How high to tee a golf ball?

If you’re like most golfers at some point you’ve wondered if you are teeing the ball up at an appropriate height. After all, an improperly tee’d up ball can lead to some unfavourable results. That’s why this article is on hand breakdown how high to tee a golf ball. As well as how to high to tee up drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, and irons.

Teeing Up A Driver

When teeing up a driver the standard tee height is going to leave the center of the golf ball at the same height as the top of your driver’s club face.

In other words, about half of the golf ball should be higher than you driver as it rests on the ground.

This is the most common height for golfers to tee the ball. And is going to give you the standard flight and trajectory to your drives.

Can I Tee My Driver Up Higher?

Yes, some golfers prefer to have their golf balls tee’d up even higher than a half ball over the top of the clubface.

The benefits of teeing your golf ball up higher is that it will increase the loft of your drive. As it is more likely to hit higher on your clubface. The higher on the clubface the higher the loft angle.

This can helpful in some instances such as when you need your drive to carry a certain distance.

If you are wondering how much higher you should tee your ball up for this effect. You should know it is only a small amount. Essentially anything with more than a half ball higher than the top of the drivers clubface is considered teeing the ball up high.

You must also be aware that teeing up your ball can result in coming underneath the ball creating a high and very short drive.

Can I Tee My Driver Up Lower?

Another option for golfers looking to tee up their drivers is too tee it up lower. Anything with less than half the ball sitting higher than the top of the drivers clubface is considered teeing the ball low.

Teeing the ball low results in a much lower loft drive. This can be helpful when playing windy courses. As the low ball flight will be much less affected from the wind.

Teeing Up Fairway Woods And Hybrids

Teeing up your fairway woods and hybrids should be considered very similar to teeing up a long iron. These clubs are made to be hit from the fairway so a tall tee height is not necessary.

Teeing up these clubs just slightly off of the ground by about a half-inch. It should look as though the ball is resting on tops of the short blades of grass. This will simulate a perfect lie on the fairway.

You should also be aware that teeing up your irons, hybrids and woods will add a little extra distance to your shots. You can expect a five to ten yard increase on your shots.

Teeing up Irons For Par Threes

Teeing up an iron for a par three is a very simple process. Just place the tee into the ground so that the ball is resting just above the grass level.

You do not tee you iron tee high off of the ground. You will not want to swing your iron at a ball in a position you are not used to.

The ball should be sitting just above the grass. Once contact is made with the ball if hit properly should make a full divot after the ball.

Conclusion How High To Tee your Golf Ball

We hope you enjoyed our guide to teeing up your golf ball at the proper height. If you have any questions regarding this article or any of the information on it please be sure to reach out. You can do this in the comments below and we will be happy to get back to you.

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