Best Game Improvement Irons Reviewed

There comes a point in every golfer’s journey where they realize your hand me down clubs are no longer going to cut it. And if you want to take the next step in improving your game. You are going to need some new clubs. That’s why this review is on hand to break down all the top options for the best game improvement irons.

Best Game Improvement Irons For Distance

Callaway Epic Forged Iron Set

  • Ultra-Premium Forged Design For Pure Sound and Feel
  • Controlled Launch and Distance From the Suspended Tungsten Core
  • 360 Face Cup For Industry-Leading Ball Speeds
  • Spin Control VFT For Consistent Distance
  • High Price Point

Our number one selection for the best game improvement irons for distance is the Callaway epic forged iron set. This incredible set of clubs is perfect for those golfers looking to add some serious distance to their game.

Ultra-Premium Forged Design

One of the great benefits of these clubs the ultra premium forged design. What this designed offers you is pure sound and feel each time you make contact with the ball. Every golfer knows how important it is to have a good feel with their clubs. And with these forged irons that is something you’re going to come to appreciate.

Controlled Launch and Distance

One more benefit that makes these clubs great for an improving golfer is the controlled launch and distance. This is made possible from their tungsten core. This is the first-ever forged iron that features this tungsten core.

This feature offers you a controlled and consistent launch and distance from your clubs. This feature is going reduce mistakes and keep your golf game more predictable.

The 360 face cup is a feature that works generate more distance from these irons. The flexible rim along the perimeter of these irons club face create an enhanced energy transfer between the club in the ball. What this does is increase the ball speed and therefore increase your distance.

This is the kind of features you should be looking for if you’re trying to add a few extra yards to your game.

Spin Control VFT

The final feature we’re going to cover is the spin control VFT. This is a feature that is built into your long irons in order to achieve a more consistent spin. It is quite common for higher handicap golfers to struggle with her longer irons. But utilizing this VFT technology you’ll find it is much easier to consistently hit the ball towards your intended target.

All in all, we found these Callaway forge irons to be a great option for any golfer looking to find a great set of improvement irons. Especially those looking to add more distance to their golf game.

Best All-Around Game Improvement Irons

Callaway Mavrik Iron Set

  • Sophisticated face architecture that’s unique to every loft
  • 360 Face Cup To Increase Ball Speed
  • 3 Different Model Options
  • custom tungsten-infused weights For Optimal CG

    Our selection for the best all-around game improvement irons is the Callaway maverick irons. This set is a great option for golfers looking to improve their game as a whole.

    Sophisticated Face Architecture

    The first feature we are going to cover on this Callaway maverick irons is the face architecture. Depending on the loft you will find that each of the clubs in the set has a different clubface. Callaway has built these clubs so that the architecture of the clubface is going to change depending on the desired results you expect from the club.

    The benefits of this different architecture on the clubface results in speed and launch for your lowest irons. Ball speed and increased spin in the middle irons. And finally, spin and launch on your short irons.

    This makes the face architecture and incredibly handy feature as you’re going to notice its benefits in your long game and short game.

    360 Face Cup

    Another interesting feature of the Callaway maverick irons that is the 360 face cup. This feature is used to increase the ball speed on these clubs. As we stated earlier this 360 face cup offers more flex in the clubface which ultimately results in more of speed and distance on your shots.

    3 Different Model Options

    If you’re thinking that you’d like the features this club has to offer but you don’t think it sits particularly in your skill level then you’ll be happy to hear that there are three separate models of this club.

    The Callaway maverick which we’ve included on our list is a fantastic game improvement irons. The Callaway maverick max is a super game improvement irons. Meaning this is an iron that is used exclusively by high handicappers. And finally the Callaway maverick pro is a club that is going to typically be used by low handicappers.

    All in all, we found this Callaway maverick irons to be another fantastic option for improving golfers. If you’re looking for an all-around great iron to help in all aspects of the game then this is a great set.

    Most Forgiving Game Improvement Irons

    Cleveland Launcher Hb Turbo Iron Set

    • Hollow Hybrid Style Club Heads For Maximum Forgiveness
    • Low Centre Of Gravity To Create High Launch
    • Turbocharged Face For Increased Ball Speeds
    • Less Spin On Approach Shots And Chips

    Our selection for the most forgiving game improvement irons is the Cleveland launcher HB turbo iron set. This set was actually featured in our guide to the best beginner irons. These golf clubs are meant for golfers that are struggling with consistency. Especially those looking for a forgiving club to help them enjoy and improve their golf game.

