Best Flat Front Golf Pants Reviewed

Nearly every golfer in the world loves fall golf, the only issue is that with this new season comes new golf attire. And for many golfers, this means a they need to open up the wallet to find some weather-appropriate golf clothes. That’s why this review is on hand to break down the best flat front golf pants. So you can find the perfect pair for your golf game.

PGA TOUR Men’s Flat Front Golf Pant with Expandable Waistband

  • Dry flux: moisture absorption and control
  • Motion flux: styles woven with innovative stretch seams
  • Expandable Waistband
  • Trusted Brand Name
  • Multiple Colour Options

    Our number one selection for the best pair of flat front golf pants is this fantastic pair from the PGA Tour. These Tour Style golf pants offer you a high quality and comfortable option for those chilly fall rounds.

    Dry Flux: moisture absorption and control

    One great feature of these golf pants is their Dry Flux moisture absorption. Like a workout shirt these pants work to absorb moisture and wick it off the body. If you happen to get sweaty or damp throughout your round these pants will work to keep you dry.

    Motion flux

    The motion flux innovative stretch seams are another handy performance feature. Whether it’s intentional or not your lower body should be incorporated into your golf swing, especially in your hips.

    With these stretch seams, you will find that these pants will not inhibit your motion in any way. This is an important factor to look out for. And something you should always consider when choosing which golf pants to buy.

    Expandable Waistband

    It is also worth mentioning these pants feature and expandable waistband. If you plan on wearing these pants for years to come it can be safe to say there may be some fluctuation in your waistband.

    This expandable band will also increase your felxibility on the course. And really allow you to keep those hips fluid.

    Trusted Brand Name

    Another aspect of this product we thought we would mention is that it carries a trusted brand name. Are you looking for a product that is going to perform well on the course? Then purchasing from a trusted golf company like the PGA is a great place to start.

    Multiple Colour Options

    It is also worth mentioning that these flat front golf pants are offered in many different colour options. Whether you have a favourite colour or just want to match these pants with the rest of your golf gear these colour options give you a little more cusotmization.

    All in all, we found these PGA flat front golf pants to be a fantastic option. Especially for those golfers looking for a quality pair of flat-front golf pants from a brand they can trust.

    Haggar Men’s Cool 18 Pro Classic Fit Flat Front Expandable Waist Pant

    • 4-Way Stretch
    • Moisture Wicking
    • UV-Protection
    • Wrinkle Resistant
    • Colour Options
    • More of a clothing company than golf company

    Next on our list of the best flat front golf pants is this great pair from Haggar. Though haggar is not a golf company this clothing brand has created some great clothing built specifically for the golf course.

    4-Way Stretch

    One of the great features of these golf pants is their four-way stretch. As we covered with the previous product having the freedom of movement in your golf pants is a very important factor.

    The four-way stretch of this material ensures that you are able to freely move your legs and hips without feeling restricted.

    Moisture Wicking Fabric

    Another great feature of these golf pants is their moisture wicking fabric. This is another feature that was also included on the last model.

    With moisture wicking material you will find sweat or water will not buildup undrneath your golf pants on those hot or rainy days. The material will simply wick the moisture away keeping you dry and comfortable.


    The pants also feature UV protection, if you are a golfer than plans on wearing golf pants in the summer months this is definitely something you should look into.

    Many golfers do not realize the importance of UV protection in their clothing. The UV protection of these pants will ensure that your legs a stay safe and the quality of the pants themselves aren’t harmed.


    These flat front golf pants are also wrinkle resistant which is a huge help in terms of convenience. Often times golf pants are stowed away for large portions of the year. This typically leads to a lot of wrinkles.

    With this feature, you should find that trying to quickly iron your golf pants before heading off for your tee time will become a worry of the past.

    Colour Options

    Finally, these golf pants are also offered in many different colour options. This gives you the optiong to purchase a few different pairs or just pick out your favourite colour from the bunch.

    All in all. we found these golf pants from Haggar to not only be quality in performance on the course but also in style and fit.

    Nike Men’s Flat Front Golf Pants

    • Dri-FIT technology
    • Standard fit is relaxed through the legs and hips
    • Notched hem fits comfortably over footwear
    • Multiple Colour Options
    • Less Tailored Look

    The next addition to our list of the best flat front golf pants is this pair from Nike golf. This is yet another great piece of golf clothing from the Nike brand.

