Best Golf Ball Cleaners Reviewed

With all the technology and testing that goes into creating the perfect golf ball flight, it’s no wonder the pros make sure to keep their golf ball sparkling clean throughout their round. Why should your thought process be any different? Today we’re going to breakdown the best golf ball cleaners on the market.

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2:07 pm UTC

This Proactive sports ball washer is our top selection on our list of the best golf ball cleaners. This small compact ball washer offers all the convenience and quality you need to keep your ball clean throughout your round. It works simply by placing the ball into the cleaner and moving it around for just a few seconds.

Fits In Pocket

The first factor that comes to mind with this pocket ball washer is convenience. This style of ball cleaner is perfect for golfers that are looking to find a simple way to clean their ball throughout their round.

As opposed to the towel that tends to take up room in your golf bag. This simple ball cleaner is much smaller and more convenient. We found it to be especially useful around the greens. When you would rather not be carrying your towel around with you.

Waterproof Exterior

The waterproof exterior is another fantastic feature that makes this product great. This product works by pulling the exterior of the ball washer inside-out and dampening it before your round.

The washer can then be placed in your pocket. And due to the waterproof exterior will not leak at all throughout your round.

Cleans Ball Effectively

Now all of this convenience wouldn’t be worth much if it didn’t get the ball clean. Luckily this golf ball cleaner has a microfiber liner on the inside. This paired with being dampened before your round. Makes it nearly effortless to clean any dirt or grass off your ball.

Multiple Colour Options

The multiple colour options are another fun feature that will make this product a little more personal. Whether you’re buying this product as a gift. Or just want to match your golf ball washer to your shoelaces these colour options give you a little more to work with!

Cost And Value

Arguably the best part of this product is the incredible value it offers. At an incredibly low price point, the value offered by this Pro-Active ball washer is truly great.

If you’re looking for a great value buy that gets the job done. Then look no further than this awesome golf ball cleaner from ProActive.

Highest Quality Golf Ball Cleaner

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11:06 am UTC

Next on our list is this great little ball cleaner from frogger. Similar to our top selection this model is built for convenience. Though instead of fitting in your pocket this golf ball cleaner is typically clipped onto your golf bag.

Two Towels In One

One of the great features of this Frogger golf ball cleaner is the two towel options it offers. Similar to our top pick the inside of this frogger ball cleaner can be dampened so that golfers are able to effectively clean their ball.

How this model differs is that the outer layer features a dry towel so golfers are able to dry their balls efficiently. This makes sure your ball is clean and dry for optimal putting conditions on the green.

Bag Carabiner Clip

As you may have noticed in the picture, this product comes with a bag carabiner clip. This ensures this product can be easily clipped to your golf bag throughout your round. This is the same feature we covered with several models on our list of the top golf ball alignment markers.

Exterior Towel Tabs

Of course, you may want to unclip it when on the green in order to clean your ball off before your putt. The simple carabiner clip makes this very easy. It also keeps your pants and golf bag pockets free of towels or other ball cleaning apparatus.

Another interesting feature is the towel tabs exterior of this ball cleaner. These are put into place in order to keep your hands dry. These tabs work as a way to dry and wash your ball without dampening your hands in the process.

Cost And Value

The price point of this model is slightly higher than the Proactive sports ball washer though we would still consider it quite cheap.

With a higher price point, this model does not have quite the value of the previous model. That being said both models are cheaper than purchasing a golf towel so finding whichever one works for you will still result in a great purchase.

Best Club And Golf Ball Cleaner

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This product may seem a little off on first look. But this golf cart attachable ball washer is a great option for those who tend to take carts out each time they golf.

Cleans Balls And Clubs

The most important feature of this golf ball cleaner is that it also has the ability to clean your clubs. Built like a standard club cleaner the inside of this product features wet bristles which can be used to scrape the groves of your club clean.

