Ping G400 SFT Driver Review – Is It The Club For You?

If you’re looking for a high-quality driver that will give you some consistency off the tee then you are definitely going to want to check out this Ping G400. Throughout our Ping G400 SFT driver review, we are going to breakdown everything you need to know about this awesome club.

This club when compared to the other G400 models offers golfers more features that work to ensure your balls straight flight. As well as avoid mishits like slices and hooks.

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Ping G400 SFT Driver Features

Faster Shape

One key feature you are going to appreciate is the faster shape of this Ping driver. In golf terms, the engineers at Ping streamlined a design that combines bolder turbulators and Vortec Technology to advance aerodynamics.

What this means is that the engineers at Ping were able to create a driver head with considerably less drag. This feature creates a 15% reduction in drag, this allows you to increase your clubhead speed.

As you likely know this increased clubhead speed will then increase the ball speed coming off the club face. This means more distance and a longer carry off the tee.

Forged Face

The forged face is another fantastic feature that is going to allow you to create even more distance off the tee.

This is done by making a thinner more flexible clubface. The face of this Ping driver was made to be 6% thinner and 16% more flexible.

This feature helps your game by making a more efficient transfer of energy from the club to the ball. Much like our previously mentioned feature this model works to increase ball speed and ultimately distance off the tee.

Tungsten Sole Weight

The next feature we are going to cover in our Ping G400 SFT driver review is the Tungsten Sole weight. The Tungsten Sole weight is another popular feature of this Ping SFT driver. Tungsten is often used in golf clubs in order to reallocate the weight in the club head.

With this driver, the engineers at Ping used this Tungsten sole weight in order to create a deep CG location. This means the centre of gravity of club is going to be in the back bottom end of the driver’s head.

This CG location was chosen for several reasons. First off it creates great stability, but more importantly, it increases forgiveness. For golfers that struggle with consistency with their driver this will come in handy.

If you happen to hit a drive off-centre you will find that this Tungsten Sole weight will allow your ball to perform better than most drivers.

Dragonfly Technology

This Dragonfly Technology is essentially the ultra-thin crown and sole cast used in this driver to make incredible weight savings. In order to optimize the centre of gravity that we covered earlier, you must have some weight saving in the clubhead.

Due to this Dragonfly technology, the engineers at Ping were able to use all of these extra weight savings to spread across the clubhead in order to create the optimal CG.

Engineered Acoustics

Though acoustics are not necessarily going to affect your performance the sound of your driver can still be an important feature. In order to make a driver with great-sounding contact, this driver has been fitted with an internal rib structure built for powerful sound and feel.

Color-shift paint technology

This feature of this Ping G400 SFT driver is purely aesthetic though that doesn’t mean it isn’t an important feature. As you may have seen in the images above the shaft of this driver has a clean copper colour.

This feature allows the shaft to transition from copper to black as you address the ball. This gives this driver a little more flair and makes for a fun party trick on the course.

Ping G400 SFT Consumer Reviews

In this section of our review, we read through hundreds of real consumer reviews and summarize then so you can find out exactly what consumers really think about this club.


Increased Distance

Improved Consistency


Higher Price Point

Increased distance was far and away the most common benefit we noticed throughout our research of consumer reviews. The vast majority of consumer reviews we came across mentioned the increase in distance that was created from this driver.

This is likely due to the features that are geared to create an increased ball speed. These features allow golfers to create more distance and carry from their drives. And from reading consumer reviews it seems these features have worked quite well.

Another common benefit we saw throughout our reviews was an increased consistency. Several reviews that mentioned they struggled with slicing their driver, were able to straighten out their drives once they started using this Ping G400.

This benefit can likely be attributed to the CG placement used in this club in order to create a more forgiving clubface.

The only con we saw on several occasions was with the price. Since this model is not new this year some golfers were hoping they could get it at a lower price point.

All in all, we found the consumer reviews of this Ping driver to be incredibly positive. If you take the time to do a quick check for yourself you will see the vast majority of reviews sit at 5/5 stars.

Cost And Value

The cost of this Ping G400 SFT driver is on the higher end. That being said due to the incredible performance and fantastic features of this driver we still found it to be a great value buy.

If you are looking for a high-quality driver and are willing to pay to get it then we found this Ping G400 SFT driver to be a great choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the loft of this Club Adjustable?

Yes the loft of this ping G400 SFT driver is in fact adjustable. Included with your purchase will be an adjustment tool.

This will allow you to change the loft of your drive or whenever you need. This means you can pack the tool along with you on the course. Making it possible to change your loft depending on the hole.

What Is The Length Of The Ping G400 Shaft?

The length of this driver with the standard shaft is 45.75 inches. This is standard for most golf drivers and should be within an inch of whatever driver length you are currently using.

What does SFT mean in this Driver name?

SFT means straight flight. This name was given to this model of the Ping G400 driver because it is focused on facilitating straight flight.

Of all models of the Ping G400 the SFT is best for golfers looking to straighten their slice.

What is different about the Ping SFT driver?

The difference of this SFT driver versus the other Ping G400’s is the tungsten weighting in the heel of the head. As we stated earlier the engineers at Ping using Tungsten weighting in order to place weight in specific areas of the driver head.

The tungsten steel waiting on the ping SFT driver is placed closer to the heel in order to reduce slices. This should be especially helpful for beginners and high handicappers.

Conclusion Ping G400 SFT Review

We hope you enjoyed our Ping G400 SFT driver review. If you have any questions regarding this review or any of the features of the product be sure to reach out in the comments below. If you did enjoy this review please be sure to check out some of our others. Such as a review of the Taylor-made M3 driver.

If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.
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