One Club Golf Game Tournament Format – How To Play

The one club golf format is the sort golf game that makes golf purists throwing fits. This game is far from your regular round as to play in this format you are only able to use one club. Here is how this game works.

Golfers must play the entire round using only a single club and yes this includes putting. If you are playing one club as a tournament format the organizers may tell you which club you must use for your round.

If they do not specify then you are able to choose any club from the bag as your club for the round.

A game of one club is typically played in medal/stroke play. This means once the round is done golfers add up all their strokes and the golfer with the fewest is the winner.

Who Is this Game For

Since it is quite difficult to play an entire round with a single club. This game often lends itself to mid to low handicappers. The main reason for this is the pace of play.

If you are a beginner or high handicapper you may struggle with this format. The lack of clubs is going to greatly slow your pace of play down. And if you are taking too long you may end up backing up the course.

If you are playing in a tournament this is not a worry. As each player will be playing in this format. But if you are playing with a friend you may want to be sure you are up to a certain skill level.

Late Or Early Season Uses Of One Club Golf Game

As fall starts to roll around the conditions of your course typically take a hit. And as the greens become more difficult to putt it can be frusturating.

Since you likely won’t score your best round in these tough conditions it can make sense to have some fun. This present a great time to play one club. Sure it won’t be anywhere near your normal score. But you will have a chance to play out this format while the course conditions are in repair.

Learning Your Clubs

The one club golf format also works as a great way to get a better feel of your clubs. If you have the opportunity to play a lot of golf this season then mixing in a fews rounds of one club is not a bad idea.

Golfers will find that playing with a single club is going to greatly improve your ability to use that club in your future rounds. A round of 18 will likely be the same amount a shots as a large bucket of balls.

It will also allow you to hit this club in many different scenarios on the course. This can be a great learning experience for golfers looking to improve on certain irons.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the one club golf game. If you have any questions regarding this game please reach out through our contact page. If you want to check out some other golf games see our guide to golf battle format.

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