The golf ball washing aspect works similar to golf ball washing equipment you will see on your course. You place the golf ball into the slot and move the handle up and down. This gives your golf ball an intense clean that you wouldn’t see with a towel.

Attaches To Golf Cart

And of course, all of these features wouldn’t be too useful if you didn’t have a place to put it. Luckily this product comes with a universal mounting bracket which allows you to attach it to a golf cart.

This is incredibly handy as you’ll be able to clean your clubs or ball while on the course without having to worry about storing any equipment in your bag.

If storage and organization is an issue in your golf game you may want to check out our guide to golf trunk organizers.

Multiple Colour Options

The multiple colour options with this model are just another way to allow this product to improve your look on the course. This model is offered in beige, black, and wood grain.

Cost And Value

The cost and value of this product is a little harder to determine than the others on our list. This product has a much higher price point than the others due to its ability to clean clubs as well as balls.

If you are looking for a golf ball cleaner that can clean clubs as well then you likely won’t find a cheaper option than this. Though if you’re just looking for a golf ball cleaner then you can find better value with other items on our list.

Best Budget Golf Ball Cleaner

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9:07 pm UTC

These Ballzee pocket golf ball cleaners are a great option for golfers looking to find the best budget golf ball cleaner. Built like the top option on our list these simple golf ball cleaners fit right in your pocket.

Easily Fits In Pocket

This model is a great option for those looking for a small and inexpensive golf ball cleaner. This model fits comfortably in your pocket and due to its small size is much more convenient to carry when compared to a towel.

Comes In Pack Of 2

As shown in the image the Balzee Pocket Golf Ball Cleaner comes with two ball cleaners. Though this may not seem necessary right now due to their small size it isn’t all that unlikely you misplace one.

Wet/Dry scrub

The wet and dry scrub is another handy feature that ensures these products get job done. Once you have one of these ball cleaners you should dampen one of the sides while keeping the other dry. This allows for cleaning of the ball without getting it too damp to put back into your pocket.

Cost And Value

The cost and value of this product is where it really excels. This set of two golf ball cleaners is the cheapest option on our list despite it coming with a pair of golf ball cleaners.

If you are looking for the best value in your golf ball cleaner then these pocket cleaners form Ballzee are a great option.

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5:19 pm UTC

This option gives golfers a little more of a rigorous clean than our other options. If you’re looking for a serious wash of your golf ball at a discount price than this model makes a great option.

Three Heavy-Duty Brushes

This golf ball washer works by filling the product with water dropping your ball in and shaking. This brushes the ball up against the heavy-duty brushes giving it a rigorous cleaning.

This gives a much more in-depth clean than towels and other cloth-based ball cleaners. Most golfers will find they are able to clean the ball sufficiently with our other models but for those who want to go the extra mile this may be a great option.

Nylon Strap + Carabiner

The nylon strap and carabiner attached to this golf ball washer make it easily transportable. If you plan on tying it to your bag or just clipping it to a strap this model makes both options quite easy.

Fits In Cupholder

Another handy feature of this model is the sizing that fits it right into a golf cart cupholder. This makes it easy for golfers to give their balls a quick wash in between holes.

Cost And Value

The cost of this product is a little higher than others on our list but still is cheaper than the other bristle brush models. You will find that all cloth-based models will come out cheaper than this one.

The value comes down to how rigorous of a clean you are looking for on your golf balls. If you specifically want a model with bristles than this model presents the best value.

Though if you are happy cleaning your golf ball with a cloth-based golf ball cleaner you can find more value in the other options on our list that come at a much lower price point.

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The final addition to our list is another interesting pocket golf ball cleaner. This golf ball washer differentiates itself from the competitors due to the interesting designs they place on the towel itself.

  • Multiple Colour Options

Pocket-Sized Ball Cleaner

This model is another in the line of pocket golf ball cleaners. Similar to the other pocket ball cleaners we covered this model works by wetting one side of the towel and folding.

