Best Golf Tumblers Reviewed – Which To Buy

If you are an early morning golfer than you know the one thing that goes perfectly with a 7 AM tee time and that’s a hot cup of joe. The trouble is the paper cup from the clubhouse doesn’t hold the heat too well. Luckily, our guide to the best golf tumblers will ensure you will have a hot coffee by your side all round long.

Callaway 30 oz Tumbler Gift Set

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The top selection on our list of the best golf tumblers is this awesome option from Callaway. As you can see in the image above this golf tumbler comes with a few extra accessories making this model a great gift to any golfer.

30-ounce Capacity

The first and most pressing feature of this golf tumbler is the total capacity. This model has a total capacity of thirty fluid ounces. This is quite large for golf tumblers is one the larger sized golf tumblers you will come across.

For reference, an average medium coffee from a restaurant is usually about fourteen ounces. This means that this tumbler should be able to fit more than enough coffee to last for your whole round.

The construction of this Callaway golf tumbler is stainless steel and BPA free. This allows for this model to retain heat quite well. This also ensures water will be kept cold if you choose to use the tumbler for that purpose.

Stainless Steel BPA-fee and dishwasher safe

The dishwasher safe aspect is a handy one that you will be grateful for. Especially if you begin using this tumbler on a regular basis.

Divot Tool With Putt Alignment Tool

Along with this thermos comes a divot tool with a putt alignment tool. The divot tool may come in handy on the course. And if you do not own one currently it will make the divot repair process much quicker. If you are interested in the putt alignment tool you can check out our article on some of the most popular golf ball alignment markers.

The alignment tool on this divot marker is used to draw a line on the golf ball. The line is then pointed towards the path you want the ball to travel on during your putt. This helps your putting alignment and should benefit you in your short game.

3 Callaway Par Tees, 2 Golf Balls

The Callaway Par tees that are included with this set are another interesting feature. They are not quite standard golf tees due to several features that separate them from the rest of the market.

First, off they are sharpened in order to allow easy access into the ground. These plastic tees are also built to be nearly impossible to break throughout your round. So as long as you keep an eye on them these tees should last you a long time.

Along with the tees, this golf tumbler also comes with two Callaway Brand golf balls.

Callaway Poker Chip Ball Marker

Finally, this set includes a Callaway poker chip ball marker. This feature does not offer a ton of practical value as using a small coin would suffice for a marker. But it certainly helps you look cool on the course.

Cost And Value

Despite all the additional products offered in this set its cost come out to about the mid-range for golf tumblers. Sitting at around twenty-nine dollars this golf tumbler is not going to break your bank.

The value offered from this model is fantastic due to all the additional gear you are receiving in this set.

If you are looking for a high-quality golf tumbler with some added value look no further than this awesome Callaway model.

YETI Rambler 30 oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

Next on our list is arguably the highest quality tumbler on the market. Though not specifically built for golf, this awesome tumbler is one of the top options for maintaining the temperature of your drinks.

Stainless Steel BPA-fee And Dishwasher Safe

Similar to our first model this Yeti Tumbler is built of stainless steel. The BPA free and dishwasher safe design ensures that golfers are able to safely throw this tumbler into the dishwasher after each round.

Double Wall Vacuum Insulation

The double-wall vacuum insulation is where Yeti begins to separate themselves from the competition. Yeti has over-engineered this model to hold temperatures at their desired temperatures for long period off times.

Whether it is an iced coffee during a hot summer round, or a hot french press on a chilly fall morning. his Yeti tumbler will do a fantastic job regulating the temperature of your drinks.

You will have trouble finding any brand that does a better job with the insulation of your drink than these Yeti Tumblers.

Magnet For Easy Closing

The magnet built into the lid is another fantastic feature than improves the quality of this thermos.

golf thermos

The sliding lid on the top of this tumbler has a magnet built-in which improves the seal of the thermos. The magnet in the lid is drawn towards the stainless steel exterior of the tumbler.

This ensures that the tumbler remains tightly shut as the magnet holds it a little tighter than a traditional sliding thermos lid. This is especially helpful on the course when you will likely be driving over hills and bumps in your golf cart.

This tight seal also improves the ability of this model to maintain the proper temperature over traditional lid tumblers.

Shatter Resistant Construction

The shatter-resistant construction is another handy feature that lends itself to the durability of this thermos. Since the body of this golf tumbler is stainless steel Yeti knew that the weak point of this tumbler was the lid.

For that reason, they built the plastic lid with shatter-resistant construction. This purpose of this feature is to prevent shattering of the lid when dropped and hit against a hard surface.

Now, of course, it is still possible that this tumbler can break but this style of the lid is much stronger than you will find on the majority of golf thermoses.

