Best Golf Ball Picker Upper Reviewed

Every year you get a little older and it gets a little more difficult to reach down into the cup to et your ball. Luckily we hunted down the best golf ball picker-upper so you can keep playing the game your love.

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12:14 pm UTC
  • Fits Any Putter Grip
  • Collapsible
  • Clasping Head
  • Quality Build
  • Higher End Price
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6:06 pm UTC
  • Easy Ball Retrieval
  • Durable Plastic Construction
  • Attaches To Any Grip
  • Takes More Pressure To Pick Up Ball
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5:22 pm UTC
  • Picks Up Balls, Clubs And Flagsticks
  • Comes With Two Units
  • Compatible With All Golf Grips
  • Non Name Brand
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8:06 pm UTC
  • Suction Cup Technology
  • Built In Magnet For Secure Grip
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    11:07 pm UTC
    • Multi Purpose
    • Can Be Removed To Repair Divots
    • Inexpensive
    • Less Appealing On The Eyes

    Frequently Asked Questions About Golf Ball Putter Retrievers

    Can I Still Use A Putter Ball Retriever With An Oversized Grip On My Putter?

    The answer to this question is simply yes. Though it must be kept in mind that if you are in fact using an oversized putter you will have to make sure you buy a putter ball retriever that is compatible with your grip size.

    The majority of ball picker-uppers have the capabilities to fit onto oversized grips though not all do. One style of build you will find works great with larger grips is those that attach to your club via a screw at the top.

    The screw is compatible with all grip sizes making it easy to pair with all putters. What you want to watch out for is ball collectors that fit by stretching around the putter grip.

    These are most often seen with the rubber suction cup models. Sometimes golfers will find that these suction cup models cannot stretch to the width of a jumbo putter grip and therefore can not be used.

    One more factor to take into account is that golf ball picker-uppers especially suction cup models will work much better when your golf ball is clean. If you do not have a golf ball cleaner already please check out our guide here.

    How Much Will A Tool Like This Help A Golfer With A Bad Back?

    Since this sort of product is something that is often bought as a gift we would like to explain to all those potential gift buyers how exactly this product helps.

    The true issue that is presented when picking up the golf ball is how much bending is involved with picking up the ball.

    Since the cup is buried in the ground. The ball is actually not on the ground but below your feet when you have to pick it up.

    You can see how this is an issue with older golfers or those with a bad back. This is something older golfers will do eighteen times per round.

    And if you include picking up the club or flag pin this can easily add up to fifty times bending over to the ground per round. This sort of movement can be very tough on your back and lead to significant tightness or even potential injury.

    By purchasing a tool that will pick up balls, clubs and flag pins. Golfers will be able to play their round with significantly less tension on their backs.

    Where Can I Buy A Golf Ball Picker Upper?

    If you head over to your local golf or sports retailer you will find they are more likely to have ball retrievers for water hazards than they are to have a golf ball picker-upper like you’ve seen on our list.

    If you’re looking for a great golf ball picker-upper than your best bet is going to shop online. These club attachments that allow you to pick up balls are notoriously hard to find. This is what makes shopping online the easiest way of finding them.

    Searching through Google or large online stores are your best bet for finder a golf ball picker-upper that fits your needs.

    Do Golf Ball Picker Uppers Require Installation Or Tools?

    The majority of golf picker on the market do not require a very extensive setup process to get started. More often than not you will find that these golf ball picker-uppers can simply be fixed to the top of your club grip by just using your hands.

    That being said there are some models that require screwing or drilling to be fixed to the top of your grip. That is why we recommend to read through the product information thoroughly before purchase. This will ensure that you have all the tools necessary to install your golf ball picker-upper.

    Conclusion Best Golf Ball Picker Uppers Reviewed

    This concludes our list of the best golf ball picker-uppers on the market. We hope you can use all the information we have found on these awesome products.

    We believe in all of the products that we’ve covered on our list. And we hope that reading through you were able to find the product that works best for you.

    Did you enjoy this list and want to check out another one of our buying guides? We suggest our list of yardage notebooks.

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