Srixon Z Forged Irons Review

When it comes to using your irons off the fairway or the tee, finding clubs you can rely on and trust is essential. Srixon are one of the best-known brands within the game of golf and the Srixon Z Forged Irons are one of their newest forays into the congested iron market. This Srixon Z Forged Irons review is on hand to break down all of the innovative features that the Srixon Z Forged Irons have, allowing you to decide if it’s the ideal iron set for your bag and of course, your wallet.

A manufacturer known for high quality products, Srixon have a reputation to uphold of producing world class clubs, for all levels of player and the Srixon Z Forged Irons are one of the best performing clubs on the market within its price range.

Srixon Z Forged Irons Features

Cutting Edge Blade Design

Finding innovative ways to add distance and increased club head speed with iron manufacturers is often a difficult task but the Srixon Z Forged Irons are market leading clubs. Srixon’s unique club styling makes them one of the most recognisable brands on the market and whilst the blade design is often seen across their range of irons, it is particularly beneficial on the Srixon Z Forged Irons.

In addition, the curved, wavy design of the Srixon Z Forged Irons are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also enable longer hitting distances with their aerodynamic design.

Spin Friendly Club Face

Iron blade clubs are notoriously spin friendly with the Srixon Z Forged Irons perfect for those looking to put more revolutions on the ball. An element often overlooked when it comes to club manufacturing, the face on any club can have a huge impact on distance, control, and general driving performance. But spin is often disregarded and seen as something exclusively for better players. Being able to add spin to the ball is essential when looking to shave shots off your score and the spin friendly club face on the Srixon Z Forged Irons is one of its overriding features.

Srixon’s V-Sole

Whilst many manufacturers aren’t too specific in their club face specifications, Srixon always look to inform their customers of the innovations used on the face of their irons. The Srixon Z Forged Irons are equipped with a V-Sole design that is specifically designed to prevent against digging into the ground when striking the ball.

The V-Sole also increases the hitting area and the sweet spot on the Srixon Z Forged Irons, allowing for maximum distance and forgiveness when addressing the ball on the fairway or off the tee.

Consumer Analysis

Next on our Srixon Z forged irons review is the consumer analysis. This is wehre we break down what consumers really think of these golf clubs. Whilst they may not always be seen as at the peak of golfing equipment manufacturing, Srixon are a reputable brand within sport.

Consumers will always have confidence when buying a Srixon product and the Srixon Z Forged Irons are no different. That said, irons are essential and expensive purchases, therefore assessing the features attached to each iron set is crucially important before investing your hard-earned cash.

  • Innovative Iron Technology
  • Unique Design
  • Control
  • Pricing Structure


The golf club manufacturing market is very crowded – particularly in the iron set department. Srixon, however, possess an excellent reputation as a reliable and trustworthy golf club production company. Sponsoring some of the biggest names in the game, across all ranges of clubs, balls and apparel, Srixon are one of the best in the business.

Historically, their range of irons perhaps didn’t stand up so well in comparison to some of the other market offerings, but the Srixon Z Forged Irons are some of the very best around.


Technologically, the Srixon Z Forged Irons are one of the market leading clubs available to golfers. With the innovative and sleek club head design – all manufactured to combine distance and control – all levels of golfer can benefit from the features the irons possess.

Innovative Iron Technology

Every golfer is looking for the small margins that will allow them to improve their overall score and adding distance off the ground is often the key aim for most golfers, regardless of their playing level. The Srixon Z Forged Irons contain some of the most advanced technology in any iron set available to recreational players, making them hugely popular with beginner and advanced players alike.


In comparison to some of their competitors within the iron set market, the Srixon Z Forged Irons aren’t extortionate, but they are still a significant investment. Of course, iron sets are not cheap pieces of kit and custom-fit offerings can be hugely expensive. However, the Srixon Z Forged Irons have an excellent level of performance and within their price range they one of the market leaders – but are still quite pricey.

The technological advancements, high performance features and reliability make the Srixon Z Forged Irons a shrewd investment for all levels of golfer.

Cost and Value

Such is the importance of having strong iron play within every golfer’s bag, that the associated market has ballooned over the past few years. The Srixon Z Forged Irons are very much at the top end of the market and have an RRP of £999 as new.  

Having been on the market since 2020, the price of the Srixon Z Forged Irons hasn’t budged too much but with new developments taking place all the time within the iron manufacturer world, the Srixon Z Forged Irons can now be acquired for around £950.

Frequently Asked Questions – Srixon Z Forged Irons

Do the Srixon Z Forged Irons come with a Headcover?

Whilst covers can be purchased for the Srixon Z Forged Irons, they don’t come as default when first bought.

What is the weight of the Srixon Z Forged Irons?

Control is the name of the game with the Srixon Z Forged Irons and with a shaft weight of 110g, keeping your swing aligned is simple.

Can I adjust my Srixon Z Forged Irons?

Grip, club weight and club length adjustments can be made to the Srixon Z Forged Irons but generally they are used as they are sold. Srixon doesn’t recommend tweaking with the biomechanics of the clubs too much.

What is the club head volume of the Srixon Z Forged Irons?

Of course, every iron is different in terms of its length when hitting and in club mechanics and the Srixon Z Forged Irons are in-keeping with that trend.

With a sleek, backed blade design and innovative features, the sweet spot on the Srixon Z Forged Irons is significantly enlarged, giving maximum forgiveness on every strike.

Conclusion Srixon Z Forged Irons Review

Every golfer is always striving for more from the clubs within their bag and the Srixon Z Forged Irons deliver on every level. All of the advanced performance features make the Srixon Z Forged Irons easy to use and the reliability and forgiveness off the ground and off the tee make the clubs an absolute must-have for recreational golfers.

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