Three Club Monte Golf Format – How To Play

If you are here you are likely looking to learn the rules of the three club monte golf format. This fun golf format is a great way to add some more excitement to your next round of golf. Here is how it works.

In the three club monte format golfers are able to select three clubs from their bag. They then must play the entirety of the round using these three clubs. The scoring of this game is typically done in stroke play format.

This means that once you have completed your round you tally up your total strokes. The golfer or team with the lowest number of strokes during the round is the winner.

This format is most often played amongst friends in a threesome or foursome. Though this format can also be used in tournament play.

Using A Putter In Three Club Monte

One variation of this golf format is that some golfers play this game with a putter included while others don’t. What we mean by this is some forms of this game work by selecting three clubs and using your putter.

While others will select three clubs one of which being the putter. This of course makes a large difference in the game.

We found it to be much more common to choose three clubs as well as a putter. So if you are looking to play this game this is the more common method.

If you want to check out other club elimination formats see our guide to the one club golf game.

What Clubs To Choose In Three Club Monte

When selecting your clubs in three club monte you want to be sure you make the right selection. Choosing your clubs for this game is likely going to have more of an effect on your score than any one shot on the course.

First off, if you are playing the version in which a putter is not included then the putter is the first club you want to select.

In the PGA over 40% of shots are taken with a putter. This should go to show you how important it is to have this club in your bag.

When it comes to your other club selections you are going to want to have a relatively high loft iron. This will work as your wedge when chipping as well as your go-to iron for approach shots.

You then want to incorporate some distance clubs. These are typically hybrids or fairway woods. These clubs are going to be used off the tee. They will also be used form the fiarway in long yardage situations.

Your should likely be a mid iron that you can use to approach the green from a fair distance away. This is usually in the 6 or 7 iron range.

That being said half the fun of this golf game is selecting your clubs and seeing how they work out. Try not to take it too seriously and enjoy the round

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