Understanding Backstopping In Golf

In recent years backstopping has become somewhat of a hot topic in the golfing world. This interesting term stems from golfers using opposing players balls as a sort of backstop on the green. If you’re looking to learn more about this topic then read on to find out what backstopping in golf is. And why it is so controversial.

What Is Backstopping In Golf

Backstopping in golf refers to using an opposing players ball as a sort of backstop on the green as you hit your approach shot.

It is is only possible when a player decides to not mark their ball and leaves it on the green.

Backstopping usually takes place when the unmarked ball is near or past the hole. So that when contact is made with the ball on the green it will help the golfer who has taken the approach shot or chip.

What Happens When You Hit Another Players Ball On The Green?

If you hit an approach shot and you come into contact with another golfer’s ball you are able to play your next shot from where the ball rest.

If your shot is going to roll past the pin yet hits a ball and stops right beside it. You will be able to play your shot from right beside the pin.

For the golfer who’s ball is hit, he is able to place the ball back into it’s original position.

What Is The Controversy With Backstopping

The controversy with backstopping is that it allows a slight advantage to the approaching golfer. With no downside to the golf that is deciding if they should or should not mark their ball.

This means if you have a player behind you that you are friendly with it might make sense to not mark your ball. This will leave a potential backstop for his or her approach shot.

This also goes for if you dislike a golfer. You will be more likely to mark your ball in order to give them no advantage.

That being said there is a rule in place which states if the committee determines you have intentionally left a ball in place in order to help assist any competitor then you will be disqualified.

Conclusion What Is Backstopping In Golf

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