    Dri-FIT technology

    The first feature we are going to cover of these flat front golf pants is the Dri-fit technology. This is similar to the other features we have covered in our previous models. This features purpose is to make sure that your legs stay dry throughout your round of golf.

    Standard fit is relaxed through the legs and hips

    The fit of these golf pants keeps them relaxed through the legs and hips. As we stated with other models it is important that your golf pants fit properly. This will ensure they do not interfere with your ability to move your legs and rotate your hips.

    With this relaxed style fit you will find that these Nike golf pants will ensure you still have a full range of motion in your golf swing.

    Notched hem

    The notched hem of these golf pans allow you to comfortably fit them over your golf footwear. What you do not want when wearing golf pants is to have them bunch up when they meet the top of your shoes.

    This is not comfortable and does not look particularly good. With these notched hems, you will find you are able to place these pants over top of your golf shoes. Offering you a comfortable and better-looking fit.

    Finally just like the previous models on our list these Nike flat front golf pants are offered in several different colour options.

    In conclusion, these golf pants are a great option for golfers looking for a quality pair of golf pants that offer a more relaxed fit. These pants will allow you to comfortably hit the ball all while looking good.

    Amazon Essentials Men’s Straight-fit Stretch Golf Pant

    • Most Inexpensive
    • Moisture-wicking, performance fabric
    • Stretch fabric adds comfort and flexibility
    • Casual Look – Could Be Worn Off Course
    • Multiple Colour Options
    • Lower Quality Than Top Options

    The final addition to our list of the best flat front golf pants is this pair from Amazon essentials. This option is best for those golfers looking to find a pair of golf pants that can get the job done. But are still going to fit into their budget.


    The reason this pair of pants had made our list is due to it’s incredibly low price. Golfers will find that you will likely not find a better pair of golf pants for a cheaper price than this pair from Amazon essentials.


    The moisture-wicking performance fabric has the same benefits as the other moisture-wicking features we have mentioned on our list. This is a feature you need to look out for when making your purchasing decision.

    Stretch fabric

    The stretch fabric of these flat front golf pants allows them to fit snuggly. All while still giving you the range of motion needed in order to complete your golf swing. This gives these pants a stylish look while still remaining functional.

    Casual Look

    The casual look of these flat front golf pants also gives them another purpose. If you are looking for comfortable casual dining attire or work pants than these Amazon essential pants can be used for those purposes as well.

    Due to the stylish look and comfortable fit, it is likely you will end up using thee pants for a lot more than just golfing.

    Finally, these flat front pants are also offered in a few separate colour option giving you the opportunity to re-up your wardrobe for cheap.

    All in all, we found these flat front golf pants from Amazon to be a great option for bargain hunters or those looking for a pair of golf pants they can also wear in casual settings.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Flat Front Golf Pants

    What are flat front pants?

    Flat front golf pants are simply pants in which the material on the front of the pants near the fly lies flat as opposed to pleated. Flat front pants are also worn slightly lower on the hip than pleated plants. This gives them a more tailored and fitted look.

    Do I need flat front golf pants to play golf?

    The dress code you must wear on a golf course is going to vary greatly depending on where you play. That being said it is very unlikely that a course would only allow you to wear flat-front pants specifically.

    Most courses that have a dress code will need you to wear a collared shirt. As well as non-denim shorts or pants. These bottoms could include golf shorts or pants, or khakis.

    If you are curious we encourage you to check up with the golf course you intend on playing to determine what their dress code is.

    Can golf pants affect my golf game?

    Getting a new pair of golf pants likely won’t shave a ton of strokes off your game. But if you are playing in the wrong pants it can certainly cause problems.

    As we stated earlier in the article it is incredibly important that you are able to rotate your hips during your golf swing as this is where a lot of the power is generated.

    If you’re wearing pants that are too tight and are limiting your movement this will affect your golf game. If that is the case we encourage you to purchase a pair of pants that will offer you a full range of motion.

    Conclusion Best Flat Fronted Golf Pants

    We hope you enjoyed our guied to the best flat fronted golf pants. If you have any questions regarding this review or any of the products we’ve included on it we encourage you to reach out in the comments below.

    If you enjoyed this areticle we hope you check out some of our other golf content.

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