Best Driving Irons 2021 – Low Mid And High Handicaps

A Driving Iron is one of the least common clubs in golf. If it weren’t for a resurgence in the last few years you would likely have trouble finding any of the best driving irons in your local golf shop.

Luckily for those who prefer to hit irons off the tee, this trend has caught on with many pros on the tour. Causing some of the top golf brands to throw their hat back in the ring.

Best Driving Irons For High Handicappers

Many people are under the impression that driving irons are only for pros on tour and those with low handicaps. Fortunately for high handicappers, this is not necessarily the case.

There are many golfers that have found their swing to be consistent and accurate while using irons. While their drivers and fairway woods are totally unreliable.

This leads these high handicap golfers to what are typically considered difficult to hit, low irons.

Luckily, for golfers looking to find some consistency off the tee, new technology has created much more forgiving driving irons.

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  • Incredible Forgiveness
  • High-Quality Golf brand
  • Perfect For High Handicappers
  • Multiple Loft Options
  • Less Control Than Low Handicap Driving Irons

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Best Driving Irons For Mid Handicappers

Are you looking to bring your game to the next level. Do you have a good sense of consistency with your irons? A utility club like this might be just what you need to make the jump.

Driving irons for mid handicappers present a great opportunity for consistent iron players to add some serious distance to their game.

Many mid handicappers are able to use this club to overcome their fears of mishitting woods and hybrids.

With a consistent Driving Iron longer holes will become much more manageable. Not to mention keeping the ball in the fairway is a much easier task.

To find the best single iron for mid handicappers we wanted to look for something that had great distance and flight. But still offered a little more forgiveness than the top of the line driving irons.

  • Best Fit For Mid Handicappers
  • Looks Like Iron Upon Address
  • Great Forgiveness
  • Huge Distance
  • Higher End Price
  • Less Control Than Low Handicapper Options

Best Driving Irons For Low Handicappers

If you’re using a Driving Iron, chances are you likely a low handicap golfer. With the struggle many golfers have to hit this type of club it tends to lend itself more to the lower end of handicaps.

That being said, there is still a variance between driving irons. Meaning you must do some research to find which ones are the best fit for your skill level.

Our choice of the best low handicapper Driving Iron consists of one of the hardest to hit on our list. But also creates the highest quality shots.

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  • Highest Upside Driving Iron
  • Stinger Capabilities
  • Most Distance
  • Popular On Tour
  • Hardest To Hit
  • Smallest Club Face

Most Popular Driving Iron

Sometimes handicap isn’t the best indicator of what club suits you. Instead, you may want to look for the club that is working for most people.

Just like Titleist being the number one ball in golf, sometimes it makes sense to skip over the details and look for the club that people seem to be gravitating towards.

When it comes to driving irons that club is the Callaway Golf Men’s Rogue.

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5:08 pm UTC
  • Name Brand
  • Inexpensive Price
  • Not A True Driving Iron

Most Adjustable Driving Iron

Are you looking for a Driving Iron that you can use off any tee block regardless of the situation? If that’s the case then it may be in your best interest to pursue and adjustable Driving Iron.

These interesting clubs can come in handy if you’ve found consistency with your Driving Iron and you want to build your game around it.

These adjustable features will also come in handy if you prefer to hit utility irons out of the rough or unfavourable lies. As you will be able to get the most out of this club regardless of the conditions.

When it comes to the most adjustable Driving Iron our pick was the Cobra King Utility Iron.

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5:15 pm UTC
  • Solid Design
  • Inexpensive
  • Adjustable
  • Less Trusted Brand Name

Best Budget Driving Iron

If you’re like many of the world’s golfers out there you likely are hoping not to break the bank on any more golf equipment. Between memberships green fees, shoes, hats, glasses you name it golf expenses add up.

If you’re looking to try out a Driving Iron or just want an inexpensive than this is a great option.

Our selection for the best budget Driving Iron is the Momentus Men’s Power Hitter Iron.

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  • Best Budget Option
  • Lower Quality Build
  • Non Brand Name

What is a Driving Iron

A Driving Iron or utility iron is a traditionally a low degree iron that is used off the tee block in order to hit the ball a great distance.

