What Is A Tee Sheet In Golf? – Your Questions Answered

Like many other pieces of golf lingo “tee sheet” is a term you may have heard once or twice but don’t truly understand. Luckily this article is on hand to answer your question of what is a tee sheet in golf.

In short, a tee sheet is a visual representation of all the possible tee times in a given day. As times are booked those times will be marked as taken on the tee sheet.

Course Marshals and prospective golfers can look at the tee sheet in order to determine how busy the course will be.

What Is The Purpose Of A Tee Sheet

The purpose of a tee sheet is to ensure that the golf course evenly spreads out golfers throughout the day. This helps to reduce pace of play issues. It also works to prevent double-booking any times as any booked time will already be displayed on the sheet.

A tee sheet is also used by the course starter in order to check in golfers as they come to the course. The starter will double-check the names on the tee sheet with the golfers in order to make sure they booked their tee time properly.

A tee sheet will also show how many golfers are playing at a given tee time. Say two golfers book a 1:00PM tee time on a busy course. The starter may see this and pair them up with another twosome that is looking for a tee time that day.

In conclusion, the purpose of these sheets is to help with the organization and timing of sending golfers out on your course.

How Do I Read A Golf Tee Sheet

1:00 PMJohn Doe
Jane Doe
John DoeJane Doe
1:10 PM
1:20 PMJohn DoeJohn Doe

Above is a short example of tee timesheet and how it may look. This example, as you can see in the left column only covers three tee times. A typical sheet will have times throughout the entire day.

To read a this sheet you only need to understand the time and what the boxes that correspond to that time mean.

In this example, we can see that at 1:00 PM there is a foursome playing. If we were reading this sheet we would understand we cannot play at 1PM.

We may also see that the 1:10 PM tee time is open. Meaning if you wanted to play at 1:00 PM you could book that time.

You may also notice the 1:20 tee time has two golfers booked. This means you would be able to book this tee time if you had two or fewer golfers.

In essence, all you need to know to read one is this. The left column represents the time in which you would start your round. And the four columns to the right are meant for the player’s which have booked that tee time.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope this article has answered any questions you may have had about this topic. If you still want to learn more you can reach out to us directly through the comments.

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