Hammer Golf Game Format – How To Play

The hammer golf game also known as hammers is great golf format that can be played 1 v 1 or 2 v 2. If you are looking for a three player golf game you may want to check our guide to the ghost golf format.

The hammer golf game is a great way to put a little money on the line during your next round. Here is how it works.

Prior to the round the golfers must decide the wager they want to place on each hole. Common examples are $1 per hole or $2 hole. For this example we will use $2.

Golfers play the hole in a match play format. This means whoever has lower strokes on the hole wins that hole and the $2 wagered on it. The twist is that the players are able to drop the “hammer” at any time during the hole.

When a golfer drops the hammer he is effectively doubling down on the bet. This means the hole he or she drops the hammer on is now worth $4.

Once a player drops the hammer it is then the others players turn to drop it. So if player 1 drops the hammer on the first hole. Then player 2 has the hammer and can choose to drop it whenever he likes.

This could be on the 2nd or 3rd hole or even again on the first hole. If two hammers are dropped on the same hole then the wager is doubled again and should be worth $8.

It is only after player 2 has dropped the hammer that player 1 can then do it again.

If a hole if halved then it is a wash. Meaning that no money is won by either player.

Variations Of The Hammer Golf Game

Like most golf side games there are many variations of the rules and scoring. Here are a few alternative versions that golfers play of the hammer game.

Air Hammers

If you are playing the air hammers variation of the hammer golf game then you will have to call you “hammers” while the opponents ball is in the air.

This means if you opponent has a bad drive and you want to double the bet you must decide before it hits the ground. Or you could wait until his next shot and call it while it is in the air.

This adds a little more excitement to the game and makes the process of using your hammers a little riskier.

Accepting And Declining Hammers

Another variation of this game allows golfers to decline and accept when their opponent lays a hammer down. If a golfer decides to decline a hammer he forfeits the current hole and it’s wager. This means if the hole is worth $2 he will have to pay up.

Though the golfer will have to pay the wager that was set prior to the hammer be played. A golfer would only decline a hammer if he knows he is going to lose the hole. This will allow how to mitigate some of his losses.

Accepting a hammer just means you are allowing the wager to double on the hole and you will not be forfeiting.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope you learned everything you needed to know about the hammer golf format. If you have any more questions about this golf side game please reach out through our contact page.

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