Best Putter Grips Reviewed

Of all the aspects of your golf game putting is the one that can truly make or break your round. And with many different styles, strokes, and putter builds it can be tough to make sure you have the right equipment in your hands. That’s why this review is here to break down the best putter grips so you can stop getting sweaty palms on those four-footers.

Best Putter Grip 2021

Super Stroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip

  • Increased size and surface area for a consistent grip pressure in both hands
  • Hi-Tech multi-material PU construction for enhanced feel
  • Cross Traction Technology for increased tackiness
  • One of the most popular putter grips

    Our number one selection for the best putter grip of 2021 is this killer grip from Super Stroke. The thick putter grip utilizes increased size and hi-tech materials in order to offer you consistency on your putts.

    Oversized Grip

    The first feature we are going to cover about this Super stroke slim 3.0 golf putter is it’s increased size and surface area. Like many other putter grips on the market, this model has made use of the oversized gripping style.

    The increased size ensures that you have a consistent grip pressure on the club in both hands. When using a smaller grip it is common that your top hands takes a more dominant grip than your bottom hand.

    This often leads to use of the wrists in your putt and a lack of shoulder rotation. This will make your putting less consistent.

    With the oversized grip you will find both your hands will comfortably wrap around the grip and naturally find a consistent grip pressure.

    Hi-Tech multi-material PU construction

    The high tech multi-material construction is another great feature of this awesome putter. This material works in order to provide you with great feel and feedback.

    This feedback will allow you to catch on to the issues with your ball contact. You may find you are not making contact with the ball in the centre of your putter face.

    Consistent hits off the toe or heel will be felt easily with this putter grip.

    Cross Traction Technology

    The cross traction technology is a feature that works to keep your hands secure to your putter. If you are a golfer that sweats or plays in a rainy climate this feature is going to come in handy.

    It is also worth mentioning that this Super Stroke Slim 3.0 putter is one of the most popular putter grips on the market. If one thing can be said about golfers they are very particular with their equipment. So the fact that this putter grip is so often used is a very good sign.

    All in all, this Super stroke putter is a fantastic option for any golfer looking for a new putter grip that will offer them some fantastic performance features.

    Best Standard Putter Grip Replacement

    Golf Pride Tour Putter Grip

    • Built For Feedback
    • Three Different Weight/Shape Options
    • Comfortable And Easy To Use
    • No Bells And Whistles

    This golf pride tour putter grip is the perfect option for those golfers looking to replace an older putter grip with something they can trust.

    This golf pride tour grip is one of the top selection on our list for a putter grip replacement. This is because it offers the most “tried and true” style of any putter on our list.

    Built For Feedback

    First off this putter grip is built for feedback, do you hit all your putts in the centre of the clubface? Of course, you don’t.

    With the incredible feedback of this putter, you should be able to identify your mishits. This will allow you to take the steps you need to improve them.

    Weight/Shape Options

    The three different weight and shape options for this putter are another great way to use this putter as a replacement grip. If you have an old trusty putter that you are looking to keep using you can choose which of the three options most accurately fits the mold of your original grip.

    These weight and style options also allow you to choose a style that is best suited towards your putting stroke. An example of this can be seen with those golfers that have a back and forth putting stroke.

    Golfers with this style of putting stroke would benefit from a heavier putter which encourages a pendulum motion. If this was the case for you, you would likely choose the heaviest of the three options.

    Comfortable And Easy To Use

    The final feature of this putter grip we are going to cover is it’s familiarity and ease of use. Many putter grips these days have a unique feature that makes them considerably different from the rest on the market.

    This putters standard design and great feedback make this putter incredibly easy to get used to. Unlike the hot new putter grips on the market you know this model you will find some familiarity with this grip.

    Best Putter Grip For Game Improvement

    GARSEN G-Pro Max Putter Grip

    • Uniquely Shaped In Order To Improve Putting Stroke
    • Inhibits Wrist Action
    • Promotes Better Shoulder Rotation
    • Used By 2016 Open Champion (Total 31 PGA Tour Victories)
    • No Additional Benefits To Those Who Have Perfected Putter Grip And Stroke

    Next on our list of the best putter grips of 2021 is our choice for game improvement. This putter is for those golfers that struggle to find a consistent and accurate putting stroke.

    Uniquely Shaped

    The putter itself features a uniquely shaped design which ensures that your grip on the putter is in the proper position. This is done by shaping the grip into a inverted V on the front side of the grip.

    This makes the palms face each other and puts the wrists in a neutral position. This is what allows this putter grip to inhibit wrist action.

    One of the most common issues golfers face on the putting green is wrist movement. In order to receive a consistent and accurate stroke golfers should use a shoulder rotation.

    This means that when putting your wrist should be locked. It should only be your shoulders than rotate in order to bring the club back and fourth. With this grip you will find the position your hands are placed will not allow you to bend your wrist.

    This will force you into using the proper shoulder rotation in your putts. Once doing this you should find you will have fewer issues with mishits and consistency. As your wrist will no longer be a variable that can cause issues in your putting stroke.

    Used By 2016 Open Champion

    It is also worth mentioning that this putter has been used on golf largest stage. Back in 2016 the British open was won by Henrik Stenson who used this exact putter grip.

    This should go to show you that this grip can have a serious effect on your short game.

