Bushnell V4 Shift vs V5 Shift Reviewed

We understand it can be tough to sort your way through all the golf equipment on the market. With tons of new gear coming out each year it can be difficult to keep track. That’s why we’ve created this article on the Bushnell V4 vs V5 so you can figure out which rangefinder is best for your golf game.

What’s Different

In this section of our review we breakdown the major differences you are going to find between the Bushnell V4 and V5

Magnification 5x vs 6x

One major factor you should notice right away is the difference in magnification. The Bushnell V5 has increased the magnification of this model from 5x to 6x.

This makes the process of spotting your target and finding it’s range even easier. If you are a golfer that doesn’t have great eyesight this increase in magnification will be especially helpful.

The 5x magnification on the Bushnell V4 is still standard for most rangefinders and shouldn’t be a deal-breaker but the increase to the 6x magnification is noticeable.

Convenient Cart Magnet

One of the most positively received change sin the Bushnell rangefinder it the cart magnet. If you check through the reviews of this rangefinder on amazon you will notice almost every review mentions this magnet.

What is the number one reason you fail to use your rangefinder? Let me guess It’s because you don’t have on you and the hassle of digging through your bag before each shot is too much of a hassle

This powerful magnet allows you to attach the cart magnet to the frame of the golf cart in order to keep it easily accessible throughout your entire round.

This is not only going to make the process of using the rangefinder easier but will also likely encourage you to use your rangefinder much more often.


The only other major difference we found between these models was price. Golfers looking to find the cheapest option will have better luck with the Bushnell V4 if they do some digging.

The price difference between these models isn’t massive but if you do your research you should be able to shave off $20-40 by choosing the Bushnell V4

What’s The Same

This section of our review covers the features that are offered on both of these Bushnell ranegfinders. This section is not mean to compare the two models but rather let you know some of the common features between them.

Pin seeker with jolt Technology

Both of these rangefinders include Bushnell’s Pin seeker feature with jolt technology. This pin seeker feature isolates the pin allowing you to easily pinpoint it with your rangefinder.

Once the pin is located the jolt technology will vibrate several times to let you know that the currently displayed yardage is that of the pin.

This feature will make the process of determining the distance to flag stick quite easy and hassle free.

2 Year Warranty

Both of these Bushnell rangefinders come with two-year warranties. If you are planning on purchasing one model over the other because of fear of malfunction then you can rest assured that both of these models can be returned for full price if they begin to stop working within the two year period.

Who Is It For?

Bushnell V5

The Bushnell V5 is the best option for golfers looking for quality and convenience in their golf rangefinder. Though it comes with a marginally higher price tag the features on this Bushnell model are going to be appreciated.

Between the increased magnification and the magnetic cart feature we believe that the majority of golfers should opt for the Bushnell V5 over the V4

Bushnell V4

The Bushnell V4 is going to be the best option for golfers that are shopping on a bargain. Though the price difference between the two models isn’t huge it is still the cheaper option.

By choosing this model you will sacrifice a few handy features. But will still receive the same accuracy and durability from this model. If you are alright with losing some convenience in order to save some money than the V4 may be the better option for you.

Conclusion Bushnell V4 vs V5

We hope you enjoyed our guide on the Bushnell V4 vs V5. If you have any questions regarding this article or any of the products included on please be sure to reach. You can do this in the comments below.

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