Understanding Condors In Golf

We get it, golf has a ton of terminology, that paired with unwritten rules, complicated gear, and a huge amount of slang makes it pretty easy for anyone to get confused. That’s why this article is on hand to breakdown exactly what are condors in golf.

What is a condor in golf

A condor in golf is a score that is four under par on a single hole. In other words, it is a hole in one on a par five. Other names for a condor in golf are a triple eagle or double albatross.

How Many People Have Scored Condors In Golf

There are only four widely accepted accounts of players scoring a condor throughout all of golfs history.

Three of those four condors came from players cutting the corner on a dogleg par five. In these scenarios, golfers were able to avoid the trees and cut the corner of the hole entirely.

This greatly reduced the distance to the hole. This is how the golfer reached the green in a single shot. The only condor that was scored without cutting the corner of a dog leg happened in Denver Colorado. The golfer was able to reach the green on this hole due to the high altitude and thin air of Denver.

Has Anyone Scored A Condor On The PGA Tour?

No, all accounts of condors that have been scored did not occur in tournament play. No one has been able to score a condor while a camers was on them or while playing in a tournament.

Conclusion Understanding Condors In Golf

We hope you enjoyed our guide to understanding condors in golf. Do you have any questions regarding condors in golf? If so please be sure to reach out in the comments below.

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