Taylormade P7TW Irons Review

Few names in golf are as reputable as Taylormade and it you’re looking to add some consistency to your game, the Taylormade P7TW irons could the clubs for you. This Taylormade P7TW Irons review is on hand to break down all of the innovative features of these irons, allowing you to decide if they are the ideal clubs for your bag.

Taylormade P7TW Features

Tiger Woods Endorsed

Whilst he may not be at the peak of his golfing powers, few names in the sport transcend golf as much as Tiger Woods. The 15-time major winner continues to be the most talked about player in the game and his link up with Taylormade gives the Taylormade P7TW irons extra kudos.

Having been affiliated with Nike for many years, Woods has struggled to find the right club manufacturer for him but since he came on board with Taylormade, his fortunes have improved markedly.

His 2019 Masters win was completed with the Taylormade P7TW irons and whilst of course the clubs will set you back a fair few dollars, being able to play with the same clubs as Tiger is hugely appealing for all levels of golfer.

Milled Edge Technology

Whilst it was slower to the draw than driver technology, the advancements in iron manufacturing in recent years have seen the iron market boom.

The Taylormade P7TW irons possess state of the art milled edge technology, which allows players to get maximum distance when striking the ball as well as control through the shot.

Whether it be on longer irons, in an attempt to generate a cleaner ball strike or when looking for spin from the shorter sticks, the Taylormade P7TW irons all benefit from the milled edge design.

Tungsten Weighing Technology

As a concept, Tungsten Weighted Technology is a very dated idea within golf and originates from the 19th century. The thinking behind the innovation is that forces working against each other within the iron club head can align the ball when irons are used at speed.

Thankfully, technology has progressed significantly since the 19th century and the Taylormade P7TW irons is the epitome of golfing innovation and the tungsten weighting allows players to get a deeper feel on every strike and hit the ball further and straighter.

In addition, the tungsten weighting on the Taylormade P7TW irons gives every club a bigger sweet spot, enabling greater control – regardless of your playing level.

Consumer Analysis

Purchasing a new set of irons is a significant investment and formulating a rounded opinion from consumers is always key. All Taylormade products tends to cause a bit of a splash in the market, with consumers clambering for a try and the Taylormade P7TW irons were no different. Add into the mix the intrigue and speculation that comes with the Tiger Woods link and the Taylormade P7TW irons became the biggest selling iron set of 2019.


  • Technological Innovations
  • Forgiveness
  • Increased Club Head Speed and Distance


  • Pricing

Of all the reviews found, increased club head control appears to be the key innovation with the Taylormade P7TW irons. In comparison to previous Taylormade iron seys and some market rivals, the Taylormade P7TW irons are great at keeping the ball on the straight and narrow.

Technological Innovations

The technological innovations on the Taylormade P7TW irons are well documented and most consumers appeared to find using the milled edge technology very useful. Being able to control the ball off the ground is key and the milled edge technology appears to greatly assist players in that department.

In conjunction with the increased club control, the tungsten weighting technology on the club face of the Taylormade P7TW irons was generally seen as a very effective tool, that added distance and spin for most users.

In addition, having Tiger Woods’s endorsement has certainly helped club sales and notoriety and whilst it has no direct impact on performance, it has boosted the profile of the clubs worldwide.


The combination of all of the features on the Taylormade P7TW irons certainly assisted with forgiveness, with that being a key theme through all the reviews analysed.

Irons are notoriously expensive pieces of kit and the Taylormade P7TW irons are no different. One constant throughout all of the reviews was the price of the Taylormade P7TW irons and how that could be a deterrent – particularly for amateur golfers.

Overall, the general feedback on the Taylormade P7TW irons from consumers was broadly positive. With increased distance, accuracy and speed coupled with technological advancements to use at their disposal, consumers appear to be very happy with the Taylormade P7TW irons.

Cost and Value – Taylormade P7TW Irons

Next on our Taylormade P7TW Irons Review is the cost and value. In this section we break down the price of this iron set and determine if it’s worth the cost.

As with anything in life, you generally get what you pay for. The Taylormade P7TW irons are currently available for around £1,399 – putting it in the high price range in comparison to other iron sets made in 2019.

The Taylormade P7TW irons burst onto the scene in April 2019 and were priced at around £1,750 when first available and with Taylormade constantly evolving their product range, the P7TW irons have reduced in price slightly.

Despite being a year and a half old, the Taylormade P7TW irons are still one of the most innovative iron sets on the market and represent real value for money.

Frequently Asked Questions – Taylormade P7TW irons

Do the Taylormade P7TW irons come with a covers?

Whilst covers can be purchased for Taylormade P7TW Irons, they don’t come as default when first bought.

What is the weight of the Taylormade P7TW Irons?

Control is the name of the game with the Taylormade P7TW irons and with a shaft weight of just 100g, keeping the ball in play is simple.

Can I adjust my Taylormade P7TW Irons?

Grip, club weight and club length adjustments can be made to the Taylormade P7TW irons but generally they are used as they are sold. Adjustments can of course be made by professionals, but Taylormade don’t recommend tweaking with the biomechanics of the clubs too much.

What is the club head volume of the Taylormade P7TW irons?

Of course, every club is different in terms of its length and the Taylormade P7TW irons are the same in that regard.

Club head volume changes from club to club with the Taylormade P7TW irons but the extra-large sweet spot, combined with the tungsten weighting technology gives the club a comfortable feel on address.

Conclusion Taylormade P7TW Irons Review

The Taylormade P7TW irons are a market innovators, for all levels of golfer and their innovative features see their irons stand out from the rest. With the Tiger Woods endorsement adding an increased profile to the clubs, in addition to the milled edge and tungsten weighted club heads – ball striking with the Taylormade P7TW irons is a breeze for all levels of player.

Whilst the Taylormade P7TW irons certainly aren’t the cheapest option, they appear to be worth the investment. This concludes our Taylormade P7TW Irons review.

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