Understanding MDF And MC In Golf

It can be confusing enough to keep up with golfs scoring and terminology and with extra acronyms like MDF and MC we can see how golf fans end up scratching their heads. Luckily this article is on hand to break what MDF and MC mean in golf.

What Is MC In golf?

MC in golf simply means missed cut. This refers to the cutting down of the player pool. This occurs after the second or third day of the tournament.

When a player misses the cut it means they did not score well enough to be in the group of golfers that move on to the next stage of the tournament.

If you are reading this term in fantasy golf it means your player has been eliminated from the tournament. In short, they will not be scoring you any more points.

What Is MDF In Golf?

The term MDF is a little more complicated as it does not have a meaning that matches with what it sounds like.

The term MDF in golf means made cut, didn’t finish. Now you may be wondering how do you make the cut and not finish.

This MDF is typically shown on the scoreboard when a golfer makes the first cut. This would typically occur after the second round. The golfer must then not make the second cut which typically occurs after the third round.

This is used to say the golfer made the first cut but did not make the second. The term MDF is relatively new in golf and was first used in January 2008. This term has become more popular as more tournaments shift towards having two cuts.

Does Golfers Get Paid If They Miss The Cut(MC)?

No, when golfers do not make the first cut they are not paid any money. Unless they are given an appearance fee which is not usually the case.

That being said golfers that make the first cut and not the second do typically get paid for making it through the first cut.

What Does DFL Mean In Golf?

DFL in golf means “dead fucking last” this acronym is more of a joke than an actual golf term. But it can be fun to use with your golf buddies if you play poorly in a tournament.

Conclusion what does MC And MDF mean in golf?

We hope you enjoyed our guide to understanding MC and MDF in golf. If you have any questions regarding this article please be sure to reach out in the comments below.

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