Best Putters For Women Reviewed

Putting is one aspect of the game that any golfer can master. But in order to master this skill you’re going to need to have the right equipment. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best putters for women. So you can find the perfect putter to fit your game.

Best Women’s Putter

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5:08 pm UTC

Our number one Selection for the best putters for women is the odyssey white hot pro 2.0. This incredible putter from Odyssey is one of the best selling women’s putters on the market. And it’s for a good reason.

White Hot Face Insert

The white hot face insert used in this putter is the number one insert used on the PGA tour. With how meticulous pro golfers are about the quality of their equipment you should feel confident that this putter has some of the top-performing technology on the tour.

V-Line For Alignment

On top of the putter head, you will notice a line across center. This v-line is used in order to improve your alignment. When you’re addressing the ball you should be able to check this line. This will allow you to determine if your putt is lined up properly.

DFX Grip

This putter also features on a DFX grip. This grip is used amongst many of their putters and as Odyssey is one of the top other manufacturers in the market. This should give you a little more confidence in the quality of this grip.

With a price tag sitting just over $100 this odyssey white hot 2.0 is one of the more expensive putters on our list. That being said, due the incredible quality and performance offered from this women’s putter we found it to be well worth its price tag.

If you’re looking for the best of the best when it comes to womens putters. Look no further than this great club from Odyssey.

Best Budget Women’s Putter

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5:09 pm UTC

Our top selection for the best budget woman’s putter of 2021 is the Pine Meadow women’s PGX putter. Pine Meadow is an up-and-coming golf brand that excels by offering golfers quality clubs for incredibly low prices.

This PGX women’s putter is another great option for female golfers. Especially those looking to find a high-performance putter without breaking the bank.

Clean White Finish

This putter has a clean white finish, this helps it stand out against the green grass. This will help ensure that your alignment is set up properly. If this feature isn’t enough it also includes a site line feature on the top of the putter head.

As we stated with our previous model this allows the golfer to properly ensure your putt is lined up as you address the ball.

Additional Weighting

Another handy feature of this Pine Meadow putter is that it has an additional 40 g of weight. For golfers that tend to have a straight back-and-forth stroke with their putter this will be especially beneficial.

Increased weight allows the putter to move like a pendulum, therefore, reducing the errors made in your stroke. This increase weighting also helps improve putting for players that tend to play on faster greens.

With a price tag sitting just over $30 we found this Pine Meadow putter to be a great value buy. This price tag put it on the low end of our list. And despite this low price this putter still offers some incredible performance.

If you’re looking for a quality women’s golf putter that isn’t going to put you over budget then this Pine Meadow PGX women’s putter is a fantastic option.

Best Women’s Blade Putter

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Next on our list of the best putters for women is the Wilson staff harmonized golf putter. This women’s putter is a fantastic option for any female golfers that tend to prefer blade putter’s.

Great For Arch Style Stroke

This blade putter is going to be especially enjoyed by female golfers that have an arc stroke. This means instead of taking your putter straight back and forth in your stroke you tend to move the putter towards your body as you would the rest of your clubs. This means that it comes closer to your body as you bring it back. And then again towards your body in your follow-through.

Blade putter’s are especially good for this arc style putting stroke. And if you haven’t been using a blade putter while swinging like this you should notice the benefits immediately.

Custom Women’s Grip

One great feature of this Wilson staff putter is the custom women’s grip. This grip is built specifically for female golfers looking for a softer larger grip. Often times with putters designed for men it can be difficult to get a comfortable grip on the club. Wilson noticed this and built this pattern in order to share maximum comfort when making your putts.

33 Inch Length

The length of this putter is 33 inches total. This is the ideal size for a women’s golf putter. Typically men’s putters have a length of 35 inches. And if you’re not shopping for women’s club specifically you’ve likely used a putter of this height.

By using a 33 inch length putter you will immediately notice a difference. As this putting size will be much more likely to fit proportionally to your body.

With a price tag sitting just over $40 we found this Wilson staff harmonized putter to be a great value buy. This putter is our number one selection on a list of the best women’s blade putters and is offered for an incredibly reasonable price.

If you’re looking for a women’s blade putter to save some strokes off your golf game. Then this Wilson staff club is a great option.

What To Look For When Buying One Of The Best Putters For Women

Putter Design – Blade VS Mallet

One major decision you must make when choosing your golf putter is the style of putter you want. Depending on that you’re putting stroke you are going to find that certain styles of putters are much more effective. Lucky for you the process of determining which putter matches your swing is quite easy.

If you have a putter nearby grab it in your hands and take a practice swing. If you do not have one just imagine the last time you swug your putter. Do you find that in your practice your putting stroke travels straight backwards and then straight forward? If so this means you’re best suited for a mallet putter.

Mallet Putters

Mallet putters are the larger style putter heads that are often seen on the course. This style of putter has largely gained popularity in recent years. It is a great way for those that prefer to putt straight back and forth to find a consistent putter to use.

Blade Style Putters

If your practice stroke with your putter looked more like a curved swing in which the putter travelled on a slight arc towards your body and then away from it as you putt, this means you have an arc stroke. This style of putting stroke is best suited for blade putters. Blade putters are the most common style of putter and until recently were the only style of putter that was popularly used.

If you find that you have an arc stroke in your putts then it is in your best interest to purchase a blade putter. Blade putters come in a wide variety of styles and prices so you should be able to find a certain model that fits your game.

If you have any questions regarding what kind of stroke you have it is likely worth it to look up Blade versus Mallett putters to get more information on which one you should choose.

Weight Of Putter

The weight of the putter is another important factor in choosing which model you like to select. Similar to blade versus Mallett putters the weight of a putter can be more or less beneficial depending on your swing.

For those that have a straight back-and-forth putting stroke the additional weight of a heavier putter will make that pendulum style swing even easier.

For those that have an arc swing this way may make it a little more difficult to complete your typical putting stroke.

That being said the weight of a putter is typically a preference so if you’re not entirely sure the weight you want on your putter you may want to head to a local golf shop or check the way to your current putter and see if you would like it to be lighter or heavier.

Length Of Putter

The length of the putter is another major factor in you need to consider when purchasing your next women’s golf putter. Traditionally a man’s putter sits at a length of 35 inches.

You’ll notice that the vast majority of putters including those that say they’re unisex will still be a 35 inch length. Since the vast majority of female golfers are shorter than male golfers it makes sense that you want a shorter shaft.

In order to do this make sure to purchase a women’s golf putter that is built specifically for women’s height. For the majority of these putters, you will find the shaft length is 33 inches. This reduced length will make it easier and more natural to complete a smooth putting stroke.

Conclusion Best Putters For Women Reviewed

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best putters for women in 2020. If you have any questions regarding this guide or any of the putters included in our list be sure to reach out in the comments below.

If you did enjoy this guide and you’d like to check out some for others please be sure to read our buying guide to face balance putter heads.

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