Ping Blueprint Irons Review

Ping are one of the most reputable names in golf club manufacturing, with their products well known for performance and reliability. This Ping Blueprint Irons review is on hand to break down all of the innovative features the Ping Blueprint Irons offer. Allowing you to decide if they are the ideal irons for your bag.

Ping Blueprint Irons Features

Aerodynamic Blade Design

Adding control to your game off the ground is essential for all levels of player and clubhead reliability is arguably the biggest component within that.

The Ping Blueprint Irons are ergonomically designed to allow the user to maximise their club head control through the shot, which in turn can have a positive impact on the ball.

The Blade design of the Ping Blueprint Irons features an aerodynamic design on the club head, which improves the airflow around the club head, assisting with increased shot speed.

Furthermore, the carbon edges on the club head helps increase the aerodynamism – enabling control and speed increase in equal measure.

Thin Blade Heads

The thin blade heads on the Ping Blueprint Irons are at the forefront of golfing innovation, with the club head specially designed to assist all levels of golfer.

Ping have increased the level of control available to players through the thin blade head design, assisting with increased launch and less spin – enabling more control and distance once more.

In addition, the forgiveness added through the thinner blade head allows players to not always hit the sweet spot but still manage to get good results when striking with the Ping Blueprint Irons.

Bounce Specifications

When it comes to hitting the ball off the ground, being able to have a club you can swing get maximum launch from is a key consideration – no matter what level of golf you play.

The Ping Blueprint Irons contain innovative bounce technology throughout the club head – allowing players to hit bigger and longer, without losing any of the sweet spot.

Compared to some of the other drivers on the market, the Ping Blueprint Irons are one of the most receptive iron options on the market, making it perfect for all levels of golfer and the durable shaft makes them versatile to all playing conditions too.

Ping Blueprint Irons – Consumer Analysis

Buying a new set of irons will have a significant impact on your golf game and there are many considerations to factor in to such a significant purchase. The Ping Blueprint Irons are no different in that regard so be sure to assess all of the options available to you and your game before investing.

  • Increased Control
  • Sleek Design
  • Reputable Brand
  • Pricing Structure

Ping are one of the pioneers of the golf equipment industry. Few manufacturers can compete with Ping across their range of products and particularly with drivers and irons – they have a reputation of being one of the very best on the market.

Increased Control

The Ping Blueprint Irons are looking to improve control across all levels of golfer when using their irons. Whilst not every player needs to add speed and/or distance to their game, being able to control the ball on whatever shot you wish to play, is hugely impactful on one’s golf game.

When it comes to performance, Ping are rarely beaten, and no expense is spared with the forgiveness technology included in these Irons. The aerodynamic design coupled with the advanced bounce specifications on the irons, make the user results are broadly positive for consumers.

Due to their notoriety within the golfing world, Ping’s product range is generally pretty expensive, and the Ping Blueprint Irons is no different. Of course, you get what you pay for and they good value for money, but not everybody can afford to indulge in their golf game so testing before you buy is always recommended.

Consumer opinion of the Ping Blueprint Irons is positive with most people deeming it excellent in terms of performance and value for money. Adding control, ball speed and accuracy to your game is a USP for most players and the Ping Blueprint Irons deliver on every front.

Cost and Value – Ping Blueprint Irons

In this section of our Ping Blueprint Irons review we break down the cost and value of these clubs. Ping have a reputation to uphold as one of the best golfing equipment manufacturers in the world and the Ping Blueprint Irons were one of their biggest product launches in 2019.

With an RRP of £1499 when first launched, the Ping Blueprint Irons are certainly at the upper end of the iron market.

As time has developed and new offerings have been made by competitors, the Ping Blueprint Irons have reduced in price slightly and can be acquired for around £1200.

In terms of innovation however, the Ping Blueprint Irons were ahead of their time and many other equipment manufacturers have followed the design template with increased speed on top of the menu for many recreational golfers.

Frequently Asked Questions – Ping Blueprint Irons

Do the Ping Blueprint Irons come with a Headcover?

Whilst covers can be purchased for Ping Blueprint Irons, they don’t come as default when first bought.

What is the weight of the Ping Blueprint Irons?

Accuracy and control are the name of the game with the Ping Blueprint Irons and with a shaft weight of 110g, keeping your swing aligned and on plain is simple.

Can I adjust my Ping Blueprint Irons?

Grip, club weight and club length adjustments can be made to the Ping Blueprint Irons but generally, they are used as they are sold. Adjustments can, of course, be made by professionals, but Ping doesn’t recommend tweaking with the biomechanics of the clubs too much.

What is the club head volume of the Ping Blueprint Irons?

Of course, every iron is different in terms of its length when hitting and in club mechanics and the Ping Blueprint Irons are in-keeping with that trend.

The innovative blade design in addition to the bounce specification features allow easy access to the sweet spot on the Ping Blueprint Irons – allowing users to get the maximum distance on every shot with the Ping Blueprint Irons.


To conclude our Ping Blueprint Irons review here are our final thoughts. Ping have one of the best golfing equipment reputations out there, with professionals and amateur’s alike all awash with Ping kit.

With such a popular and reputable brand, it is perhaps no surprise that the Ping Blueprint Irons are one of the very best options available on the market for all levels of player.

The key attraction for golfers is control. Adding control to your game will greatly enhance the scores every level of player can achieve out on the golf course and the design of the Ping Blueprint Irons allows players to hit the ball further and under control, more regularly.

In addition, the bounce specification technology on the Ping Blueprint Irons increases spin, forgiveness, and control – allowing players to hit their shots safe in the knowledge that their ball should be somewhere near the target if they connect well.

Whilst they are certainly not the cheapest option on the market, the Ping Blueprint Irons certainly represent good value for money (for those who can afford them) and for those looking to add control to their game, they are the perfect choice.

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