Get Back Into Golf – A guide to returning to the course

Whether it’s just a winter season or a few years away from the course it’s easy to build up a little rust in your golf game. With how complex the golf swing is it makes sense it some time away can seriously affect your ability to play.

Luckily for you, there are plenty of drills activities and educational resources that can help you get back to your golf game and have you playing better than ever. In this article, we’re going to break down the best ways to get your golf game back as fast as possible.

Before The Course

If you’re looking up this article you’re looking for ways you can improve your golf game. Hopefully before you’re back out on the course. You don’t want your first memory of coming back to golf to be a shank in a in front of a gallery. So we understand why you may want to work on a few things before you’re out on the links.

Mental Preparation

Mental preparation is one great way you can improve your golf game at home. As you know golf is an incredibly mental sport and having the right mindset in the process while on the course is going to help you play your best game.

Proper Swing Thoughts

One great way to prep mentally is by preparing a proper swing thought. Swing thoughts are the thoughts you have in your head in order to ensure that you have a proper swing.

The key essentials of the swing thought are to not be too technical or complicated. Think easy enough to think without throwing off the natural flow of your swing.

An example of swing thought could be a simple as “see ball hit ball “. This sort of swing thought would encourage you to keep the proper tempo as well as keep your golf swing simple.

Read A Golf Book

Another great way for mental preparation is by reading books. There are tons of golf books out there that teach you how to perfect the mental aspect of your game. By reading through many of these books some written by the greatest golfers ever you find that there are many mental tips and tricks you can use to accelerate your game.

Another way in which you can mentally prepare for your first golf game back is by developing a pre-shot routine. A pre shot routine is a short series of steps you take prior to hitting your ball. These are done in order to get you in the right mindset. By developing a proper pre-shot routine you find yourself much more confident as you hit your ball.

The major focus is a pre-shot routine tend to be alignment, set up, as well as visualization. The steps ensure that your aim and direction of the shot are properly set up as you address the ball.

Watching Golf

Another great way to prepare for your next golf game is by watching golf on television. Right now you’re likely saying my golf game isn’t anywhere near the pros. Now that may be true. But right now there are still many things you can pick up from watching the pros play.

One great thing to pick up this course manager. I watching the pros you’ll understand how they play the course and what kind of shots they make at what time. This course management allows these golfers to shoot their best possible score by making smart decisions on the course. This is something that many amateur golfers can use to their advantage especially on their home course.

Shot Selection

One more thing you can pick up from watching the pros playing on TV is shot selection. Similar to course management shot selection is the choosing of specific shots depending on your situation.

An example of this could be when your 200 yards out from the green on a par five. It could be tempting to hit the three wood. But if you’re anything like most golfers that club isn’t perfectly reliable.

By choosing to play a layup shot with you iron you might find that you end up scoring better overall. By paying attention to shot selection and trying to put strategies you can find which one best suits your golf game.

At Home Practice

Now if you’re looking to spent some of your time practising the actual game of golf there’s still a few ways can you do this within your home. Though you won’t be completing full swings like you would on the course or at the range you can still use the confines of your home the perfect one of the most important aspects of golf, the short game.

Indoor Putting Green

One great way to practice your short game is by simply using an indoor putting green. There are tons and tons of putting greens available online. These can be used within your own home in order to improve your game.

Many of these are just simple straight greens used to practice a straight stroke. Though, if you are more inclined you can purchase putting greens that offer you inclines. As well as non-straight greens so you can practice putts of many different magnitude’s.

If you don’t want to purchase a putting green there’s still some putting drills you can do at home. Provided you have a carpet in your apartment. Just from using a few golf tees in your carpet as markers, there are still many putting drills you can complete.

These drills will improve the weight of your putts, the alignment of your putts. As well as ensure you have a proper swing gate. If you want to check out some great at home putting drills click the link here.

Practice On Carpet

Another great way to practice your short game at home is chipping. Chipping much like putting is a shot that relies a ton on feel. And the only way to really get the shot sorted out is through practice.

Luckily for you, chipping at home is one of the best ways to practice. One great way to practice chipping at homes by purchasing a golf chipping net. Practice chipping nets are a great product you can use at home to accelerate your game.

These net aligned and practiced at a variety of distances will give you a much better feel with the club in your hands. With consistent practice with a golf chipping net and a putting green you will find that your short game will be much more prepared as you come back to the course.

Coming Back To The Course

Once you actually come back to the course they’re gonna be a few things you want to keep in mind in order to make sure you play your best game. These simple things are important to remember as you play your first round back of golf. Because let’s be honest this first round may not be so easy.

Expect Poor Play

One pill you’re gonna need to swallow is the fact that your first round of golf back is not going to be great. You need to understand the golf is a very technical game. And by taking a lot of time off it is incredibly difficult to come back and play up to your own standards.

You’re going to hit at least a few poor shots throughout your first round back. So you need to know that and not let these shots get the best of you. As you already know from our mental preparation section golf is an incredibly mental game. Allowing these poor shots to take hold of you during your round will throw you off significantly.

When you come back onto the course be sure to expect these poor shots. Be ready to look right past them the second they happen. This is key to making sure that first round back of golf doesn’t get out of your hands.

Avoid Feel Shots When Possible

One of the more difficult shots to hit when coming back to golf are feel shots. Like we covered in putting and chipping. These kind of shots requires a consistent amount of use in order to get a great result.

After stepping away from the game feel shots are going to be the most difficult ones to come back to. Now of course chipping and putting are going to have to be required throughout your round. Though there are several other feels that you should try and avoid.

An example of a feel shot to avoid would be taking a three-quarter swing with a 7-iron to try and set it up to the green.

Due to your feel likely being off from your time away from the game. Making a three-quarter shot is going to be difficult to do accurately. That’s why we found it’s best to make sure you swing with your full club on these early rounds back. As feel shots are most likely not going to be your friend.

Get Time Out On The Practice

Even though you’ve been practising at home it’s important you get out and play on some real turf. Try and arrive early to your first round and see if you can get some time in on the practice green. If it’s a sort of a green that allows chipping and putting make sure you make use of both.

This will allow you to get a feel for the speeds of the greens as well as getting the real feeling of the club swinging to the grass in your hands. Getting these few putts or chips in before your round should give you a little more confidence as you approach your first few greens.

Warm up at the range

Another important thing to do before your first round is to warm up at the range. If you’re at a course that has a practice range this will be incredibly handy.

It’s tough to go an entire season without doing a full club swing so getting of these for a few shots are going be incredibly important. Even if it’s just to get the feel of the club back in your hands. Or just to get rid of some first tee jitters spending a little time at the range before your round can be extremely helpful.

Remember To Have fun

Although this sounds like an obvious tip this is actually quite important. You have to remember that at the end at the end of the day golf is still a game you’re playing for fun and enjoyment. If you get caught up too much in your scores in handicap you’re going to find you not really using this game to relax and enjoy it like you should. Try and use this time at the golf course challenge yourself remember that the purpose of this game is to enjoy it.

Conclusion getting back into golf

Hope you enjoyed our guide on how to get back into golf. If you have any questions regarding this article or any of the tips we can include it on this be sure to reach out in the comments below. If you did enjoy this article and you want to check out some of our others be sure to check out our guide to golf terminology.

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