Multiple Colour Options

The multiple colour options with Duracoat paint is another addition to this golf tumbler that separates it from the crowd.

With twenty different colour options, golfers will find that there is a great chance this tumbler is available in their favourite colour.

On top of this these paints are done with a Durapaint. Durapaint is essentially a durable coat of paint that won’t peel, fade, or crack through golf use. It also provides additional grip to the tumbler’s exterior.

Fits Standard Cup Holders

The final feature which is expected is the sizing that allows this tumbler to fit in standard cup holders. When shopping for larger thermoses like this be sure to check that it fits into standard cup holders.

There isn’t much worse than bringing a tumbler into the cart only to find out you’re going to have to hold it in your hand throughout the entire round.

Cost And Value

The cost of this thermos is on the higher end sitting at roughly thirty-four dollars.

Though this price point is higher than most on our list it is for good reason. The quality you see with this Yeti tumbler is not something you will see with any other golf tumbler on the market.

If you’re looking for the highest quality golf tumbler on the market then this Yeti product is your pick.

Juro Tumbler 20 oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

best golf tumbler

Next on our list of the best golf tumblers is this fantastic budget option. For those golfers looking to find a trustworthy option that isn’t going to break the bank this is your tumbler. Let’s check out the features.

Double Insulated Walls – 6 Hours Hot, 24 Hours Cold

The double-insulated walls on this on this tumbler is really the key feature of this product. If you buying a tumbler you’re going to want to know that it has the ability to keep your drinks at the desired temperature.

Due to these double insulated walls, this model is able to keep hot drinks hot for six hours. This is more than enough for even the longest of golf rounds. Meaning your coffee or tea will stay hot through all eighteen holes.

The 24-hour cold protection offers golfers more than enough time in terms of keeping their drinks cool. Even on the hottest of days, this Juro Tumbler will keep your drinks chilly.

Unique Flip OR Slide Lid

The unique flip and slid lid that is built into this product is a feature that separates this model from the others we’ve covered.

golf cart thermoses

This product has the capabilities to be slid open similar to how we’ve seen on our previous models. The sliding feature allows golfers to simply slid it close or slide it open when in use.

The interesting part of this lid is that it also features a flip mode which allows golfers to flip a section of the lid up. This allows for the golfers to easily drink from the thermos as well as let it cool down a bit if you’re beverage is too hot.

Stainless Steel BPA Free Dishwasher Safe

The stainless steel construction and dishwasher capabilities has become a common feature on this list. Though it may seem like all thermoses and tumblers have these capabilities that is not the case.

If you happen to choose a model that is not included in our list be sure to check that it has this feature as it is incredibly handy.

Metal Straw And Straw Cleaner

The metal straw feature that comes included with this product is another interesting feature that isn’t seen on other products.

This metal straw can be inserted into the tumbler when the lid is set to be flipped open. This gives golfers the option of sipping from their tumbler using a straw instead of directly from the lid.

Along with the metal, straw is a straw cleaner. For those of you who haven’t used a metal straw before this cleaner is very necessary and should be kept close by so you can clean your straw shortly after using it.

Fits Standard Cup Holder

And much like other tumblers on our list, this model can fit in a standard cupholder. This makes it easy to store this tumbler while you are riding along in your golf cart.

Lifetime Warranty

The final feature of this golf Tumbler is the lifetime warranty that is offered by Juro. With it’s low price point many would be quick to assume this product is low quality.

In our experience, this isn’t the case and with the lifetime warranty, it does not really matter. Customers can simply return this product if they do no upon trying it out.

Cost And Value

The cost of this product is where this tumbler really separates itself. Typically priced at only $9.99 this golf thermos is the cheapest on our list of the best golf tumblers by a fair margin.

Coming in at nearly one third the price of other options this product is a serious bargain option.

In terms of the value, we found this product to be one of the best options on our list. At an incredibly low price point, this model is still able to offer a ton of interesting features that will give golfers nearly everything they need from a golf tumbler.

Hitchy Tumbler 30oz Double Wall Stainless Steel

golf cart coffee cup

This Hitchy golf thermos is the next item on our list of the best golf tumblers. This model is a great option for golfers that prefer to have the handled grip on their thermos as opposed to just grasping the thermos itself.

Double Walled And Vacuum Insulated – 24 Hours Cold – 8 Hours Warm

Like the other models we included on our list, this Hitchy golf tumbler has a double-walled build and is Vacuum insulated.

These features are something we were sure all tumblers on our list had built-in. This style of build is far superior to the others when it comes to properly insulating your drinks.

This build results in the ability to keep your cool drinks cold for 24 hours while hot drinks will stay hot four up to eight hours. These are, of course, more than enough for any golf round!