    Hollow Hybrid Style Club Heads

    The first feature we’re going to cover of this iron set is their hollow hybrid style club hats. With one quick look at these irons, you will notice that they do not have your typical shaping. Instead of your classic iron clubhead, these models look more similar to a hybrid or rescue.

    The reason for this is because these hybrid style clubs offer a greater level of forgiveness. If you are unsure what forgiveness means do not worry. It simply means that if you hit your ball off-centre or out of the Sweet Spot a more forgiving club will still offer you a solid result.

    Clubs with a higher level of forgiveness are often used by beginners or higher handicap golfers in order to make their game more consistent.

    Another common issue amongst beginner golfers is that they struggle to consistently get the ball to a high end altitude. With the low centre of gravity on these Cleveland irons you will find that they create quite a high launch. That should help you get more carry on your shots. And will make it more likely for you to stick greens.

    Turbocharged Face

    These clubs also feature a turbocharge face for increased ball speeds. This feature will add a little extra distance to your shots. As your ball will be coming off the clubface at a faster speed.

    The one con of these golf irons is that you’re going to find they offer less spin on your approach shots and chips. If you’re high handicap golfer this may be a welcome feature. You’ll be less likely to slice or hook the ball. But if you’re mid or low handicap or you’re going to want to utilize the spin to stick greens. As well as create shots such as draws and fades.

    In conclusion, we found these Cleveland HB launcher turbo irons to be a great option.If you’re shopping for some game improvement irons that are going to keep your ball inbounds more often then these Cleveland HB launchers are a great choice.

    Best Improvement Irons For Those That Struggle With Contact

    Cobra Golf 2020 Speedzone One Length Iron Set

    • One Length For All Irons
    • Carbon Topline – Saves Weight For Optimal Centre Of Gravity
    • Progressive Shafts Weights
    • All Irons The Same Length

    Our selection for the best improvement irons for those golfers that struggle with contact is the cobra golf speed zone one length the iron set. If you can’t tell by the name this iron set is unique because all the clubs are the same length.

    One Length For All Irons

    This consistent length amongst all the irons included in this set is our number one benefit as well as our only con. This is because this is a feature that is going to make this set of clubs a great option for some golfers. And not a great match for others.

    If you struggle to make consistent contact with your irons then having a feature like this can offer some serious dividends. In our opinion, you may want to test out a one-length iron set in a simulator if possible before purchase.

    You will find that these one length irons will either greatly improve your consistency as each club will feel much more similar. Or it may be difficult if you are already successfully hitting a traditionally sized iron set.

    Carbon Topline

    The carbon topline of these cobra irons saves weight in the clubhead so that the engineers at Cobra golf were able to manoeuvre the centre of gravity to an optimal position.

    This CG weighting ensures that these irons will have solid forgiveness and an optimal launch. This is helpful for mid to high handicap golfers. Or those that are looking to get a little more air under their ball.

    It is also worth mentioning that these one length irons featured progressive shaft weighting. This weighting is put into place so golfers can still come down onto the ball with their wedges. As well as, maintain good swing speed with their long irons.

    All in all, we found these Cobra Golf one length irons to be a great option for any beginner golfer that struggles with consistent contact.

    Frequently Asked Questions The Best Game Improvement Irons

    Where to Buy Game Improvement Irons?

    If you are looking to buy any set of game improvement irons you can head over to your local golf outlet store and you likely should be able to find a set there.

    Though, if you are trying to find the best improvement iron set that fits your golf game and your budget. Then your best bet is to shop online. By doing this you are going to give yourself the widest variety of iron sets to choose from.

    This will also allow you to compare prices with various retailers much more easily then you would have to do in person.

    What Should I Look For In My Game Improvement Irons

    One thing you want to make you sure you look into before purchasing your improvement irons is finding where is you sit in terms of workability and forgiveness.

    If you have made it this far you know that golf sets are made for a specific skill level. Golf club engineers work to have many different features in their clubs and these features are all based around the skill set the club set is planned for.

    For example, you choose a set of clubs that is extremely forgiving. Then you are going to give up some of the control you would have with less forgiving clubs.

    And in the opposite direction, if you choose clubs that are quite workable. You would be giving up the forgiveness you may be counting on for off-center hits.

    In short, you must be sure to find a set of irons that accurately match your skill level. By doing this you will find the iron set will be built with a golfer of your skill level in mind. And will be much more beneficial for you on the course.

    Conclusion Best Improvement Irons Reviewed

    We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best improvement irons. Let us know if you have any questions regarding this article. Please reach out through our contact page or in the comments below.

    If you did enjoy this article we hope you check out some of our other golf content. Such as our guide to the finding irons for beginners or driving irons.

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