Hybrid Golf Clubs Explained – A Beginners Guide

Hybrid golf clubs are a relatively new addition to the golfing world and have seen incredible growth in the last few years. In fact, over the last 15 years, the amount of golfers that use hybrid golf clubs in their game has doubled.

These handy clubs can help you get out of some tough situations and also generate a higher flying and softer landing shot than most low irons.

How to hit a hybrid golf club

The typical way to hit your hybrid is to swing it like an iron. These clubs look similar to fairway woods which often results in golfers swinging them like a fairway wood which is incorrect.

To start simply place the ball in the middle of your stance. Then spread your weight evenly and swing as you would with a distance iron.

This means you should take your divot after the ball and hit the ball on the downswing. This will result in the most consistent and reliable contact on your hybrid shots.

When to use a hybrid golf club

There are two main reasons players use hybrids. The decision on when to use their hybrid is based on why they are using it.

The most common reason golfers use a hybrid because easier to hit than low irons. This is especially true for beginners and high handicappers.

A large majority of high handicap golfers struggle to hit their low irons. Namely the 2,3, or 4 irons which are notoriously tough to hit. A hybrid offers a similar ball flight and distance to these clubs all while being easier to hit.

This means when a higher handicap golfer is 200 yards out they are more likely to hit a good shot with a hybrid over a four iron. For this reason, hybrids are effectively used as a replacement for low irons.

The other reason golfers use hybrids is to get out of trouble. These clubs are quite forgiving and easy to hit. This makes them great for use in long grass, rough, or even fairway bunkers.

This is why these clubs are also referred to as utility clubs. You can use your hybrid to get some solid distance on a shot stuck in some deep rough. Or even use it on a par five when you’re stuck in the bunker a long way from the green.

All in all, your best use of the hybrid depends on your golf game. And with some trial and error, you will find when is best to utilize this club in your game.

What Irons Do Hybrid Golf Clubs Replace

As we stated in the previous section of the most common clubs that are replaced by hybrids are the low irons. The reason for this is these clubs are typically one of the most difficult to hit.

Due to the difficulty to hit many high handicap golfers up to replace their low irons with hybrids.

Hybrids typically offer a much higher level of forgiveness making them more playable and more consistent for higher handicappers.

Golfers tend to use hybrids as a utility club sometimes choose to replace one of their fairway woods.

Often golfers plan on using his hybrid for utility or rescue situations. These occur when the ball is stuck in deep rough or a trap. If this is the case they may choose to replace one of the least used fairway woods in their bag.

How to pick a hybrid golf club


The first thing you need to determine when choosing a hybrid golf club is how exactly you are going to use this club.

If you’re planning to use it as a replacement for your low irons you are going to look for specific features. These features would be different if you’re planning to use this as rescue club.

By first determining the way in which you will use this hybrid golf club you’ll be able to find which features you need to look for while shopping for your club.


The brand is another important factor to look into when purchasing a hybrid. Golf brands come with a lot of trust and quality. So choosing which brand you want to buy your clubs from is going to make a large difference.

You’re also going to have to determine the amount of money you’re willing to spend on this hybrid golf club. This is largely relevant to which brand you choose. As you’ll find golf clubs prices will range widely depending on which brand manufactures though.

Distance And Loft

Checking out the distance and loft of hybrid clubs is another great way to determine which model you would like to purchase. If you’re choosing a hybrid to replace some of your long irons. You’re going to want to look into the loft of the club.

This will allow you to find a similarly lofted club that you can use to replace your irons. Though, you want to find a similar club because you do not want to end up with a gap in your bag.

Match To Your Handicap

The final tip we’ll give you to pick your hybrid golf club is to make sure you are matching your handicap. You’ll notice throughout your shopping process that certain clubs are geared towards low handicappers. While other clubs are geared towards high handicappers.

There are noticeable differences between these clubs specifically in terms of forgiveness and spin being generated by the club. It is important to check out the features and purchase a club that fits well within your handicap. So that you’ll be able to get the most out of your purchase.

How far can you hit hybrid golf clubs?

The distance your hybrid will travel is dependent on the loft of the club as well as several other features. But for this example will give you a few just in ranges for a hybrid. This will give you an idea how far this club can hit the ball.

3- Hybrid: 170 to 220 yards

4 -Hybrid: 160 to 210 yards

These two measurements are just examples of how far lower to mid handicap golfers would typically hit with their hybrids. Another rule of thumb often used with hybrids is that each hybrid can hit roughly 12 yards farther than its corresponding iron. So if you hit a five iron 170 yards your five hybrid should hit 182.

Of course, these distances will not be dead accurate in our just projections based on the average golfer. The reality is your hybrid is going to change in distance based on the many variables in your swing. The best way to get a true feeling for how far you’re going to hit a hybrid is to head to a range.

Why Am I Topping My Hybrid

There are two major reasons that can be causing you to top your hybrid. One of which is because you’re swinging this club like a fairway wood. A fairway wood has a much more similar swing to a driver and does not come down on the ball as much as an iron.

Often times golfers that are swinging their hybrid as they do a fairway would have issues with topping the ball.

Another reason golfers often top their hybrid is because they are swinging too hard. This is a common issue with drivers and fairway woods. When you see a club head of this style it is easy to get excited and tempted to swing hard.

What often happens when you swing hard is your muscles tense up and you slightly raise your arms. This raises the plane of your swing. It raises your low point too high above the bar and therefore results in a top.


We hope you enjoyed our guide to understanding hybrids. If you have any questions regarding these clubs please be sure to reach out in the comments below.

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