Understanding Twilight Golf

If you don’t golf too often you may be wondering what the term twilight golf really means. This phrase is often seen on local golf courses offering golfers a deal or package for twilight golf. Throughout this article we are going to give you a full understanding of twilight golf and any other relevant information.

What Is Twilight Golf?

Twilight golf refers to playing a round of golf near sunset often for a cheaper green fee. Golf course at this time are not nearly as busy. And with twilight golf you have the implication that you may not finish the full 18 holes.

This golf comes at a cheaper price than a standard round of golf. And always take place at the end of the day.

What Is Supertwilight Golf?

Some golf courses start their twilight golf at around 2 PM or anytime in the early afternoon. This gives them room to promote “super twilight golf”.

This supertwilight golf comes in the late afternoon and is typically played until the sun goes down.

You will often find that with supertwilight golf the green fees will be even cheaper than regular twilight golf.

What is Double Twilight golf

Double twilight golf is simply a different name for super twilight golf. It is essentially the same thing an access an even later version of twilight golf that often comes out cheaper green fees.

How to get the most out of twilight golf?

If you’re looking to get the most of your twilight golf round you are going to want to look up your local sunset.

Determining when exactly the sun is going to go down is going to give you an opportunity to make sure you can finish all your rounds.

This form of golf is also a great opportunity for beginners golfers. You will find the course is much less busy at this time of day.

Is Twilight Golf Worth It?

Choosing when to play golf is a personal preference. But in our opinion we found that twilight golf is a great time to play.

We found this golf to be very much worth it. It gives you an opportunity to play the course while it is much more open. As well as, a chance to play a round of golf for a much cheaper fee.

What Hours Are Twilight Golf?

The most typicaly time for this type of golf is after 4PM. That being said the hours are not set in stone and vary from course to course.

This type of golf will rarely start before 2PM and usually starts at 4PM or 5PM.


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