Cobra F8 Vs Cobra F9 Speedback

It can be tough to determine which driver is best for your golf game. With each golf manufacturer coming out with new lines of clubs each year it begs the question if the new models are worth the high price tag. That’s why this article is on hand in order to breakdown the Cobra F8 vs The Cobra F9 Speedback driver.

What Are the Differences

Speedback Aero Design

The speedback aero design is a new feature on the Cobra F9. And something that was not included on last years F8 or F8 plus drivers.

This feature was built by the Cobra golf engineers in order to make this clubhead as aerodynamic as possible. It is actually the first driver head that utilizes a raised skirt, rounded leading edge, and rounded crown to improve airflow

What this does is allow the clubhead to more efficiently cut through the air. This ultimately increases your clubhead speed.

360 Aero

The 360 Aero is another aerodynamic based feature of the Cobra F9 speedback that was not featured on the older models of this club.

The club uses its Polymer crown trips and titanium sole trips. These are placed on the clubhead based on the airflow around the club. Their purpose to reduce the drag of the clubhead during your swing.

Pwr Ridges

The pwr ridges are another club speed based feature that works to get more distance on your shots. These ridges enhance the aerodynamics of the golf club and allow you a greater clubhead speed.

This increased speed generates more power to your golf ball and ultimately results in more distance on your drives.

What Is The Same

Ultralight Carbon Crowns

Though there are some small differences such as the shaping of the crowns themselves both of these drivers feature ultra-light carbon crowns.

These ultralight crowns allow the engineers at Cobra to have some discretionary weight. They can then place this weight around the driver’s clubface in order to manipulate the center of gravity.

These lightweight carbon crowns are a great feature. And are used on both drivers to allow for a lowered center CG which increases the forgiveness of the club.

Precision Milled Face

Both the Cobra F8 and the F9 speedback feature precision-milled faces. These precision-milled faces offer you a hot and thin clubface.

These are the only driver models that offer CNC milling as of writing this.

Forged E9 Face

The forged E 9 face is a great little feature that uses golfer data to determine the placement of their sweet spot.

Typically drivers use a small circle in the center of clubface as the sweet spot of their club. Cobra realized that many golfers typically mishit their drives in the low heel or high toe.

For this reason, the forged E9 face allows for a more oval-shaped sweet spot which includes some low heel and high toe areas.

This feature helps to offer golfers more sweet spot areas further away from the centre of the clubface.

My Fly Adjustable Loft

The easily adjustable loft is a feature you are going to find on both the Cobra F8 plus and the Cobra F9 speedback.

This handy little feature allows you to easily adjust the loft of your club through several different loft settings.

Both drivers include eight loft settings to choose from, all of which will affect your launch, trajectory, and spin.

Adjustable CG

The adjustable weights on these drivers is another handy feature that allows you to make this driver yours. The adjustable weights on the Cobra F9 are position in the same place as the Cobra F8+. But in a slightly different spot than the standard Cobra F8.

The adjustment of the centre of gravity in this driver allows you to manipulate the trajectory of the ball as well as the spin you will generate with your shots.

Who Is It For

As you can see in the differences section the majority of changes that came with Cobra F9 Speedback driver were put in place to increase the aerodynamics of this club.

And it worked…

This clubhead speed on the Cobra F9 speed back is incredibly high which means you should be able to generate some extra distance with this club in your hands.

If you are looking to increase your clubhead speed and put some extra distance on the ball then the Cobra F9 speedback is the club for you.

The Cobra F8 still carries a lot of the same features you will see on the F9. The F8 is not going to give you the extra distance boost from the new aerodynamics but is still a great club in it’s own right.

If you are looking to find some extra distance in your game you may want to opt for the F9. But if you are looking to save some money and don’t mind losing a few yards on your drive then the F8 is the better option for you.

Conclusion F8 Vs F9 Speedback Driver

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the cobra F8 vs F9 speedback driver. If you have any questions regarding this article or either of the drivers we included in it we hope you reach out in the comments below.

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