    Best Squared Handle Putter

    FLAT CAT Tak Putter Grips

    • Face Square To Handle For Improved Alignment
    • Three Different Sizing Options
    • Rubber Compound For Tackier Feel
    • Easy-Glide cone for effortless removal from a player’s bag
    • Can Only Address the ball with grip square to club face

    Next on our list of the best putter grips of 2021 is our pick for the top square handle putter. This putter is different from the others on our list. It’s unique face square to the handle design is something not many putters use but can offer some great benefits.

    Face Square To Handle For Improved Alignment

    What we mean by a square to handle design is that the flat front of the putter grip is perfectly square to the face of the club. So that when holding your putter you should find the back of your top hand is square to your putter face as well.

    This will allow you to improve their alignment. You are able to then use this improved alignment to become more consistent with their putts.

    Three Different Sizing Options

    On top of the flat face feature this putter grip also comes in three different sizing options. You want your putter to fit comfortably in your hand. So having three different options when it comes to sizing should ensure that you are able to find a proper fit for you.

    The rubber compound used in the construction of this putter should provide you with a tackier grip. This will ensure you have a solid grip on the putter throughout your round. This is especially helpful if you keep this grip for a long time as the majority of putter grips lose their tackiness over the years.

    Easy-Glide cone

    This putter grip also features an easy glide cone for quick and pain-free removal from your golf bag. Sometimes due to a putter’s unique shape it can be a hassle to pull it out of your golf bag. With this easy glide cone fitted at the base of the shaft, you will find that this is not an issue.

    Overall we found this putter grip from Flatcat to be a fantastic option. Especially for golfers looking to improve their alignment issues.

    Best Putter Grip For Traction

    Winn Dri-Tac Putter Grip

    • Dri-Tac performance material offers the ultimate in comfort
    • Feel and slip resistance in all weather conditions
    • Great For Sweaty Hands
    • No Bells And Whistles

    The final addition to our list of the best putter grips is our selection of the best putter grip for traction. Whether it’s sweaty hands or inclement weather a wet putter can be a nightmare for your short game. This model is going to rid you of those worries.

    Dri-Tac performance material

    The Dri-Tac performance material is one of the great features of this putter. This material is going to have you performing great despite the elements.

    The material used in this dri tacc putter grip ensures that you will have a confident grip of your club. This is the main selling points of this putter grip. The effectiveness of this material resulted in this grip becoming the best selling style of grips that Winn has manufactured.

    These grips are also slip-resistant in all weather conditions. This means if you putter grip happens to get wet you will still be able to have a sturdy grip on the club.

    This also accounts for sweaty hands on the course. If this is an issue you suffer from, check that the putter grip you are looking to purchase has anti-slip properties.

    All in all, we found this putter grip to be the top option. Namely for golfers looking to find a putter grip that will offer them a secure grip even if wet or damp.

    Frequently Asked Questions Best Putter Grips

    How Can a Putter Grip Improve My Game?

    A putter grip can improve your game in many different ways. One instance in which a putter grip can improve your game can be seen with our Garson G Pro Max putter grip.

    This grip forces your hands into a specific position in order to improve your putting stroke. With this grip you’ll find that your wrist is placed in a neutral position which does not allow it to bend throughout your putting stroke.

    Bending or overusing your wrist during a putting stroke is an issue many beginner golfer’s face. By utilizing this crap you will find that this issue will have been fixed.

    Another instance in which you’re putting can improve from the purchase of a putting grip occurs with an extra tacky grip like the wind dri tac putter.

    Often times golfers struggly with sweaty hands on the course especially in the summer. This can lead to a not so solid grip on your putter which can effect your ability to strike the ball consistently.

    With this Winn putter the anti slip technology is there to ensure your hands stay locked in position as you complete your putt.

    How do I change putter grip?

    In order to change a putter grip you need a hook knife or some sort of sharp object to cut and remove the previous grip. You will also need some golf grip tape as well as some grip tape solvent.

    First off you must take the hook knife and cut down the side of your current grip. Once the grip is cut will be able to remove it from the shaft.

    At this point you should then place the golf grip tape on the shaft where the new grip is going to be installed. You will then use the solvent and place it on the grip tape in order to deactivate the adhesive. This allows you to slide the new grip on easily as the adhesive is not activated.

    Once the grip is placed onto the shaft you simply ensure it is in the proper position. Then wait for the solvent to wear off so the grip is securely fastened to the adhesive.

    What putter grip does Tiger use?

    The putter grip tiger woods uses is the Ping PP58. This is a very basic and standard rubber golf grip. Though tiger does sometimes rotate between a model os the Ping PP58 in which the PING lettering is visible in white font and another where the PING font is in black making it more difficult to see.

    Why a fat putter grip?

    The main reasons golfers use a fat putter grip is because it offers a consistent low-pressure grip on both hands. Often times golfers struggle with the amount of pressure they should place on their grips. As well as an evenly placing pressure on one hand over the other. The shape of a fat putter grip ensures that golfers are much more likely to grip this club evenly with both hands with an appropriate level of pressure.

    Conclusion Best Putter Grips Reviewed

    We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best putter grips. If you have any questions regarding this article or any of the putter grips we included on it we encourage you to reach out in the comments below.

    If you did enjoy this guide we encourage you to check out some of our others such as our guides to the best-milled putters or the top face-balanced putters.

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