Best Golf Ball Finder Glasses Reviewed

As you get older it becomes harder and harder to track your golf balls throughout your round. Losing these strokes and more importantly money on these balls isn’t something any golfer should have to deal with. Luckily we’ve compiled this list of the best golf ball finder glasses so you can make sure to track down every ball you keep in play.

Throughout this list we’re going to break down each of our top choices for you. As well as give you a little more information on how these products work.

Best Golf Ball Finder Sunglasses

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5:10 pm UTC

Our number one selection on our list of the best golf ball finder sunglasses are these S1 Sport Polarized glasses from Hilsilem. As you will see throughout our list this model is quite different from the others.

Acutint Lense Colouring System

The majority of golf ball finder glasses tend to focus on using colour distortion to find your golf balls. These glasses add a contrast to the colours you are seeing without distorting them into a different colour entirely.

In short, this model works by adding a high definition to your sight. As opposed to manipulating the colours to make certain objects more noticeable.

This is due to the acutint lense colouring system. This will result in enhancing your vision without warping it due to distorted colours.

Dual Polaric Lense

The dual lenses on this pair of sunglasses feature an interesting effect known as “Polaric Ellipsoid Geometry”. For us laymen this effect creates amazing depth, colour contrast and clarity.

UV Protection

The UV protection is another handy feature of this awesome set of golf ball finder sunglasses. The majority of golf ball finder sunglasses do not feature any sort of UV protection.

This, of course, is very important due to the excessive damage direct sunlight can have on your eyes. Especially for golfers who are already having trouble locating their golf balls.

Lightweight Polycarbonate Frame

The lightweight Carbonate frame makes these glasses perfect for many situations. The lightweight and durable frame of these glasses makes them a perfect fit for many outdoor activities.

Since these glasses work to create a high definition visual instead of manipulating colours. They are therefore able to be used in many situations. This is a unique feature on our list as the majority of the glasses we will cover are built to only be used on the golf course.

Cost And Value

Typically priced at only twenty-one dollars we found these Hulislem glasses to be a great value for anyone looking for golf ball finder sunglasses.

These glasses are especially valuable to those who plan to use them for all sorts of outdoor activities.

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Next on our list is this A99 Golf E-BW glasses. This model from A99 works by filtering colours in a way to help reveal the ball while on the course. Note that it will not help you find covered golf balls but rather help you find balls that are on top or peaking through the grass.

Colour Filtering Lenses

As we mentioned earlier the goal of these golf ball finder glasses is to help golfers find their balls amongst the grass. It works by filtering out the colour green to look grey or black.

This grey or black backdrop makes it much easier to stop the bright white ball. This colour filtering effect is specifically built for green grass. Golfers looking to find their balls in yellowish grass or in hazards may have some difficulty using these glasses.

The compact carrying case is a handy function for these golf sunglasses. Golfers typically will not wear these sunglasses for the entire round as they do not offer sun protection.

Flexible And Comfortable Build

This carrying case is a great feature as you simply store this case in your bag throughout your round and take the glasses out when necessary.

The flexible build of these golf ball finder sunglasses are another great reason to choose this model. Built similar to many athletic glasses they have a little give to them making it much less likley they will break.

They also sit quite comfortably on your head. And are so lightweight that you will likely not even notice they are there.

Cost And Value

The cost of these sunglasses are a little higher than the other options on this list. Priced at roughly twenty-three dollars these golf sunglasses are still sitting at quite a low price point.

In terms of colour filtering glasses, we found this model to offer the highest quality. If you are looking into purchasing golf ball finder glasses that work by utilizing a blue tint then we suggest this higher quality pair from A99.

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Next on our list are these Thumbs Up UK Golf Ball Finder Glasses. These glasses which are similar to the A99 model. They work by highlighting white objects making it easier to spot your ball on the course.

Blue Tint Highlight White Objects

As we have already stated these golf balls work by using the blue tint to highlight white objects. What this does is blend several colours together so that they all look to be the same hue.

By blending all these colours together a bright white golf ball will stick out amongst the grass. In short, these glasses work by tinting several colours other than white. In order to make golf balls stand out while looking through the glasses.

Includes Carrying Pouch

This model also includes a carrying pouch. This is helpful as we suggest wearing another pair of shades throughout you round when you are not looking for your ball. This is to give your eyes better sun protection as the golf ball finder glasses do not offer UV protection.

Futuristic Looking Design

Another interesting feature of these glasses is their futuristic look. The look of these glasses is, of course, subjective. So depending on your style you may like or dislike this model.

This design is a nice change from the typical sports glasses style of frames. That style is used on nearly every other model of golf ball finder glasses.

Cost And Value

The cost of this model of golf ball finder sunglasses is one of the main reasons this model is so high on our list.

Priced at only seven dollars and fifty cents as of writing this, these are the cheapest golf ball finder sunglasses on our list.

Though they do not offer the quality that is seen with our top option on our list. But due to being only one-third of the price we found this golf ball finder glasses from Thumbs Up Uk to be a great value buy.

