Match Play Vs Par Format – How To Play

The match play vs par format is a fun way to play golf with a twist. Here is how it works.

Golfers use their USGA course handicap and compare there score on each hole versus par. If you score a net par on the hole you will write a “0” on the scorecard for the hole.

If you score better than net par you will write down a plus sign (+) on the hole. And if you score net bogey or worse you will write a minus sign (-) on the hole.

Once the round is complete golfers will add up all their plusses and minuses throughout the round. The golfer with the most plusses compared to minuses is the winner.

For example if you scored 7 pluses, 5 zeros, and 6 minuses you will have a total score of one.

Who Is It For

Match play vs par format is one that can be enjoyed by golfers of any skill level. That being said if you are a high handicapper you may especially appreciate this golf format.

One of the cruxes of being a beginner golfer is that you will likely have at least one blow up hole per round. These holes typically include some lost balls, a few penalty strokes, and a ruined round.

With this golf format any score worse than bogey is scored as equal. This means if you get a triple bogey it will be worth the same as scoring a bogey.

This makes this game a lot more fun for golfers that struggle with inconsistency. As these blow up holes will no longer ruin your score for the day.

Strategies For Match Play Vs Par

Like any other golf side game or format there is always a few ways to get an edge up on the combination.

Here are some strategies you can use next time you play the match play vs par format.

Risk It For The Biscuit

As I stated in the how it’s played section this game does not penalize you more for scoring any shot over a bogey. For this reason it can make sense to play aggressive in this golf format.

Your goal on the round is to score as many net pars and birdies as possible. Playing in a more aggressive manner will allow you more chance to make this happen.

So examples of more aggressive golf include, always using your driver, cutting corners on doglegs, and aiming for the pin instead of the middle of the green.

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