Best Alignment Sticks – Golf Training Review

If you’re anything like most golfers you likely have some room for improvement in your golf swing. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best alignment sticks. So golfers like you can practice with the best set on the market.

Whether it’s swing path or aim these golf alignment sticks can be crucial to creating a proper setup.

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If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.
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If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.
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If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.
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Best Alignment Sticks 2020

If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.
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Our number one selection on this list is the SKLZ golf alignment sticks. This training aid is exactly what you need to perfect your swing mechanics and alignment routine. As you can see in the image above this set comes with three sticks. This gives you many more drill options than the traditional two stick set. Let’s check out the features

Three 48 inch Rods

The three 48 inch golf sticks that are included in this set is likely the largest set you will find. Having a set of three sticks makes a noticeable difference in the number of drills you are able to practice.

For a small increase in price we found adding the third stick was a helpful feature.

Pointed Rubber End

The pointed and rubber end is another feature that increases the versatility of this training aid. Golfers are able to stick the pointed end into the ground in order to use it for drills. A quick look into training activities with these sticks and you will see how helpful this feature is.

Each rod features 9 rings

The 9 rings on these golf sticks are used in order to perfect your alignment. Using these rings as a form of measurement you will be able perfect your setup routine in terms of distance from the ball as well as how far back or forward the ball should be in your stance.

Lightweight Fiberglass Build

The lightweight fibreglass build you will find with this product is something that will be featured in most of these training sticks. Nevertheless, the lightweight of these products makes them easy to carry around in your golf bag when necessary.

Cost And Value

All in all, we found these Sklz Alignment sticks to be a great purchase for those golfers looking for a high-quality training aid. This model will cost at most a few more dollars than competitors but we believe it is worth the increase in price.

If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.
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Next on our list is our top budget selection of golf alignment sticks. These golf sticks from Tour Sticks are another great option for those looking to improve their swing and save a few bucks in the process.

Number One Training Aid On The PGA Tour

One factor that may lead you to choose this training aid is the popularity of this product. As the number one training aid on the PGA tour, you can trust that this product will offer the quality you need. That being said you may have to spend a little more time with these aids than the pros do.

Multiple Color Options

The multiple colour options are a nice touch for golfers that care about how they look on the course or range. Many of these products come in bright neon colours so if you want to avoid being flashy you can choose a darker colour from this brand. In total there are ten different colour options you can choose from for these golf sticks.

Pointed End And Rubber End

As we covered in the previous model having one pointed and one rubber end creates many more opportunities for drills with this practice sticks. Golfers should check to make sure their alignment sticks have a pointed end before purchasing. You will get much more value from them that way.

Cost And Value

All in all, this model does not have all the features of our top choice but it still offers a quality product that will get the job done. If you’re looking for a budget option that will save you a few dollars then we highly suggest this Tour Sticks model.

If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.
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Looking for alignment sticks from a brand name you can trust? You may just be interested in this Callaway golf aid. These golf training sticks will do everything you need and are available in a set of two, three or four.

Pointed End And Rubber End

As we saw with our earlier models these Callaway alignment sticks are equipped with a pointed in rubber end. This of course allows for the sticks to be stuck into the ground which gives you additional uses and drills to practice.

Collapsible For Storage

The collapsing features of these alignment sticks is very similar to tent poles. Since each pole is 48 inches in length it is difficult to find storage for this type of equipment in your bag. Luckily due to the collapsing properties of this club golfers are able to fold them down into a much smaller size.

Plastic Storage Tube

The plastic storage tube that comes along with this product is another great feature. This makes these alignment sticks even more portable.

Along with the collapsing feature, this set also comes with a tube which can fit the collapsed sticks.

This plastic tube is easily fit into a larger pocket of your golf bag. This is helpful as you won’t have to carry around the collapsed poles in your bag, which would potentially damage them or bend them out of shape.

2-4 Sticks Included

The 2-4 stick option is great for golfers that have specific drills in mind. If you are an instructor or just a golfer looking for more alignment sticks the option to purchase a larger set that can be easily stored is quite a handy feature.

Cost And Value

Overall we found the value of these training aids to be quite a solid deal. Though it is not our top selection we still believe these Callaway alignment sticks are a great purchase.

This model is especially helpful to those golfers looking for a way to conveniently store their training aids in their bag without taking up too much room or causing damage.

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  • Customizable For Many Drills
  • Quality Build
  • Easy Setup
  • Higher Price Point

This next alignment stick was added to our list due to it’s different build and structure. Instead of the prototypical separate sticks this model has screw sticks that fit around a centre cube. These sticks are also able to be screwed into one another to create a longer alignment stick.

Metal Connector for 90 Degree Angle

The metal connector that is shown in the image above is what truly sets this product apart from others. These alignment sticks are the most customizable of all the products on our list.

By using the divider you are able to set up the sticks measure your swing on a ninety-degree angle. This is important for golfers looking to make sure everything is staying square at impact.

Four 30 Cm sticks

When you receive these alignment sticks you will find they are separated into four 30cm units. Each of these sticks have the capability to be placed in the ground. As well as screwed into one another to make a longer stick, or screwed into the connecting piece.

This gives this model much more customization than any of our other options. The simple screw-in method offered with these products makes them much easier to attach and detach than other models.