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5:14 pm UTC

Ball goggles are yet another addition to our list of the best golf ball finder sunglasses. Much like the majority of products we have covered on this list these glasses work by using a blue tint. This makes white golf balls more visible against a green backdrop.

Custom Blue Lens Brighten White Objects

As we stated earlier this model works by using their blue lenses to brighten objects against darker backgrounds. This product darkens grass, shrubs, trees, dirt, and even shallow water.

This darkening of the background makes it much easier to spot your golf ball on the course.

Compatible With White And All Flourescent Golf Balls

This brings us to our next point on brightened golf balls. These lense work with white golf balls and fluorescent golf balls. The majority of golf ball finding glasses we came across during our research only tended to work with white golf balls.

If you are a golfer that tends to play with fluorescent balls over white golf balls then these glasses may be the product for you.

Comes With Zippered Case And Carabiner

Along with the glasses comes a Neoprene carrying case. This ensures that your glasses will stay protected throughout your round. Since you will not be wearing the glasses throughout the whole round. It makes sense to have somewhere to store them.

With this handy case and carabiner, this glasses container can be easily clipped to your golf bag for easy access throughout your round.

Wayfairer Design

Another interesting feature of these glasses is their way fairer design. This popular sunglass model is often worn in casual settings. Though does not carry that same sporty look the other models tend to use. If you are concerned about your looks on the course you may find the design of these glasses more appealing than our other options.

Cost And Value

The cost and value of these glasses are not quite at the standard of the previous models on this list. This pair of golf ball finder sunglasses is a bit more expensive than most the models we’ve covered. And in terms of value, it is not distinctively different.

That being said, if you’re looking for a more stylish model, or you tend to play your rounds with fluorescent golf balls then these glasses may just offer the best value for you.

Do These Glasses Protect Your Eyes From The Sun?

One very important factor that golfers need to take into consideration when using these glasses is the UV protection they offer.

The majority of these golf ball finder sunglasses DO NOT offer UV protection from the sun. This is especially important due to the tinting on these glasses.

The dark tint makes it much easier to look at the sun by dimming it. Many may assume that because it’s easier to look at your eyes are protected. This, of course, isn’t the case.

On our list, the only model that offers UV protection is Hulislem model. Each of the other models on our list offer no sun protection for your eyes.

Just a quick glance directly at the sun can cause what is essentially a sunburn on your eyes. This in the short term can significantly harm your golf game. In long term, this can result in serious issues such as cataracts and potentially eyelid cancer.

This is why we suggest that if you plan to use golf ball finder glasses you should purchase a pair with UV resistance. Or have a pair of proper golf sunglasses with you as well.

If you do not have golf sunglasses. You must be sure not to look directly into the sun while wearing your golf ball finder sunglasses.

Can I Use These Glasses To Find Golf Balls While Not Playing A Round?

As we completed our research on the top models of golf ball finder glasses. We noticed customers often asked about using these glasses to search for golf balls while they are not playing.

Often times golfers do this to get some golf balls for their next round or sell them to other golfers looking for some cheap balls.

The answer to this question is yes these glasses should certainly help you in your search for balls but there are a few caveats.

First off these glasses help you find balls that are hidden in the grass. Yes, the majority of these glasses do work by making the white colour of the ball stick out while other colours fade. But this does not work on all colours.

If you are searching through the woods or in the water you will find that these glasses do not work nearly as effectively as they do in the grass.

So in short, if you are planning to purchase a pair of golf ball finder sunglasses to collect golf balls be sure that the area in which you plan to collect is grassy or green in general as this is where these glasses truly make a difference.

It also may be helpful to have a tool to retrieve these balls in order to reduce the number of times you have to bend over to pick up a ball. To check out some of these tools please read our article on golf ball pickers uppers.

Do These Glasses Work With Other Ball Colours?

The answer to this question depends on the model of sunglasses you end up buying but for the majority, the answer is no.

All the sunglasses that have blue shades will not work with other ball options. This is due to the colour filtering that is used on these models.

They are specifically built to filter out other colours and dull all colours that aren’t white. This results in the coloured balls being darkened as if they were anything else on the course.

That being said there are some models such as the Hulislem model which works as a sort of high definition to your regular vision. This model which does not filter or alter colours should be just as effective when used on a colour ball versus a non-coloured golf ball.

Do these glasses work for other white balls aside from golf balls?

Yes! You can use these golf ball finder glasses in a multitude of ways. This includes cleaning up after baseball, softball, or lacrosse practice.

Any sort of white ball on a grass service is easily noticeable while wearing these glasses. If cleaning up after a practice session often leaves you missing a ball or two these glasses may be the answer to that problem.

Since the majority of these golf ball finding glasses work by making the colour white visible and specifically golf balls these glasses should be just as effective with any style of white ball.

It is also important that to get the most out of these glasses you keep your ball clean. If you’re looking for a way to do that consistently check out our article on golf ball cleaning accessories.

Concluding thoughts

We hope that you enjoyed our list of the best golf ball finder glasses. We believe in all the products we have included in our list and hope that you have found the pair best for you.

If you enjoyed this list check out some of our other golf accessory guides such as our articles on unbreakable golf tees or golf trunk organizers.

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