Waterproof outside layer

The inside of the towel is built with absorbent terry cloth. This interior terry cloth should be dampened before each round. The exterior of the towel is made with waterproof material.

After dampening the inside of the towel fold it in half so that no water can escape. At this point, you should be able to easily store this golf ball cleaner in your pocket without any spills.

When you plan to clean your ball for a putt or in between holes you must simply do as follows. Place the golf ball in the dampened part of the towel. Then rub the ball with the damp inside of the towel until it is spotless. The golf ball cleaner can then be placed back into your pocket.

Graphic Towel Designs

The graphic design in this mini golf towel is what separates it from the others on this list. Instead of just bearing the companies logo this model gives you a few options of how you want this golf ball cleaner to look.

This includes several designs that golf affiliated as well Army, Navy, and Marines designs for those of you that would like to support the troops while on the course.

Paired with the designs is a significant number of coloured options. This golf ball cleaner is available in Blue, Pink, Green Black, Purple, and Burgundy. This is significantly more than any other option on this list.

This model may be the best fit for the golfers that are looking to add a little flair to there game.

Cost And Value

The cost and value of this golf ball places this golf ball cleaner as one of the best value buys on our list. This product offers an extremely low price point while still creating near the same level of quality as the other options on our list.

If you’re looking to find a product with a solid look and colour options you won’t likely find one better or cheaper than this golf ball cleaner from GolfRound.

Why Should I Use A golf Ball Cleaner?

Many amateur golfers play their round without cleaning their balls and seem to play fine. This leaves many golfers wondering if it is really worth it.

At the end of the day all you have to do to convince yourself is take a look at the pros on tour and realize if each and every one of them is doing it, then you can bet it makes a difference in your game.

If you’re willing to spend the money on clubs, memberships, green fees, and lessons then a small purchase that will likely cost you under ten dollars is well worth it.

Where will a ball cleaner help me the most?

The most common areas you will notice a benefit from a ball cleaner is on and around the greens. This is typically where you will use the ball cleaner as golfers tend to pick up their balls on the green when marking them or lining them up.

The most benefit you will notice is on the roll of your putts. Just a simple piece of dirt on your ball can stop it from following its true roll. And if you’ve played golf long enough you know how one small change can be the difference in making or missing a putt.

Can a ball cleaner help me with my drives?

As you know engineers of golf balls spend great time perfecting the dimples and aerodynamic nature of their golf balls. This is all with the intention that it will increase distance and flight.

Once your ball is unclean it is no longer in it’s manufactured form. This means the ball will not have the same engineered flight it had before becoming dirty.

The difference of your ball flight may not be huge but it doesn’t hurt to clean your ball off while your buddy tees off.

How Can I Wash Golf Balls At Home?

All you need is a few things you will likely have laying around the house.

All you’re going to need is dish soap, a toothbrush , and hot water. First, give the golf balls a quick rinse. To rinse the ball use the sink, bathtub or a hose outside.

Next, you want to fill your sink with hot water, then add a cup of dish soap into the water and mix it.

At this point, you will add your dirty golf balls into the hot bubbly water in your sink and let them sit for at least an hour. After you’ve waited at least an hour begin to remove the balls from the water.

Make a separate mixture of soap and water. This be used to dip your toothbrush into. This second mixture will be much smaller and should have a higher ratio of soap than the first.

As you remove each ball take the toothbrush and dip it in the second mixture and scrub the areas of the golf ball you wish to clean. After this time soaking the bristles of the toothbrush should easily clean off any excess dirt or stains.

Once clean dry the balls with a towel and store them away in a clean container or bucket.

If you’re looking for other ways to keep your golf equipment clean you may want to check out our guide to golf club groove sharpeners.

Best Golf Ball Washers And Cleaners Conclusion

We hope that throughout this article you’ve found the golf ball washer you were looking for and maybe learned some new information on the importance of cleaning your golf balls. Reach out through our contact page if you have any questions.

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