Aluminum Build

Finally, the aluminium build ensures that these products are lightweight yet sturdy. This sturdiness ensures your sticks are strong enough to last in your golf bag even if carried out on the course.

Cost And Value

The price point of this model is slightly higher than all the other models on the last. We don’t see this as much an issue due to the price difference only being a few dollars.

Due to the increased customization offered on this model we found it fair that they charged a few extra dollars.

If you find you will get a lot out of your alignment sticks and want the most training options available then we suggest you choose this interesting model.

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Next on our list is another set of alignment sticks with a 90-degree angle connector. Much like our last product, this product has made our list because it offers something different than the majority of the market.

  • 90 Degree Angle Attachable Alignment Piece
  • Standard Size And Quality
  • No Sharp Points To Be Stuck Into Ground

Two 48 inch alignment sticks

These alignment sticks come in the standard size of 48 inches. The reason all alignment sticks seem to be this size is due to it being about the size of a mid-range iron.

This is ideal because this allows the alignment stick to be stored in your bag as if it were any other club.

90 Degree Attachment Piece

The 90-degree feature on this training aid is the most interesting feature of this product. By using this 90-degree feature you will be able to perfect your alignment more accurately than with traditional alignment sticks.

This feature works similar to a swing plane trainer as it allows you to properly hone in the alignment of your swing.

This is especially helpful for beginner golfers or those that have not used alignment sticks before. If you want to be sure that your alignment sticks are set up correctly for your drills this 90-degree attachment piece may come in handy.

Cost And Value

The cost of this product is right around the price point of our previous models. It will run you a bit cheaper than our other option with attachable alignment sticks.

We found the value of this model to be solid. Through the inability to be stuck in the ground does hurt the value of this alignment stick as it can’t do what many of the other models can.

Frequently Asked Questions About Golf Alignment Sticks

How do I use alignment sticks?

The main intention of using alignment sticks is to improve your swing path, aim, and alignment.

What you are trying to do with this alignment sticks is really use them as a thermometer. A thermometer to see if your swing is currently in the proper alignment.

What you will likely find is that your ball does not travel directly towards your target position. This means that you still have some things you can fix in terms of you’re alignment.

What you can use these alignment sticks for is continually practising and adjusting your swing until it is on line. This can be done by using alignment stick drills to make sure you are swinging correctly.

By utilizing these drills you will be able to at the very least perfect your approach and setup of your shot and make sure it is all in order.

Can I Use My Alignment Sticks For Putting?

In short, yes, using your alignment sticks for putting is another great way to get the most of your training aids. Setting up your sticks in a row to ensure your putter has a consistent back and forth motion is a great way to get the most of your alignment sticks.

Where Can I Buy Golf Alignment Sticks?

If you are looking to purchase a specific style of alignment sticks or you are looking for the best price than your best bet is to shop online.

Large online stores are going to give you the best variety and selection when it comes to golf alignment sticks. Though you local golf store might have some in stock you have a much easier time finding the right alignment sticks for your game if you shop online.

Best Drills For Alignment Sticks

In this section, we’re going to breakdown some of the best drills for alignment sticks. If you’ve purchased a set from our list or are just curious how they’re used these drills might give you a better understanding.

Golf Alignment Drill

golf training sticks

This golf alignment drill is quite simple an easy to set up with only two alignment sticks. Your feet, hips, and shoulders should all be parallel to the target line. This should simply keep your swing plane in between the two alignment sticks and ensure you have proper alignment.

Golf Swing Plane Drill

golf training

Set your two alignment sticks roughly six feet apart and address your ball in between them. You want your alignment sticks to be roughly at the same angle as your club when you address the ball.

Be sure to complete full swings while these two alignment sticks in place. This will ensure a proper swing plane. Making contact with either alignment stick will prove you are moving your club too far out or in.

If you are planning on practising indoors you may want to check out our guide to the best practice golf balls.

Alignment Stick Putting Drill

best alignment sticks

This putting drill is quite self-explanatory and was mentioned previously in the article. The sticks in this drill are simply used to generate a consistent back and forth motion in your putting stroke.

By swinging your putter consistently between the two alignment sticks you will develop a more consistent stroke. Move the alignment sticks closer throughout the drill to increase the challenge.

Make A Full Turn Golf Alignment Stick Drill

This drill is fantastic for adding more power to your swing. Many golfers tend to think that larger muscles or improved stamina will increase the power in your shots when in reality its more of a question of mechanics.

Using an alignment stick to develop a full turn will result in a serious increase in your distance. And this drill is a great way to develop this full turn into a habit.

Cross your arms so that your right hand is on your left bicep and your left hand is on your right bicep. Take your alignment stick and place it in between each hand and your bicep.

Bend over as if you were addressing the ball and practice making the rotation. You should feel a full rotation of your shoulders. the more often this drill is practised the easier it will feel to make that rotation in your swing.

The increased rotation in your swing will result in an increased club speed as it comes into contact with your ball. The increased speed of the ball then turns into distance. This increased distance will be seen on your irons, as well as drivers and fairway woods.

Best Alignment Sticks Conclusion

We hope that somewhere throughout this article you have been able to find helpful information. We really found these training ads to be incredibly helpful in so many different areas of the game.

If you have any questions regarding any of the products on our list or about alignment sticks, in general, we hope you reach out or drop a comment below.

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