Golf Battle Format – How To Play

The Golf Battle format, also known as “battle golf” is an incredibly fun way to play a round with some friends. This golf format was featured in the Tiger Woods PGA video games and has become popular ever since. Here is how it works.

To start this game you will play out the holes in standard match play format. This means you are scoring the game based on who won the hole instead of the total of strokes.

The catch is that whoever wins the hole has two choices. They can choose to select one club from their opponent’s bag. Or they can choose to add a club back to their bag if it has been taken.

Typically golfers like to choose a few clubs from their bag that are protected. The most common club to protect is the putter. Some other groups like to prevent the putter and the 5-iron from being removed from your bag.

And finally some golfers allow any club to be taken from their bag. It is up to you and your group to decide this portion of the rules.

Once the round is complete the golfer that has won the most holes is the champion.

Who Is This Format For?

This format is best suited for golfers that are mid to low handicappers. The reason for this is because this game is going to be much more difficult than your average round.

As you can image playing a golf format in which you lose clubs is going to slow down the pace of play. For this reason taking away a high handicappers trusty club may result in a ton of lost balls.

This is going to greatly slow down your round and will likely not be a fun experience. For this reason we suggest you play this format with golfers who can keep pace even when losing clubs throughout the round.

Strategy To Golf Battle Format

Like any sport or game there are some strategies you can utilize when learning to play this golf game.

Know Your Opponents Clubs

One great way to get a leg up on the competition is to know what clubs are your opponents favourite. If they have a killer drive then the driver would be a club you would target. If they tend to use the same wedge regardless of the circumstance then that is a club you want to go after.

Keep On Eye On Upcoming holes

Another way to increase you odds of winning this game is to keep an eye on upcoming holes. The upcoming holes are likely going to require certain clubs to achieve a good score.

An example of this could be a hole in which you need a long drive to carry the water. It is in these circumstances that you can utilize this knowledge to take out a club your opponent will need.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope this guide has taught you everything you need to know about the golf battle format. If you have questions about this article you can reach out through our contact page.

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