Golf Canadas New Rules Explained

Have you been hearing about the Golf Canada rule changes but haven’t bothered to read the whole rule book. Well, you probably have that in common with just about every other Canadian golfer out there. We’re going to breakdown all the rules simplified into a few major points.

Pace Of Play Improvements

  • Make each stroke in 40 seconds or less
  • “Ready Golf” – Playing out of turn to save time is encouraged
  • Max Score Format – Depending on your handicap you will have an allocated max score you can receive
  • Flagsticks can stay in the hole while putting

Penalty Zones And Drops

  • Don’t worry about provisionals, you can now drop on the fairway at the entry point where your ball went out of bounds (two strokes)
  • You can now ground your club and move objects such as pinecones out of the way in Hazards
  • Fried Egg? You can move your ball into the middle of the bunker ( one stroke) or take it out of the bunker (two strokes)
  • Dropping A Ball? New Rules state it must be dropped from knee height
  • Measure in taking relief – Measure with the longest club in your bag ( Cannot be your putter)

Miscellaneous Rules

  • Step on your ball and move it? No penalty just place it back in its original location
  • Damaged Green? You can now fix any man-made damage that may affect your putt.
  • Double Hit – You will no longer be penalized if the ball hits you or your equipment after making initial contact.

Concluding Thoughts Golf Canadas New Rules

We hope you enjoyed our guide to Golf Canadas New Rules. If you have any questions please let us know in the comments below. If you enjoyed this guide checkout others like are article on why dimples are on golf balls or removing stickers from club shafts.

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