golf.

What Is A Mudball In Golf?

A mudball in golf is a ball that upon coming into contact with the turf collects a good portion of mud or dirt onto the golf ball.

Some sites stating that you can clean the mud of the ball. But you are in fact not allowed to clean the mud off the ball unless you are on the green.

Can I Clean Mud Off The Ball In Golf?

As stated previously if your mud ball is not on the green you are not able to clean the golf ball. When you encounter a mud ball on in golf you must treat it like any other lie. And you must play it from the location you found it.

This is of course according to USGA golf rules. But if you are playing a round of golf with friends it is likely that they are okay with you just cleaning the ball and hitting it afterwards.

The only time you can clean mud off of your golf ball is when it is on the green. This is because picking up your ball once it is marked in order to clean it is already part of the game.

Cleaning the mud of your ball on the green is the same as cleaning your golf ball any time you are on the green.

How To Hit A Mud Ball In Golf

Hitting a mud ball can be a difficult task. It’s already hard enough to hit a golf ball properly when it’s clean. So hitting one covered in mud isn’t going to be any easier.

Luckily we have a few tips that may help you next time your are stuck with a mud ball.

If you find that there is mud on the top of your golf ball, it will greatly reduce the distance of your shot. But should not affect the direction in which it travels.

If you find that there is some mud on the left side of the golf ball then it is likely the ball will travel to the right.

A ball with mud on the right side of the ball will likely travel to the left.

Remember that this isn’t an exact science. This is because the amount of mud on the golf ball is going to greatly change the effect it has on the ball.

Conclusion Understanding Mud Balls In Golf

We hope you enjoyed our article on understanding mud balls in golf. If you have any questions regarding our article please be sure to reach out in the comments below.

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