More recently driving irons have become a mix between a hybrid and an iron. This ensures they create even more distance to your shot.

Driving irons are a club primarily used by low handicap golfers. Though they that are quite tricky to hit. Due to the recent increase in technology the clubs have become accessible to more players.

When Should I Use A Driving Iron?

There are two main situations when players tend to use a Driving Iron. The first being the fill a gap in their game. High-level players that have good control over distances tend to use this club to fill the spot between their lowest iron and their hybrid or five wood.

The second reason being the consistent iron player. Some golfers struggle to hit woods or drivers consistently. Many times these golfers still have great control over their irons.

Though driving irons are a tough club to hit they certainly reduce your risks of slicing and hooking compared to a driver or 3 wood.

Now whether you are in either camp. Driving irons present you a great opportunity to step up your game and shave off a couple of strokes.

How Do I Hit A Driving Iron?

Due to the extended length and low loft of a Driving Iron you may find it much more difficult to hit compared to other clubs. Luckily we have some tips that should smooth over the process and have you hitting this club off the tee blocks in no time.

Try to keep your wrist and hands firm. Often times golfers will let their wrist break down too early which making consistent contact much harder. Keeping your wrists firm further in your backswing will increase the consistency with this club.

Move the ball closer to your front foot. These driving irons are not built with much loft so moving the ball further up in your stance will help you launch the ball higher if you are struggling with that aspect of this club.

What else can I Use A Driving Iron For?

There are a few more situations when players would opt to use a Driving Iron on the course.

Another instance where a golfer may use a Driving Iron is when trying to keep more balls in play. Some golfers just tend to swing better with an iron in their hands.

Not to mention the hardest club to hit is your driver. By choosing a Driving Iron off the tee some golfers find they are able to shave a few strokes off their game.

One final instance golfers may choose a Driving Iron is when trying to a hit “stinger”. A stinger is a low loft hard shot that travels a massive distance. Here is a video showing how you can shoot a stinger with a Driving Iron.

These are incredibly difficult shots and should only be attempted once you’ve found consistentcy hitting the ball with your Driving Iron.

Pros And Cons Of Using A Driving Iron

Pros: Windy conditions, Punch-Outs, and Consistency

Golfers who use a Driving Iron will see great benefits in their game when playing in the wind. This is due to the low ball flight that these clubs generate.

You will not be able to find a club that can hit the ball this distance while keeping it lower than a Driving Iron.

Punch outs are another instance in which driving irons come in handy. If you’re looking to keep your ball under tree branches but have some distance to travel a low loft club like a Driving Iron can be a lifesaver.

Consistency is another pro that can come with the use of a utility iron. Many golfers struggle to keep their long-distance shots straight. This is what leads many to use driving irons and if you’re a consistent iron player you will likely see much more consistency on your tee shots.

Cons: Small Club Face, Learning Curve

One of the disadvantages of using a Driving Iron compared to other long-distance clubs is the small clubface. The reduced size gives golfers much less room for error and tends to be less forgiving than hybrids and fairway woods.

The learning curve is another con of using a Driving Iron. These clubs are still referred to as one of the hardest to hit in golf so mastering these is no walk in the park. If you struggle with iron shots you will have a hard time trying to hit a Driving Iron well.

How Far Should I Hit My Driving Iron?

The answer to this question is very subjective and comes down to your swing speed, the type of driving iron you are using and the contact you are making with the ball. It would be tough to tell you exactly how far you will hit a driving iron but we can tell you how long you will hit it compared to your other clubs.

Your driving iron distance should sit between your lowest iron and your 3-wood or 5-wood. For example, say you hit your lowest iron 200 yards and your five wood typically goes 230 when hit well you should find your driving iron will hit in that 210-220 range.

This is why Taylormade named their club the GAPR as it fills this gap between your woods and irons.

Best Driving Irons Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed our breakdown of the best driving irons of 2021. If you enjoyed this guide we recommend you check out our guide to golf alignment sticks.

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