Callaway 200 Laser Rangefinder Vs 300 Pro

Choosing the right golf equipment can be a daunting task. With new releases from tons of brands happening each year it can be tough to keep up. Luckily this review is on hand to breakdown the Callaway 200 vs 300 rangefinder so you can pick the best one for your game.

What’s Different Callaway 200 Rangefinder vs 300 Pro

In this portion of our article we breakdown all the differences that are present between these two models of rangefinders.

Magnification Range

The first feature we are going to compare is the magnification range of this rangefinder. Both of these models feature a six times magnification on their lense but their magnification range is not the same.

The Callaway 300 Pro features a range of up to 1000 feet compared to the maximum 800-foot range of the Callaway 200. This is a 25% increase in magnification range.

Pin Acquisition Range

Another differing feature between these two rangefinders is the pin acquisition range. The maximum pin acquisition range for the Callaway 200 is 275 yards. While the Callaway 300 Pro features a range of 300 yards.

This, of course, is not a huge difference in distance. But depending on your course and how often you like to use your rangefinder this range may make a difference in how helpful your rangefinder is.

Audible Chirp Feature

This fun “birdie” feature is only offered on the Callaway 300 rangefinder. Once locked in on the pin the Callaway 300 Pro will create a chirping noise in order to indicate an upcoming birdie.

This feature obviously does not affect the performance of the rangefinder but it can be a fun feature to have as it makes for a great golf course tool to get some laughs.

Slope Measurement

The slope measurement is another important factor that differentiates these two rangefinders.

The slope measurement feature takes into account the angle of the incline or decline to find a slope adjusted distance. This improves the overall accuracy of the rangefinder.

This feature is only offered on the Callaway 300 Pro and is not built into the Callaway 200.


The final difference we are going to cover between these two golf rangefinders is their appearance. This, of course, is not an incredibly important feature but we found it worth mentioning that the Callaway 300 pro has a much better looking exterior.

If your the sort of golfer that likes to appreciate how their golf equipment looks then you are going to prefer the Callaway 300 Pro.

What is The Same?

6x Magnification Capability

Both of these golf rangefinders feature the same six times magnification capability. This means when you look down sight on these Callaway range finders you find the image will be 6x multiplied.

This is important as it makes it easier for you to see and accurately find the range of far objects like trees or the flag stick.

Easy To Read LCD Display

Both of these Callaway rangefinders feature the same easy to read LCD display. This makes reading the distances you are pinging incredibly easy to read even in low light.

Water and Fog Proof

Both the Callaway 200 and 300 Pro rangefinders are water and fog proof. This means if you happen to take these rangefinders out during some inclement weather you will find they will not be damaged.

Who is it for?

Callaway 300 Pro

If you are choosing between these two rangefinders than the Callaway 300 Pro is your top option if your first priority is performance. At the end of the day the Callaway 300 offers a better user experience.

The accuracy and performance of the 300 Pro simply makes this model the better option for golfers that are simply looking for the better of the two products.

Callaway 200

The Callaway 200 rangefinder is for those golfers looking for a quality range finder without breaking the bank.

If you are willing to purchase one of these range finders second hand you will find you are able to save some money when compared to the 300 Pro.

The Callaway 200 is still quite a capable and should be able to do everything you need it to do on the course. You will just find it does not have the bells and whistles that you would see on the Callaway 300.

Conclusion Callaway 200 Laser Rangefinder Vs 300 Pro

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the Callaway 200 Laser Rangefinder vs The Callaway 300 Pro rangefinder. If you have any questions regarding this article or either of the rangefinders we’ve included on it please be sure to reach out in the comments below.

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