Sliding Lid – Fits Included Straw

The sliding lid is similar to the Callaway model shown on our list. Golfers are simply able to slide the lid open or closed. This allows you to keep your drink hot or let it stay open in order to let your drink cool down a bit.

When the lid is slid into the open section you will be able to fit in the reusable metal straw that comes included with this model. Along with the metal straw is a straw cleaner so golfers can easily clean it after use.

No-Spill Attachment

Another interesting feature of this model is the no-spill lid attachment.

coffee travel mug

This clipped on piece ensures that the contents of your golfer will not spill out during your round. This is a great feature for golfers that want to carry this thermos in their bag or tend to have a bad driver at the wheel of their golf cart.

Throughout your round, it is likely that you will knock your thermos over. This anti-spill design of the lid will make sure that this won’t be an issue during your next round.

Removable Handle

The handle featured on this model is something that is not offered with any other tumbler on our list. Some golfers may prefer this traditional grip that resembles holding a mug of coffee.

And no need to worry about cup holder issues the handle of this thermos is entirely detachable. This model with the handle detached is easily inserted into any standard cup holder.

Multiple Colour Options

This golf thermos also offers golfers a couple of colour options. You may choose between the stainless steel silver model as well as an all-black model.

Life Time Warranty

On top of all these features, this golf tumbler also comes with a lifetime warranty. This can offer consumers a little more trust in the product as the purchase is quite risk-free.

Cost And Value

The cost itself is essentially another great feature of this product. At only $13.99 this golf thermos is a steal. Loaded with features and a high quality build it will be tough to find a better value than this Hitchy golf tumbler.

For golfers looking to find a high-quality golf tumbler with a handle, there are no better options than this Hitchy model.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Golf Tumblers

Will All of these tumblers fit inside a golf cart cupholder?

One of the great features that are used on all these tumblers is that it can easily fit into all regular sized cupholders.

You will notice that all the larger models focus on changing the size of the bottom of their shape in order to fit into a traditional cupholder.

Just by looking at the shape of the tumbler you should be able to determine if it will fit. The only models that will likely have issue fitting into this would be models that have handles that are not removable.

Can I Use A Golf Tumbler If I’m Walking The Course?

Many golfers that are looking to walk the course still want to enjoy a morning coffee or a hot beverage throughout a chilly round.

Due to the bumpy nature of carrying your bag, it is likely that if you used a regular take-out cup from the clubhouse you will spill on your bag throughout your round.

To prevent this, golfers may want to use these tumblers in order to reduce leakage. In order to find a tumbler that will work best for those that carry. Make sure to check it has a no-spill lid.

This style of lid ensures that even when upside down the thermos will not spill. The majority of thermoses that have a sliding cap to close will still leak when turned upside down or uneven.

This is usually due to the small hole many thermoses leave for steam to escape. If you’re looking to buy a tumbler to use while carrying the course be sure to check that the lid will not spill.

If you want more information on the other ways to make the most of walking the course you may want to check out our list of the top unbreakable golf tees. These unbreakable tees will clear some serious room in your bag when compared to carrying 50 or more wooden tees.

Will These Golf Tumbler Fit Into My Push Cart Cupholder?

Much like car cupholders, the vast majority of pushcarts have a standard size that they use.

If you’re are wondering if your tumbler will fit into your specific cup holder you shouldn’t have to worry about measuring either.

As long as the product states it fits into cup holders it is almost certain that you pushcart has the standard size cupholder they are referencing.

What is the best way to clean my golf thermos?

Some of you may be wondering what the optimal way to clean a golf thermos is.

Since you will likely be filling this product with several different types of drinks. It is important you get a good clean in between each one.

Lucky for you the answer to this doesn’t involve much work. A dishwasher is the easiest and best way to clean a golf tumbler after each use.

As you likely saw each and every tumbler that we included on our list is BPA free and completely dishwasher safe.

If that is the case with the product you end up purchasing. Then we highly suggest throwing your tumbler into the washer for the best and most thorough clean.

Will Storing Ice Extend The Time My Drink Stays Cool?

Many consumers see the numbers offered by tumbler manufactures that state the length at which a drink will stay hot and cold and may still have some questions.

The answer to the question is yes. Golfers are able to extend the amount of time that they can keep they drink cold if ice is added.

Since the tumbler will act to preserve the ice for as long as possible. A drink that has more ice will stay cooler for a longer period of time.

Conclusion best golf tumblers 2020

We hope that throughout our guide to the best golf tumblers you have been able to offer you all the information you need to find the tumbler that is right for you. strongly backs all the products we have included on our list. We hope that our readers were able to find out a little bit more about this kind of product.

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